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We have played 21 questions, right? Let’s get started with these jokes If question your friends will love it!

funny if you have questions

I recently wrote a similar feature about Questions to ask a guy you’re interested in. difference? these are hilarious I mean at least I think so and I hope you think the same about these jokes.

When I was young we played “Would you like it?” and the questions were always weird and funny. Unless you’re eight years old and hanging out with your cousin, you know? It’s definitely a better time, but listen, I’m still funny… Now it’s coming on strong You’re lucky because I’ve captured some funny moments. It’s all mine for the whole week to write this feature for you today. Do you feel honored? number? ok

What would these jokes be if they could ask questions around a campfire or at any social gathering, perhaps just one-on-one when you and your friends waited for the bus to arrive? These questions lighten the mood and make the time pass a little faster. [Read: How to charm and get anyone to like you]

Why should you ask these jokes if questions?

I mean, if I haven’t described it as elegantly and beautifully as I described above. These questions are really fun. They can be used to get to know other people, but these are not really those kinds of questions. These are the types of questions that will spark creativity in you and those around you. and will force you to think outside the box. What could be more fun?

25. How will it be funny? If the question that will brighten the mood

Are you ready to rock? Let’s go.

#1 What if everything in the world consisted of a type of cheese? [Read: These icebreaker questions will spark a conversation with anyone]

#2 What if we all had donkeys that could talk like in Shrek?

#3 What if every time we step foot it “squeaks” under our feet? [Read: Weird questions to show off your goofy side]

#4 What if you earn 10 gallons of Coca-Cola and it’s the only thing you can use as currency for the rest of your life?

#5 What if we lived in a helium balloon house floating under the clouds and traveling around? We use other helium balloons. attached to the railroad tracks

#6 What if a dog walks us?

#7 What if you could wear the same outfit you wore on your sixth birthday to your wedding?

#8 What if we lived in the garden? and the sunflowers are the walls and the vines that cover our heads like the roof.

#9 What if your first kiss was the only kiss you’ll experience for the rest of your life? Even if they are together But the kiss still acts like the first time—forever.

#10 What if our swimsuits were our formal attire and our formal attire was our swimwear?

#11 What if there were dragons and we lived among them—like we had dragon colleagues? And a boyfriend/girlfriend who is a dragon?

#12 What if we could clearly see that we only need imagination? Want blue hair? think about it Want a giant butt? think about it

#13 What happens if animals are covered with false eyelashes all over their bodies? [Read: 40 really gross would you rather questions that’ll make anyone squirm]

#14 What if aliens own our home? And if we don’t pay rent on time They will abduct us to their home planet. where we live with other people Who doesn’t pay rent on time?

#15 What if the skateboard was actually alive and instead of hitting the ground? This beast runs until you tell it to stop at your destination?

#16 What if the stars really looked at the cameras that were watching your every move? Someone in the sky is watching the video and laughing at everything we do.

#17 What if humans were like horses and donkeys? and instead of wearing shoes We have hooves/horseshoes. and instead of doing a pedicure we have horse hooves

#18 What if the tattoo was just a dry erase pattern? And whenever we want to hide them, we can “delete” them, and to get them back. We will rub in the opposite direction.

#19 What if trees and plants really talked to each other? And talk about the outfits we wear when we walk through the woods and take pictures for Instagram? Like how we mock our poses and things? Can you imagine a tree posing like a girl on Instagram? [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone better]

#20 What if we had our personal musicians who followed us wherever we went? and they play music according to what is happening at that moment. Oh, and they’re wearing matching outfits.

#21 What if the lake is full of mermaids and crazy animals? And they protect us every time we swim from the big angry sea creatures that want to eat us. It’s like a war is going on under us in the water and we have no idea.

#22 What if that song gets stuck in our heads? Will they really play out loud for everyone to hear? Imagine. How crazy would it be to listen in a group of people? Definitely messed up, frankly. [Read: Do you think alike? 20 questions to ask your best friend]

#23 What if instead of washing We turn to computer screens every time we need to change our clothes. And our bodies will instantly change like a computer game.

#24 What happens if every time we take a photo? Instead of hearing the “shutter” we heard a woman’s scream. I think we will definitely take fewer photos. [Read: These would you rather question will make your think]

#25 What if instead of me We grow vines with flowers from our heads? Oh, and facial hair and body hair are the same. We will be beautiful gods and goddesses!

[Read: 15 easy ways to be nice and loved by all instantly!]

It’s funny if these questions make you think about the endless possibilities in the world. Share your funny what happened with your friends or ask more random questions. feel free to Tweet me Some of your ideas too!

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