5 Signs You’re Already Smothering Your Partner –

You might think you’re being fed. But your partner might think otherwise. Here’s how to tell if you’re starting to choke on your partner.

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A quick sweep of the internet on the topic of love. And apparently the conventional wisdom on this will lead us to believe that you can never have enough. The truth of the matter, though, is open to debate. But the truth is that love doesn’t always have to be expressed in a healthy way.

What one sees as an expression of love and sincerity Others may find it creepy. What one sees as steadfast and undying devotion. Another might view it as stalking. Half of the relationship can be viewed as giving everything to make it work. The other party may view it as suffocating.

What is emotional suffocation?

Emotional suffocation, in other words, when a relationship is out of balance. Usually this equates to differences in individual needs regarding time spent together and apart. Some people want to spend every waking moment with the love of their lives. While some people need a lot of personal space as well.

This does not mean that the love of the latter is less. It’s just that they have different emotional needs. However, if you insist on being together all the time or being a part of every activity your partner does, you’ll be able to do so. Your partner may start to resent your presence in their lives. [Read: 13 signs you’re being clingy and how to avoid it]

Signs that you are choking on your partner

If you are unsure if your presence in your partner’s life is starting to block life from your relationship, You can check out these telltale signs that you are relentlessly suffocating your partner.

#1 Your partner is being withdrawn. This is the most common sign that something is wrong with your relationship. There are several reasons why this might happen. Instead, find out what might come with being honest with yourself and ask the question: Am I suffocating my partner?

If your partner is the type of person who needs personal space. But don’t get it because you insist on being with them 24 hours a day. They’ll find the weirdest way to draw a line to keep you out.

They start to find excuses to be separated from you. Even at home, they start spending more time in the bathroom or going to the bathroom more often. They started to cook more. By spending more time alone in the kitchen with more detailed recipes. any household work however, it provides similar levels of independence, control, and pseudo solitude. All three aspects of life they struggled to achieve. [Read: 12 upsettingly real reasons couples drift apart]

#2 You don’t spend quality time together. The time and quality spent together are two very different things. Time is a qualitative factor. Not just quantitative Spending time together isn’t particularly good. And it can make everything look tense and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, quality time is about letting go of distractions and committing to conversation time. Spiritual and Physical Exploration – Re-align your relationship. However, spending quality time together is nearly impossible when one of you insists on spending too much time together. This will reduce the quality of that time. [Read: 5 steps to fix a relationship that’s falling]

#3 It shows in their body language. Although this is not always an indicator of failure. But body language often reflects someone’s need to escape. This is an important indicator that half of the couples are uncomfortable. Signs of suffocation to watch out for include the following:

– When hugging or kissing you Your upper body will press firmly against you. But their hips and feet turned out, ready to take themselves elsewhere as soon as they were finished.

– when talking to you Their bodies would turn and make eye contact for a moment. Show that they are trying not to talk to each other. This could lead to further face-to-face conversations.

– Conversations often take place on the doorstep. with your other half trying to show you that they have other things to do and don’t have time for long conversations.

– In bed, hugging is no longer physical contact. Rather than an arm or hand alluding to the constant contact that your partner feels they have to perform on duty.

This doesn’t mean that your partner completely loves you. But choosing to engage in brief conversations and physical contact could mean they are trying to get away.

#4 You have become Checkpoint Charlie. Even the most suffocating person finds an opportunity to temporarily gain freedom from his or her bastard. Sometimes this might work. But it can go back to great proportions. in this situation You can send a message or two saying ‘How are you?’ or ‘I love you’, that’s all about being a couple. and if the other half disagrees with that Show that the problem

However, every phone call with them Five minutes just because it’s not okay. It doesn’t just make you look like the most foolish person. but also negates the refreshing or rejuvenating effect that disappearing from you. Here are some other things you might do whenever your partner has some alone time:

– require your partner to check in with you periodically This is normal for a teenage daughter going on a first date. But not for full-grown adults. Such behavior is a serious cover-up. And entrusting them to make that contact is very control and controllable.

– listen to background sound if you are doing this It will go beyond suffocation and travel into the abyss of distrust. If the level of trust decreases further Your relationship simply cannot be fixed.

– doing things This includes creating illnesses or family issues to prevent your partner from having fun without you or to try to persuade them to come home early. This is the worst emotional extortion! [Read: How to stop being so insecure in a relationship]

#5 Your partner is reluctant to be near you. There was a time when your other half had finished their work as soon as 5pm so they could come home to you. Now they are finishing their work before leaving the office. and was not keen on the fastest ride home. This can show that any activity that is as insufferable as spending time with you is way better in your partner’s book.

Even if it means working some overtime or volunteering on why your partner doesn’t do it all. He or she will use it as long as it means the rest of the time from being controlled. as if they would find an excuse no matter how ordinary just to escape from you [Read: The right way to give your partner space in the relationship] [Read: How to love a person without smothering them]

When you see these signs in your lover You may need to reevaluate how you interact with your partner. Ask yourself if what you’re doing makes sense or if it’s really suffocating. when you get the answer You can take corrective actions that you and your partner agree on.

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