25 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend & Get Her Talking Naughty –

If you want to get to know your girlfriend from the inside out in the bedroom. Know the right dirty questions to ask your girlfriend.

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

You want to know more about your partner. But you don’t want to ask questions like it’s an interview, right? You want things to be light and sexy. And these dirty questions to ask your boyfriend like playing a game are the best way to do it.

First of all, it’s really fun, and secondly, She will also ask you questions. So you two will get to know each other. Asking questions can help you understand your partner and the relationship you have. Maybe you like the same thing in bed. Or maybe you both have similar fantasies. But you won’t know if you don’t ask.

Now, you can control the questions you’re about to ask her. If some of these questions are too dirty for your relationship, then keep it for later You don’t need to ask too intimate questions on the second date. Take your time and choose questions that you feel are appropriate for your relationship. Oh, and there will be questions you want to ask that aren’t on the list, so ask them!

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25 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

When it comes to this question game Follow your gut and start with suggestive questions. So let me ask you a spicy question!

#1 How high is your sex drive? Let’s take a look at how sexually compatible you two are. [Read: Sexually incompatible? The confirming signs of bad sex]

#2 What more could you want in our sex life? Talk about each other’s needs and what you both need to do.

#3 Do you watch porn? If yes, which ones do they like to watch?

#4 Would you say you’re weird? If so, how would they describe their weirdness?

#5 What is your dirtiest fantasy? Do you share the same?

#6 Have you ever had anal sex? Do you want to try? [Read: How to prepare for anal sex – the beginner’s guidebook]

#7 Something you’ve always wanted to ask me to try—but I don’t think I like it. There may always be an imagination she wants to try but is too shy to ask.

#8 When did you first have sex? How was her experience?

#9 What is your definition of amazing sex? How would you define a mouth-watering sex scene? [Read: Sexual wish list: 16 naughty deeds to help build your list]

#10 What is your longest dry spell? How long has she been gone without sex? Is your spell dry anymore?

#11 What do you want me to wear to sleep? Is there something they always want to see you wear?

#12 What time of day do you like having sex? morning? Afternoon cookies? Midnight romping?

#13 Do you enjoy talking dirty during sex? Not everyone likes dirty talk! [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl without turning her off]

#14 Do you like sex? Have they done this before? Or is it something they want to try?

#15 Romantic or rude? How do they like to sleep in bed? Do you both like the same sex? [Read: How to go from ordinary sex to romantic sex fantasy]

#16 Where do you like to feel your body? We all have our favorite spots. Maybe they will make you discover yourself.

#17 Do you have any fetishes? foot? Slap? Cosplay?

#18 What was your most embarrassing sexual experience? Oh my god, at least we all have one story.

#19 What sex position would you like to try? Is there a position they would like to try but haven’t yet?

#20 You want to use one of the Sex truth or dating questions for a naughty and sexy night out.]

#23 If you could have sex with a celebrity, who would it be? Everyone has at least one celebrity. Who did they choose?

#24 How do you get me to orgasm? Let’s listen!

#25 What non-sexual thing has changed you? One tree? fork? I do not know!

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These dirty questions to ask your girlfriend will help you get to know her better and what she is. really like in the bedroom

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