20 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl & Make Her Really Wet in 15 Mins!

Want to seduce her thoroughly and make her horny and wet? Try these dirty questions to ask women and you’ll be amazed how powerful they are.

Dirty questions to ask a girl

Texting each other all the time is normal these days. And when you like someone 24/7 Can feel like a transvestite. Of course, you have naughty thoughts while talking to a girl on the phone or while texting her. But have you ever wondered how you can start a dirty talk or ask a few naughty questions without getting her away too quickly? That’s what these dirty questions to ask a woman can make all the difference!

How to Start Talking Dirty and Asking Dirty Questions

Don’t make the mistake of jumping in and asking about sex too soon. Unless she’s eager to talk obscenities. It is possible that she will be postponed or the conversation may be changed.

Instead, warm her up with the right questions. Do that and you’ll see how easy it is to seduce a woman if she believes you’re a great man. Learn how to be gentle And you can make a girl fall in love with you or even put her in a good mood in just a few conversations. But here, we’re going to talk about seducing a woman with 20 simple questions, preferably with text.

You don’t need a huge list of questions to let her get wet and in the mood. You just have to work your way out of the most sensitive questions. and answer the questions she wants to have you by her side And within minutes! [Read: How to seduce a woman with words and leave her weak in her knees]

Don’t believe this will work? Dare to try, prepare to be shocked!!

Dirty question. Ask a girl and get it wet.

It’s easy to ask these 20 dirty questions to ask a girl when you sit next to her. But if she’s uncomfortable or starts to feel like you’re trying to be too naughty. You may lose the opportunity And you’ll have a hard time getting her to like you again. [Read: How to trick a girl into thinking of you sexually after getting close to her]

On the other hand, texting a girl a few sexy questions can always seem like a joke if she’s not comfortable with you.

It’s an easy, safe, and incomprehensible way to get a girl from a distance. Use these questions Then you can charm her pants and date her at the twentieth question!

Another tip here If you’re sitting next to her Here’s an easy-to-understand guide on How to wake a girl wet just by sitting next to her. Try it when you spend time with her. And you’ll find her getting irritated and horny in front of you!

The Right Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Use these naughty questions and keep the conversation going by answering other questions. that she asked back Everything will work out in your favor if you play carefully and follow these 20 questions along the way. They should be arranged in the same order. [Read: How to flirt with a friend – 15 ways to tease her without being weird]

and the best part It will work wonders if she’s your boyfriend or even if she’s the person you just flirted with. Ask her these questions late at night for best results!

Now sit down, hold the phone in your hand. then print out When you’re done asking women these dirty questions. You could have sex on the phone or spend the rest of the night with her! [Read: How to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

1. you are alone?

This question is perfect to understand if she is inactive and alone at home. Obviously, you can’t flirt or flirt if her friends are around her.

Say something flirtatious and mischievous like “Ah, I hope to be with you”?? or “I hope we can hang out instead of texting now…” when she says yes and you know for sure she’s alone.

2. What are you doing now?

Play nice and slow. This will help you make sure she’s alone and bored enough to give you your full attention.

Okay, but is this a dirty question to ask a girl? Of course, because you’re preparing the climax! But if you want to go straight to the dirty lines, try this – 50 Naughty Messages That Will Get Her Wet For You

3. Do you like cuddling when you’re lying in bed?

Warm her up with a flirtatious conversation without exaggeration. Open up by talking about hugging someone. Even if it’s not you right now

4. What do you wear when you go to bed? / What are you wearing?

Suspicious dirty questions to ask a woman when she’s already in bed. It’s very personal and not overly sexual. Say something like, “Oh, I can only imagine how cute you look now”?? when she describes herself

If you are a fan Ask her what she’s wearing. And if she doesn’t mention any details about her underwear *Which she probably wouldn’t have done without persuading* to ask about her underwear. The perfect setting to use these dirty questions to ask a girl.

5. What do you think you look the sexiest about?

Find a naughty girl by talking about what she finds the sexiest about. It’s flattering and definitely sexual. [Read: How to seduce a friend subtly and see if they’re into you]

6. Have you ever watched other people do it by accident or on purpose?

This naughty question gets you both emotional. and by referring to third parties You will avoid uncomfortable silence at the beginning.

7. Have you ever applauded other people? *or let people feel you* while dancing in the club?

Okay, this might seem like a weird question to ask, and she’s probably wondering what’s going to happen. But that’s the whole point.

If you get into dirty questions She will know what you are doing. But let’s get something fuzzy to begin with. You’re messing her up without ever making it look like you’re starting to have sex of any kind in the first place.

Of course, she associates with men or women at the club. You can answer something like “I wish I was that guy!” ?? After she tells you about the events that she remembers. [Read: 14 things to do around a girl to make her sexually desire you]

8. Have you ever dated someone just because you were sexually active?

Yes, it’s fun and games with these dirty questions to ask a girl. Until Boom, she realized that she was quite horny and didn’t know why! So find out if she’s okay with the heat right now or not.

9. If you have X-ray glasses What part of a man’s body *below the shoulders* do you see first?

It’s naughty time with the question: How many things can a woman actually look under a man’s shoulder? let her answer To make you act like she’s a dirty talker, not you.

10. Do you like boxers or panties?

This is a cliché question. Even if women don’t care about it. But she always said that she liked boxers. Answer this question by telling her what outfit you are wearing. The whole focus here is to remind her of your package. Without really making it clear, of course! [Read: Boxers or briefs – What girls like and how to make it work for you]

11. What’s your secret to getting a guy in the mood?

Ask her to imagine dating a guy and explain it to you. You’re making her fantasize about sex. And you’re making her imagine you. bonus for you If she goes into details just to prove how good she is at sex.

12. If there’s a place a guy should touch you to get you in the mood. Where is that?

This goes straight to sex and arousal. And if you answer truthfully It is possible that she was already awakened. [Read: 10 minutes and 10 moves – Make her want to kiss you!]

13. Does the massage make you wet?

Okay, a relaxing body massage can make anyone feel a tingling sensation in the waist. You relax, the blood flow increases there. And everything was humming and moody.

You can say something like “As you know I came first in masseuse class and I would like to give you a massage. and don’t worry Now I know you’re in the mood during the massage. I’ll go wherever is appropriate.”??

14. If I accidentally kissed your lips while kissing goodbye what do you say

make her imagine your kiss It’s the perfect question to make her wrinkle. Although she laughed at But she just thought of kissing you. After imagining getting a massage from you… Where she gets wet and moody, things are definitely warming up here. [Read: 6 ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute!]

15. Do you prefer to give orally or get one?

no matter what you answer You can always answer the opposite of what she says. If she likes to give a mouth Say you like it, if she likes it, tell her you like it!

Chances are she will tell you that she likes to get it. So when you tell her that you prefer giving mouths than receiving. She’ll picture you in between her legs. even if I try not to imagine

Ah, how easy it is to use a few dirty questions to ask a woman. and make her imagine kissing you get a massage from you And take your word. Now, she imagines it all in her mind. And we will continue!

16. How do you think my body will look better, shaved or natural?

Isn’t it a good idea to know that the girl you like is imagining you naked the minute you ask her this dirty question? [Read: How to arouse a girl and turn her on by exciting her mind]

17. What should men do to get you wet?

straight to the sweet spot And when she answered this question Revisit question 12 and explain her happy point.

18. I read your message If I whisper these questions in your ear Will you open up too?

If you’ve talked to this point Show that she’s wet But I don’t want to embarrass women! ask her this question And no matter what you say How are you talking about how wet she is? You know you’ve done a great job so far!

19. If I Was With You Now can i kiss you

Dirty Questions To Ask This Woman Can Get You To Her Bed But you have to wait for the last question to receive an invitation from her.

20. If a guy wants to come to your house and date you right now Will you do that?

Don’t just talk about yourself Unless you already know she wants you to come, if she says “yes,” hurry up to her house, otherwise play the seduction game for a few more minutes before telling her you want to come to her house right away.

[Read: The full guide on how to go from talking to a girl to having sex with her in no time]

Just use these dirty questions to ask a girl and you’ll get her wet. And if you are charming and lucky You can still go to bed that night too! But even if you didn’t see her that night You set the stage for a fun and lustful time together!

Want to take this sex life to a whole new level and make you desire like never before? learn .

And finally, if you take her to bed with you Be sure to focus on these things.

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