20 Things You Can Do to Get Your Woman in the Mood

Are you running out of sexy and naughty ideas to keep things exciting in bed? Use these 20 ideas to get your girl in the mood now and forever!

How to get your girl in the mood

Let’s talk the truth for a moment.

In most of your relationships You and a woman want sex just as much at first, but as time goes on, you’ll want more sex. You start to see patterns

And that pattern is that you keep asking for more and more sex. While your former sex-obsessed girlfriend makes you reject you more often.

It wouldn’t be bad if it stopped there, but all of a sudden, your girl might not even try to have sex anymore!

On the one hand, you’re worried that she might reject you for sex when you first started having sex. and on the other hand Even if she allows you to interfere with her. She didn’t seem too interested in it.

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Did you do something wrong?

Now it’s not always a man’s fault when his wife or girlfriend doesn’t want sex anymore.

But when this situation has happened in your relationship and it has been like this for a while. It’s definitely your fault. that let it be like that!

I’m not pointing a finger here, but is it really hard to help your partner see the good in love and romance? Don’t you think it’s worth the effort?

Getting your girl in the mood isn’t all about one night.

Don’t be selfish now you want to have sex and you want your girl ready If that’s the idea that’s running in your head. You’re just a man’s miserable excuse!

You can’t expect your wife or girlfriend to be awake like the lightbulb that you desire and fantasize. Passion takes time to build. Like a stove that takes a long time to warm up a pot but stays warm for a long time.

If what you’re looking for is ideas for getting your girl wet. That’s easy! [Read: How to get any girl horny just by sitting next to her]

But a protracted and intense passion? That’s a different ball game!

20 Things You Can Do To Get Your Girl In The Mood

If you believe your girl hasn’t been interested in sex for a while now. Both of you will have to make love back again.

And if your girl isn’t really taking the initiative, here are 20 things you can do to light up desire and get her back in the mood for a night and a long time! [Read: 18 awesome sex tips for men to make her crave for more!]

#1 Make a sex bedroom Surprise your second half with candles in the bedroom and rose petals on the bed. Maybe even take her to a hot tub and bring her a glass of wine to relax on. Yes, this can be overkill for some guys to even try. But trust us here. And we are sure you won’t regret it! [Read: 9 tips to turn your room into a sex bedroom]

#2 Add color to the conversation Just say to your significant other that you “Ready for sex” might work when you first meet. But it’s highly unlikely that your relationship will produce the same results at this point.

Spice up your conversation by teasing and flirting. Relax in thoughts and thoughts Make her feel sexy and awaken her with your words. [Read: The right way to talk dirty to a girl without turning her off!]

#3 Sexy dress. Now, gender role-playing isn’t for every couple, and that’s not what we’re recommending here. If it ends up in that direction, that’s great. But you have to make your woman feel sexy.

Let her know and see if you still find her extremely attractive and sexually attractive. And providing sexy or revealing lingerie is a great way to remind her of how beautiful she is. it’s a gift for her But this is really a gift for you!

#4 seduce your woman As your relationship gets older You don’t want sex to become a chore. And you don’t want to be stuck in the same position every time. especially if it’s boring.

If you find yourself falling like this Instead, change the subject a bit and create the whole experience of your woman. By doing this, you are adding a new spark to your sex life. which we can almost guarantee that she will happily return. [Read: 15 tips to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting for her]

#5 Courtesy of a gentleman. Realize that whatever you do Sometimes the answer is no, be cool, be a gentleman. and don’t bother your lady This will not be overlooked by your human counterpart. We can vouch for you.

#6 share your feelings Women can’t read our minds. *As we sometimes think* Open up, share your feelings. Let your girl know what you’re thinking. This will create a stronger relationship between the two of you. not expanding any gaps that may have formed

#7 sensual touch A good way to start foreplay without focusing on sex but focusing on your emotional connection is with a sensual massage. Lay her on the bed and use some oil or lotion to make her have to undress. What starts with a good gesture ends happily for everyone involved! [Read: 11 steps to a perfect sensual massage that’ll leave her wet]

#8 romantic dinner Your boyfriend or wife just had a long day at work. Maybe she had to travel since 6 Me and just want to take a break There’s nothing like surprising your beloved woman with a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine to relax. Not only will she appreciate your gestures. But she’ll also feel closer and closer to you.

#9 Buy occasional gifts for your lady. Guys, remember, gifts are really meaningful and important. Will beat the extravagant gifts every day of the week. Let this gift really mean to her. And it will bring you two closer together than ever. both in love and in the bedroom

#10 Take a shower. Sometimes you have to start having sex quickly. And taking a shower together before going to bed is at the top of many lists. Seeing each other’s naked bodies and the different parts Body parts collide while taking a shower. It often leads to a better night’s sleep. [Read: 9 tips to enjoy shower sex without hurting yourself]

#11 Show your love. You might think that your significant other already knows how much you love her. But you’d be surprised how many guys think the same way. Because their better half would feel the opposite. Put these feelings in words so she doesn’t doubt where you stand in the relationship.

#12 Hug with her. Sometimes it’s about laying the foundation. And while cuddling doesn’t always lead to sex, it doesn’t always lead to sex. But it also brings you both closer and closer together. And intimacy is definitely a good starting point for sexual arousal.

#13 Kiss her passionately. There are different kisses for everything. A goodnight kiss is different from a goodbye kiss that you won’t see for a few weeks. A deep, passionate kiss should only mean one thing. And show your girl what it means! [Read: 10 tips that’ll make your kisses more passionate and sexy]

#14 Talk about it. talk about sex make a joke about it and send each other provocative messages throughout the day. And by the time you meet your girl Both of you will have a hard time leaving each other.

Don’t be rude and uncomfortable about sex. The more you both talk and exchange ideas, the more likely you will be. The closer you both become. both sexual and romantic

#15 Dessert in bed. Always look for something new when you feel like things start to be monotonous in love Although chocolate and whipped cream are good choices But make sure these aren’t the sheets that your sweetie spent half of their luck. always read the situation

#16 Expand foreplay. for most couples The longer they are in a relationship The less fortunate that occurs, the less. Don’t avoid foreplay. In fact, focus on foreplay rather than insertion. And each night that passes Your woman will be more sexually active. [Read: 10 things all women really want in bed]

#17 Specific compliments. make your girl feel special make her feel sexy And let her know you think of her world! If anything makes her look sexier or prettier. or if you try something new that looks good on her Compliment her instead of thinking in your heart. admire your woman And she will feel sexy again!

#18 Be gentle. As men, we always want to work hard whenever we get the chance. and as soon as we enter But that’s not something your girl will appreciate. Especially if you do it every time you approach her. Sometimes it’s nice to change the tempo, slow down, and feel like your partner’s body really moves with you. You might enjoy it more than you think. [Read: 15 naughty tips to turn a girl on and completely arouse her]

#19 Role play. This is not for everyone. But it can add the right spark to a failed sex life. Favorite role of all time: Nurse/Doctor role. The head/secretary role and of course the mischievous student/teacher role. See what works best in your relationship and try not to be too timid about your character. Remind yourself that you are only close to the people you love and enjoy the moment!

#20 Watch or read sexual stories together. Sometimes, the greatest spark can happen when you watch sex scenes on television or adult movies with your lover.

But what if it makes your woman more uncomfortable instead of being aroused? A good way to put her at ease is to joke and tell her that you can do better than the actors on screen. This line opens the door But it’s up to you to follow!

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So the next time you feel like your wife or girlfriend is no longer having sex, use these 20 ideas to get your girl in the mood. But always remember that Don’t be selfish in bed and be willing to give unselfishly. You will see the difference that can be made in the blink of an eye!

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