Awkward Questions To Ask a Guy & a Few Embarrassing Ones Not To

Even if there are some awkward and embarrassing questions to ask a man. But some questions still need answers. but vice versa Some questions are not needed.

Awkward Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy

It is generally accepted that women are a curious group. We’re always curious about things, especially if it’s about the guy we’re dating. But sometimes these are awkward questions to ask a guy. Of course, we don’t want to ask guys embarrassing questions. but sometimes it is necessary

Whether we’re snooping, snooping, or honestly asking. We always find a way to learn what we want to know. [Read: 20 good questions to ask a guy and find out who he is]

Awkward questions to ask a guy

We all want to know things. about the guy we like Especially if we want to go on a date with him. But sometimes the question to ask a guy is embarrassing. They can be embarrassing for him or us.

It can be awkward to ask a guy about anything personal or sexual. But when you want an answer you want answer Sometimes you just have to ask a guy awkward and embarrassing questions.

in fact experts at psychology today Ok. But it has the art and the need to ask awkward questions. You have to be sensitive to your questions and not judge when it comes to answers. But sometimes you just can’t go without that information.

The answers can provide insights about him, your future, and how comfortable you are with him.

1. What are you most afraid of?

If you are dating someone This is an important but awkward question to ask a guy. Either his answer darkens or loses you. It’s good to know where his head is for the sake of your future together or separately.

2. What makes you feel insecure?

This might not seem like your business. You wouldn’t want to share your insecurities with him. But you know how important it is. By sharing this information, you will know which topics to keep positive or avoid. If he’s not confident in his sexual ability, at work, or just feels weird. about hair Knowing this will help him gain confidence. [Read: 13 signs of insecurity in a man]

3. Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Here’s what you should know the answer to when you see a guy. Of course he might lie. But it’s a good sign if he’s honest and explains his situation and what he’s learned from it. The phrase ‘used to cheat, always cheated’ has some water. So you deserve to know what you’re dealing with.

4. What have you learned from your past relationships?

This is always an awkward question for men when it comes to their ex. But it’s also important. You want to make sure he broke up with his ex. You also want to make sure he learns from past relationships. If he continued to say how crazy his ex was. Most likely, he will blame her for what he did wrong and will do the same for you.

5. Have you been tested for STDs?

If you are planning to have sex you have to mention it It’s not about trust or being intrusive. It’s about protecting yourself. in the same way You must discuss birth control. It’s not just thinking that the other party has been taken care of. This is an important topic to discuss with a guy no matter how shy or embarrassed he may be. [Read: All about having safe sex]

6. What are your sexual fantasies?

Sex isn’t just about touching and kissing. When it comes to sex The golden rule is that you shouldn’t have it if you can’t talk about it. where to go for safe sex and lust It can be weird to share something that feels intimate and personal. But you want to please the other person when you’re dating a guy. Offering this fragile topic will bring you closer together and make your sexuality extraordinary.

7. How much experience do you have?

You don’t even have to ask how many partners he has, because it’s beyond his scope. But the embarrassing question you can ask is how far has he gone? Whether he’s a virgin, playful, or whatever is important to you. You want to know what he’s comfortable with and share your comfort level.

8. Do you regret anything?

Whether he lives with regrets or regrets the slightest thing. It’s important either way. It’s awkward to ask a guy this kind of question because he probably doesn’t want to admit his mistake. But you know you have a goalkeeper if he can. When a guy can own his shit He’s not full of ego.

9. What do you want between us?

Don’t be shy and ask a guy about marriage. But you can and should ask him what he wants. No matter how uncomfortable it is, ‘What are we,’ talking is always uncomfortable. But it is necessary to clarify your situation. [Read: How to get an answer to the ‘what are we?’ question]

10. What makes you the most uncomfortable?

Is he uncomfortable in social situations? Does he hate interviews or first dates? what made him feel uncomfortable Asking this will help him open up to you. Just be ready to answer yourself. Maybe you can help break down those walls.

11. What is the first thing you notice about me?

This is always an awkward question to ask a guy because his answer may come from the left. But if you want to know what he saw first when he looked at you, ask. It might be very eye-opening. Is it love at first sight? Did he see the stain on your shirt? Or is he fascinated by your beauty?

12. What was your most embarrassing moment?

This is a great first date question to ask a guy, yes, it’s embarrassing, but that’s not the whole point. Showing that you and him are humble and honest is a great way to get to know each other better.

13. What do you want to know but don’t dare to ask?

Find out what he wants to know about you. Make him an uncomfortable and embarrassing person for change. [Read: 20 questions to get to know someone better]

Weird Questions You Should Never Ask Men

The problem with asking questions that embarrass a guy is that they don’t always embarrass him. You might be embarrassed by these questions. They are not only uncomfortable. but also show your insecurities lack of trust and above the privacy line

These awkward questions to ask a guy wouldn’t be better answered. Because we insist on knowing everything. Sometimes we can make men dislike.

If you’re the type of woman who won’t give up without your guy’s answer, then you’re in for a treat. Your personality traits can easily irritate him. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of awkward questions some women like to ask but really. and not your business

1. How big is it?

You know what we’re talking about. If you don’t know how big it is We think you haven’t seen it yet. Why would you ask a guy how big his package is if you haven’t been intimate yet? Is this a qualifying question? If he answered with a size less than seven inches will you leave him What if he asks your bra size?

Really, don’t ask, just look for answers when you’re at that stage in your relationship. This is a very embarrassing question to ask a guy for a variety of reasons.[Read: The correlation of size according to the Kamasutra]

2. How many women have you slept with?

When it comes to awkward questions to ask a guy, this might be a #1The problem with this question is that you may not always get an honest answer. Besides, it’s not really your business. Wouldn’t it be nice if he asked like this? Would you like to be judged on this matter?

A guy might give you a number based on two things. One, he doesn’t want too many numbers for fear you’ll think he’s a flirt. And second, he doesn’t want too few numbers for fear that you’ll start to wonder why he is. Can’t sleep with more women

3. Do you often have women come to your house?

This doesn’t just sound like an accusation. But it was still difficult for him to be honest with this question again. If you ask a guy this question He will begin to wonder why you ask. Is it because his place is full of testosterone? Is it because it looks like a cushion that the lady will keep? Even if you ask innocently But it may sound an alarm in a man’s mind.

4. What are you thinking?

This is a nuisance among many men, especially when promptly asked about sex. What do you want him to say? He just had sex with you for sure. But his mind must wander to something that has nothing to do with you. This isn’t just an awkward question to ask a guy. but also meaningless

He might have to do something so you won’t be disappointed when he says less than he loves you or how good the session is! [Read: 10 things girls should never say to guys ever!]

5. Anything to do with his masturbation habits.

Let’s face it, guys jack off. Even if they already have a boyfriend but sometimes or many At times they may feel the need to adjust the antenna to their own satisfaction. from the foregoing They are not always proud of this for fear that you might think your sexual abilities are inadequate.

This isn’t your business anymore. Asking this just made him uncomfortable! [Read: 15 things you do that turn him off while having sex]

6. Have you ever been attracted to other men?

It’s okay if your guy is interested in masculine shapes. Have you ever been attracted to a woman? whether it is sexual or not It’s not what he wants to know about you and you, him. This won’t make him any less fit or masculine. but the point is If he wants to talk about it It should be his own intent. not because you asked This is more than an awkward question to ask a guy. But it’s an inappropriate question.

7. you think [name of your female friend] Is it hot?

if you ask like this You just put him in that spot! on the other side He doesn’t want to look like he has a crush on your friend. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to say no for fear that he might insult your friend. There really is no way to win this question. This is a test and an average one.

8. Who is your least favorite friend?

Now you just ask him to tell you which friend he doesn’t like. Just making him think about it makes him feel like he’s betraying his guy friends just to satisfy your curiosity.

If you’re adamant about finding out which guy friends he’s not close with, say, “Which friend of yours is the least you hang out with?” That should stop asking this guy awkward questions. [Read: How to get your boyfriend’s friends to like you]

9How are your .exes?

For men, when something is over, it’s over. It’s not worth another thought unless absolutely necessary. When you ask this question You’re making the little clerk in his brain go to the dusty old cupboard in his brain. Pick a file for his ex. and revealed everything he could pull out.

You may be just looking for what might be dangerous. But he will probably tell you in his own time, just be patient. You should also be more concerned about his experiences and what he gets from them than what his ex is.

10. How much money do you make?

You can probably assume that he is in good standing considering where he lives. how to behave and the work he has But do you still need a specific number? Ask a guy about his finances when you work or live together, not now.

11. When do you think we will get married?

If you want a guy to run the other way This is a must-do question. Such seemingly innocent questions didn’t just put him on the spot. But it also forces him to make promises when he’ll walk down the aisle with you. He might not even be sure if it was you he wanted to see walking down the aisle.

The only time here is an acceptable question to ask a guy is if you’re engaged or together. It’s an embarrassing and awkward question to ask a guy in the first six months to a year of dating. [Read: 16 ways to read your man’s mind and get him to propose]

12. What would you like to change about me?

Are you just asking your guy to start criticizing you? If he said he didn’t want to change anything It may not be entirely true, however, regardless of what he wants to change about you. He probably won’t say what it is if you ask for fear that it will hurt you. He always finds subtle ways to help you change the habits that drive him mad. which is not telling you directly [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants to see in his girl!]

13. Me or [hobby]?

Whether a man’s hobbies are sports, online games, cars or comic books. It was not fair for him to choose him. This is an ultimatum even if you don’t feel that way. And it’s neither right nor fair. How would you feel if he asked you, ‘Him or make-up’?

We know you’ll only ask if you feel like his hobby is the reason you don’t have enough quality time. But making him make that choice will require him to prove how much he loves his hobby. And you curse him for choosing your hobby over you. It is a lose-lose situation that can end in an argument.

[Read: 20 secret things guys really wish girls knew about guys!]

There are so many awkward and embarrassing questions to ask a guy. Some things are important while you should forget others for good.

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