12 Telltale Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

Are you having a hard time finding out if the girl you like likes you back? Read these 12 signs and you’ll know right away if she’s not right for you!

Signs that she is not with you

woman is a mystery That’s old wisdom for you.

No two women are exactly the same. That’s why no two women will react the same way in a given situation.

With that said, there are no rules for women.

But even there are no rules for the behavior of female species. But it can still infer what’s going on in the head from time to time.

We guess the reason you’re here might be that you have a problem with a girl you’re not sure likes you.

Right now, understanding a woman’s mind is the most difficult to comprehend. There are many tell-tale signs that a girl likes you or is just ignoring you.

12 Telltale Signs She’s Not Right for You

Some women like the signal loud and clear, and many others are sensitive to the point that the average Joe doesn’t even understand what she is trying to say. What signals do you get from the girl you like?

For those who are worried that she doesn’t care and needs more clarification. Here are some sure signs to see if she likes you.

#1 no eye contact she just doesn’t look at you And we’re not talking about shyly looking away as she blushes. I mean, she doesn’t look at you unless she really has to.

Test to see if she is showing love to you by trying this method. Find a random woman who clearly likes the guy she’s with. look at the way she looks at him Her eyes and mouth twitched into a small smile. almost always

Now find a woman who hangs out with a group of male and female friends and colleagues. Compare how she looks and smiles at her guyed co-workers to the way the previous woman looked at the guy she liked. If the girl you like looks at you the same way women and coworkers look at other guys. You know she doesn’t care about being anything more than just your friend. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that’ll always work in your favor]

#2 She doesn’t respond or she makes excuses. The thing about women is that sometimes they find it hard to say no for fear of hurting your feelings. This can work for you or against you.

So instead of saying no She makes excuses or stalls to avoid having to answer. if this is the case She may feel uncomfortable with you asking her out on a date, or she may feel uncomfortable denying the advances of someone she doesn’t want to hurt. [Read: 10 ways girls casually reject guys they don’t like]

#3 She looks bored or distracted. Finally, you have to ask her out on a date. She must like you, right? Wrong. First dates are full of potential. But they can quickly turn sour. If you look bored hugging or playing with a napkin There is a slight possibility that this date will be a pity.

Pathetic dating is dating a woman. *And sometimes men* go on because they feel that someone really likes her. Even if they didn’t feel the same way. They do it to make you stop bothering them. And maybe let you know how much they don’t care about them.

#4 It’s always a group date. besides the sad day Another day when a girl who doesn’t like you admits to is group dating. She brightens up the atmosphere by bringing her friends along. Sometimes, this means she’s just not comfortable dating you one-on-one. But it’s more likely that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by accepting your offer. because she can follow some of her friends [Read: How to talk to more than one girl at a time and impress all of them at once!]

Another way to find out if it’s the latter? She just invited a single female friend to introduce you to her!

#5 When you are referred, be a friend. What is the difference between introducing yourself as a friend and as a “friend”? Friends can be anyone you know. Or even an acquaintance, but recommended as a “friend” ?? With a giggle or a wink, you’re just friends until now. If you don’t see the giggles when you’re introduced. Show that she is really just a friend!

#6 she talks about another man This could mean two things – she doesn’t like you at all. And she hopes to prevent you from competing with these people. Or is she telling you that there are other guys who are interested in her and that you should improve your game?

However, the key difference here is If she asks you for advice She sees you as a friend who can only give advice. So not interested in your love [Read: 18 clear signs you’re in a girl’s friend zone!]

#7 She didn’t dress for you. Not all women try to look good only for men, but sometimes girls who like someone tend to try to take better care of their appearance *such as applying lipstick, wearing nice clothes. wearing perfume*

However, if you’re hanging out with a girl and she’s wearing workout clothes, There are two ways to look at the situation. The good news: She’s comfortable with you. The bad news: She’s comfortable because you’re a good friend who’s clearly in the friend zone. [Read: 5 reasons you’re in a girl’s friend zone and 6 ways to get out immediately]

#8 “I love you… friend!”?? Nothing will keep your spot in the friend zone as much as these four words. Open up and share your feelings with her or just accept to be close to her.

There are instances when acknowledging your feelings might allow her to see you in a more romantic light. But there is still a possibility that she will say something like “I don’t want to destroy our friendship!”?? By then, you’re almost certainly stuck in your spot in the friend zone.

#9 She felt uncomfortable when you sent her a present. no matter how small She may be reluctant to accept it or she is questioning why you gave her the gift when it wasn’t even her birthday. If she likes you, she will shyly accept it and may blush. but if she doesn’t like you There’s a chance she’ll send it back or ask you not to give her a gift at all.

#10 “I wish men were more like you!”?? Translation: I hope the guy I’m interested in likes you more. Ouch, no matter how good, brave, or smart you are. Sometimes the girl you like takes away those qualities and hopes to be another guy. Don’t worry, just take it as a compliment. Then go find someone who will like you for the complete package that you are. [Read: 25 qualities that differentiate a great boyfriend from a good guy]

#11 She describes the man of her dreams… and is the opposite of you. Many women would find it uncomfortable to say the word. “You are not my type”?? However, they have a deceptive way of letting you know that you don’t fit the bill.

One way she can do this is by identifying that the man of her dreams can produce numbers. 6 digit per month wearing designer outfits and take her out on a fancy date while you’re standing in front of her in a relaxed state low salary And dating ideas with Olive Garden, take the hint and let it go.

#12 She only calls you when you need something. Whether it’s free Taylor Swift concert tickets or extra help moving furniture. You are the one you want This can be wrong and distorted on many levels.

She knows that men want to help young women in need. And even more so, if it’s a young woman in distress, he’s dreaming, but when you try to talk to her or invite her over for lunch, you’re not. She’s got an excuse, and maybe that’s it too!

[Read: 15 signs the girl you like is just using you, leading you on and taking you nowhere!]

Cheer up if these 12 signs that she doesn’t like you are a list of the things your girl likes to do to you. at least for future reference. You won’t have to have a headache and be distracted by this. Just use this list and immediately know if she is least interested in you or not. Good luck!

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