3 Week Diet Review – Lost Weight In 21 Days?

Are you tired of looking fat every time you face the mirror? Tired of trying different weight loss programs that don’t work? Had enough of those pills that are scary because of their side effects? Or the gadgets and tools that only give you muscle cramps and aches? Let’s face it, most of those elaborate weight loss and diet programs are just for show. The programs might be expensive, do not provide clear and accurate information for you to follow easily or they are just boring which destroys your motivation.

Well, check this out! Brian Flatt, a well-known sports nutritionist, and personal fitness trainer has created the 3 Week Diet System to guide you through the steps needed for achieving your desired figure, and a stepping stone to start living a fit and healthy life.

What is this program?

3 Week Diet EbookYou may think that with a diet program that promises a fast weight loss, It will be very extreme. But the 3 Week Diet System is a fresh guide on how to reduce and achieve weight loss in just 21 days! The 3 Week Diet product comes as four diet manuals that take you through a thoroughly tested system that gives the real result. All with a doctor’s approval. These manuals are the step by step platform that defines the 3 Weeks Diet.

You can find it a little draining at first, but your body will quickly adjust and actually becomes easier as you move through the 3-week plan.

Who should use The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet isn’t for people who don’t like trying new things. If you keep doing what you’re doing and make progress with the normal methods of weight loss, you won’t look good in three weeks – that’s just a fact. It’s just not doable under normal conditions.

If you’re dedicated to looking good in three weeks or more, use The 3 Week Diet. All you have to do is follow what the author recommends, enter “starvation mode” (while still feeling full all day), and you will look substantially better than you do now in three weeks

How does it work?

The 4 guides that make up the 3 Week Diet System needs to be followed closely to be successful.

  1. Introduction Manual3 Week Diet ScamThis manual will explain the “body fat storing and fat burning” and the science behind this diet’s system. It will explain how you gain those stubborn body fats and what you need to do, to get rid of them.
  2. Diet Manual – This manual will help you calculate the excess fat in your body and will ensure you have a personalized diet plan that is right for your current body level. It will teach you the right foods to eat and the foods that you need to avoid.
  3. Workout Manual – Even though diet alone will ensure you lose weight, exercise will speed up that process. The Workout Manual will show you how to increase both the speed and volume of fat you can lose. The manual consists of very specific workouts that can be done at home or in the gym. Brian Flatt has done a good job in choosing the exercises to suit even those that may be short on spare time.
  4. Mindset and Motivation Manual – A You will be familiar with the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”? Well, with the right mindset and motivation even the not so tough can keep going! The key factor in achieving your goal is to have a healthy mindset and a strong motivation. This manual provides techniques to keep up a positive attitude and inspire you to push it up a notch and meet the challenge.

Benefits of 3 Week Diet

  • 3 Week Diet PDFBalanced Structure

3 Weeks Diet is presented as a balanced complex system which explains all aspects of the fat-burning process.

  • No chemicals

You are no longer poisoning yourself by ineffectual chemicals. The program offers a natural way of fat loss which is based on fresh and healthy homemade meals

  • Suitable for Everyone

This program gives you an opportunity to choose your own diet which will fit your own organism and tastes.

  • No Suffering

You don’t need to suffer from body exhausting and time shortage spending hours in your hated gym, because the author developed an exercise program that takes just 20 minutes a day, 3-4 days per week.

  • Tasty Dieting

You don’t need to eat strange, expensive and not tasty foods. In 3 Week Diet Program, you will find plenty of healthy, easy and super tasty fat-burning recipes.

  • Free Lifetime Support

Friendly and cooperative support employees will help you with everything you need any time of the day.

Pros And Cons

  • PROS: Since the whole diet system is certified by medical doctors, and it’s a proven and tested system. Of course, with weight loss comes health benefits and its strong point – real rapid weight loss in only 21 days!
  • CONS: The 3 Week Diet System manuals come as downloadable PDFs so if you want them to read more convenient you will need to print them out.. Also, there are some supplements recommended which will lead to additional cost.

Bottom Line

Theoretically, The 3 Week Diet System works effectively. Will everyone hit their target weight in 21 days? I think that maybe too tight a target for some people but you should see some great results. The 3 Week Diet system is real, workable, and scientifically supported.

There is a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews by those who have tried the system so the results speak for themselves. Plus, the creator, Brian Flatt has included a lot of scientific research and of course approval by doctors. So it would be hard to dismiss this program out of hand. Definitely worth trying this one out.





The book has some very scientific tips and methods that totally make sense when it comes to losing weight. The workouts that are suggested in the program coupled with the diet and having a positive mindset. Its cons is expensive compared to the other programs.

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