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Is the guy you really like ignoring you? You’ll know for sure why he behaves like this by using this list of 20 Reasons He Can Avoid You!

Reasons why men may underestimate you

Does the guy immediately ignore you or make you feel cold?

I get it. It feels bad.

But in order to get to the bottom of everything and trying to bring some meaning to all the confusion You need to get rid of the clutter in your mind and think logically.

Before we continue Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

How much is this guy neglecting you? Can you figure out a way?

Does he show interest in chasing you at any given moment just to ignore you right now?

he said he loves you but ignores you?

Understanding why and how you are being ignored can really help you improve your thinking and focus on the problem. without letting other confusion get in the way

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Why are men not interested in women?

As a man, I can tell you right away. Men don’t ignore women. especially if they like them.

It’s not easy for a guy to play hard to get. And it’s almost impossible for a man to tease a woman and ignore her if he really likes her, of course, if he’s just joking with her feelings. Maybe he’ll find it easy to take it seriously. play smoothly And so messed up her mind that it drove him crazy in love!

but in other situations Men always put their hearts on their sleeves. And they speak very well about how they feel about the women they see as special. [Read: How guys really fall in love – The 7 stages of love for men]

N.S. 3 Big questions to ask yourself

So if you believe that the guy you like really doesn’t care about you. You have to ask yourself these three questions in the first place.

#1 Is he really ignoring you? Has he shown a strong interest in you that makes you believe that he has feelings for you in the first place? Or both of you are in a situation where he has to spend time with you. And now the time has passed Did he go on with his own life? [Read: 20 circumstances when a guy may never ever want to date you]

#2 Why do you think he doesn’t care about you? Have you noticed any obvious signs lately? Is it what you say? Focus on every way he ignores you. And ask yourself if you’re sure you’re being ignored. And try to remember the moment he started to distance himself from you.

#3 It doesn’t matter? This is the most important part of all. Of course, it hurts and annoys you that you’re being ignored by the guy you think is very special. But in the grand scheme of things, does it matter to you? Do you see this guy as an important part of your future? And finally, is he worth the effort you put into understanding why he is ignoring you? [Read: 20 ways to stop thinking about someone you still like a lot!]

You really need to know why?

Sometimes trying to understand why men ignore you is not worth the effort. you can ask him but in the likelihood *If he really is ignoring you*, he might just lie to you and pretend everything is normal. *While still ignoring you at the same time!*

Most importantly, you never know exactly why he’s so distant.

But here’s the catch. There are few reasons why men are not interested in women. and unless this man is from another planet It’s possible for you to know why he chose to pretend you didn’t exist. Just read a few signs and make your own deductions. [Confession: I miss him so much but I don’t think he misses me at all!]

20 Reasons Guys May Ignore You

when men ignore women There is a very high chance that it is one of these 20 reasons, sometimes more than one of these 20 reasons as well. Now all you have to do is read these 20 marks and use the previous question. Try to see where this guy fits into a game situation that doesn’t interest you.

#1 He’s slowly losing interest in you. He fell in love with you when he first met you. but over time He may be bored or find something better to do.

#2 you misunderstood him He didn’t care about you in the first place. He never really likes you “like that”, but you just misunderstand him and think he loves you. [Read: Does he like you? – 18 body language clues that’ll give the truth away!]

#3 Love gently. He is easier to love and the relationship is easier He may not have read novels or romance novels. And don’t think the relationship will be a big deal right now.

#4 bearish! he really doesn’t like you and feeling too uncomfortable to accept he flirts with you But now his smart mind has led him to believe that ignoring you is a better choice than telling you he’s not interested.

#5 good life He had something exciting going on in his life. and he forgot you at least at this time

#6 confusion He is confused about his feelings for you. And he decides that taking a step back and avoiding you for a while can give him the time he needs to make a decision. [Read: How to read mixed signals from a guy and turn it into love]

#7 expectation You think he ignores you if he calls you on the phone fewer than three times a day. He thought that talking once a day was addictive! Both of you have different expectations. And in the end, you feel neglected.

#8 moral dilemma He cheats on your girlfriend or wife with you. and when the noose that strangled his neck He thinks walking away from you is the best he can do. [Read: A guy with a girlfriend likes you… now what?!]

#9 he doesn’t care He probably didn’t mean to ignore you. He just doesn’t care enough about you to think about you or your opinion.

#10 Space. You are too stingy and needy. And he just needs his space. and you think he doesn’t care about you [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how to avoid them]

#11 Unbalanced love. You just love him more than he loves. and no matter what you do You will always be the one who feels bad. [Read: The 20 kinds of lovers that exist in the world]

#12 Busy people. He’s really busy. and as much as he wants to spend time with you He just had other priorities. that need his time and attention

#13 Love triangle. He’s already starting to like other people. You take up less space in his mind. [Read: Love triangles and its confusing complications]

#14 It doesn’t suit you. He never came into you. And you’ve just been misreading the signals all along.

#15 An honorable man. He knows you really like him and he doesn’t want to take you away.

#16 Priority. You both have evolved over time. He now has different priorities in life. And you just dropped a point or two. [Read: Should you ever make someone a priority when you’re only an option to them?]

#17 You are too easy. Sometimes men like to chase good to know that a woman is worth it. And now he easily gets in your way. He doesn’t find it very flirtatious with you or impressing you with a challenge. [Read: How to attract a guy and make him stay in a way he can’t resist!]

#18 Lost. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. Even if he likes you and thinks you’re a very nice person. But he thought he could find someone better.

#19 Scary love. He likes you too much and it scares him. He thinks it’s better to ignore you now. Better than falling madly in love with you and following you into the future because he doesn’t believe you will love him back. [Read: How to get a shy guy to talk to you and ask you out]

#20 He is just a selfish man. he used you And now he is above you. He might jump from one woman to another. He sees no reason to contact you and pretends he cares!

Read on for 20 Reasons Men May Ignoring You Can Hurt. And just writing it down makes me feel bad about it. but you know what? we’ve been there Now you have to ask yourself what you intend to do with it. [Read: 13 easy ways to avoid falling in love with someone you like]

Is this guy worth following? Or should you keep your distance and ignore him?

There’s a high chance that neglecting him in return might lead to him wanting you back. When you’re close to defeating him! Sucks, but true almost every time!

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Use 20 Reasons Guys May Ignore You. and ask yourself which picture suits you best. And now when you can decipher what’s on this guy’s mind. Ask yourself if chasing a guy who ignores you is worth the effort at the end of the day.

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