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300 Creative Dates PDFIt might very well take you hours of searching and then you can only come up with pretty average ideas such as: “A nice day at the beach or let’s cook dinner at home for the two of us.” Such ideas are ‘not bad’ but there certainly are some very much better ideas than these.

If you want to know about inexpensive dates that cost less than $20 then 300 Creative Dates is a goldmine of information. Whether you want to really impress your new date, to put your relationship back on track, to get a second date or you just want to have more fun, 300 Creative Dates review will show you how to have some amazing dating experiences.

About the author

Should you listen to Michael Webb’s dating ideas? I think when you know who he is and what his reputation is the answer is an unqualified “Yes”.

Michael Webb for 12 years now has taught people how to have successful and fulfilling and relationships that can last for a lifetime due to the power of romantic living.

Because of some of his dating and romantic ideas, media all around the globe have called him “The World’s Most Romantic Man,” “Mr. Romance”, “America’s Romance Expert,” and various other interesting names.

He has been featured in media innumerable times, including major newspapers throughout the USA, many magazines and more than 500 TV and radio shows such as the Oprah Show, Men Are From Mars / Women Are From Venus, and the 700 Club. He has shared his tips and secrets with TV viewers worldwide.

He is also a highly successful bestselling author of 11 books on romance, love, and relationships.

His very first book, “The Romantic’s Guide” has become a bestseller. First released in February 2000 it is now in its 6th printing.

He is regarded in the media as a top expert on love, relationships and dating. So you can see that you are in good hands with Michael Webb’s dating ideas.

What is 300 Creative Dates?

Here’s what you get inside his book called…300 Creative Dates(NOT available in bookstores)!

Most dates in the book are easy on the wallet–dating ideas that can cost less than $20. Of course, not all of these ideas will work for you in particular. We are all different in our own way.

Find the ideal ones that can work for you and then adapt the ideas to your particular ways, and let this book give you the inspiration to come up with your own exciting dating ideas!

Here’s just a small sample of the terrific ideas you’ll get in this invaluable book…

You will find…

300 Creative Dates – dozens of ideas that are perfect for long-distance relationships. There are dates celebrating specific seasons, anniversaries, birthdays, vacation dating and various special occasions.

You will get inventive picnic date ideas and the most romantic dinner dates, without spending wads of money, or a lot of time preparing for them.

  • 8 unbelievably creative ways to ask someone for a date – make it a memorable experience.
  • 20 dating coupons that you can give your date to redeem for more creative dates in the future.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating – this 100-plus page ebook(a free bonus) covers dating for success with all the dos and donts. If you haven’t had many dating experiences or they have not been very successful, this information is invaluable to you.
  • 14 Dating Disasters – a special free bonus – you will read here a collection of dating disaster stories. They are quite hilarious, but also invaluable so that you don’t make the same mistakes on your dates.

With this material, you can be the envy of boyfriends and husbands everywhere. Dates who are so impressed with your outings will certainly tell all of their friends how creative and romantic and you really are.

How to Make Your Dates a Success

Dinner followed by a movie is certainly one of the most popular dates. There is no doubt that it is also a very poor idea for couples for first dates.

You find that statement hard to believe?

Just give it a little thought. You are seated in a restaurant with your new date. You have a nice table and everything looks like it should be just fine. But almost rightaway you realize that you are in trouble trying to find something interesting to talk about. You desperately try to get a conversation going.

You sweat a little, and your mind becomes a little frantic as you notice that she is looking around the restaurant and not paying much attention to your conversation.

You feel as if you are losing her.

Two hours drag by filled with awkward silences and make talk questions, then you take her home. You have a cold sinking feeling that this did not go well and you have blown your chances.

Now don’t take this in the wrong way, dinner can be great in a few cases but it’s definitely hard to make a good first impression over dinner if the conversation is not going well.

If you have a lot of dinner dates with a longer-term partner, things may be getting just a bit stale and it is really to try something new and different.

How To Get Dates Ideas

Don’t make plans for dinner for a first date! It can be really hard to make a good first impression on your date. Don’t invariably plan for dinner with your steady date either.

If you really want to keep having great fun dates with a special person, going on original dates is undoubtedly the very best way to accomplish that. You need to be creative and to think out of the box.

300 Creative Dates is an absolute treasure trove of ideas for these really fun and entertaining dates which you will remember for a long time.

The bottom line

Many people are just starving for new and exciting ways to spend quality time together. This is why 300 Creative Dates was written.

The result is a quality collection of date ideas from friends, family and myself. Dates that go beyond the ordinary and are quite extraordinary in fact. Take a look at this goldmine now with no obligation:





300 Creative Dates contains the world’s most romantic, unique, and fun dating ideas – for both singles and married couples. But here’s the best part: Most dates cost under $20 each. It’s hard to imagine how you could go wrong with that, right?

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