7 Reasons Men Don’t Approach You *And How to Fix This*

you are everything But do men seem to avoid approaching you? this 7 The Biggest Reason Men Don’t Approach You and how to fix it!

Why don't men approach you?

Have you ever experienced a time when you thought you were in the right place and saw a great guy but nothing happened between the two of you?

And has this happened more than a few times?

You might think you’re friendly and approachable. but without your knowledge You might be guiding that drives away the guy who wants to talk to you!

Why don’t men approach you?

Imagine this situation.

Every time you go to a nearby pizzeria during lunch break

They make a great calzone and you’ll meet some really nice guys. That seems to share your love for stuffed dough. Because he always eats the same way as you.

Must be the perfect fate, right?

You start doing activities together often. I hope that if you meet often with familiarity He will eventually notice you.

And if your lucky star is quite generous He might approach you and ask if there’s a seat next to you. Oh, if you can just have him come and talk to you!

But he’s not, and he’s not the only one. The same thing happened to the handsome young man in the bar last week. and look like countless men [Read: 10 casual moves to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

7 Why Men Don’t Approach You – And How To Fix It!

He’s there and you’re there. The smell of something new and exciting was in the air. but nothing happened And you don’t know why The sad truth is You may unknowingly sabotage yourself.

this is 7 A common mistake most women make when it comes to making themselves look approachable.

Avoid these common mistakes. And you’ll find it as easy as having a guy walk up to you and say hi at a coffee shop. With a sip of the cappuccino you’re drinking! [Read: Does he like me? – 18 signs to decode his body language]

#1 You are always on your phone/tablet/laptop. There were a few that shouted, “Stay away!”?? It’s like having a phone in your hand all the time. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking, texting, or surfing the net, it’s as if you’ve hung a large Do Not Disturb sign on your forehead. The same goes for your laptop, or any device you’ve completely swallowed.

The only acceptable exception is If you are reading an ebook or article that truly deserves your attention, believe it or not, this will show on your face. in your gesture and the general impression you make on people. It makes you look more thoughtful and intelligent.

If you’re actually going to read the book, remember that paperbacks are better than icebreakers. It is filled with romance and peace that hardly anyone notices. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use with a guy you like]

#2 you don’t make eye contact You can’t really blame a guy for not coming to talk to you. If you don’t even bother to look at him. We won’t go as far as to use it. “Eyes are the windows of the heart” ?? Cliché, but we’ll turn the other way – eye contact is how you throw your hat into the ring.

quick glance embarrassed or looking intently Both, combined with a warm smile, is your way of letting a guy know you’re interested.

Not sure how long to keep your eyes on men’s candy? without looking creepy or turning into a stare You can use this simple trick – stare long enough to notice his eye color . Then turn around slowly. You wouldn’t want to do this with fast movements because it makes you look like a scared animal, and you No, you are a charming and confident woman who knows how to get what she wants. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#3 you act rude Rude behavior is something that makes men extremely displeased. Either he’s just trying to make eye contact with you or he’s sitting across from the table on a first date. If you are perceived as being rude or annoying, The chances of a guy getting close to you almost instantly drop to zero!

So how can you become a better person? good, You know. Avoid scolding employees wherever you are. Don’t raise your voice for no reason. And don’t crush another guy who’s brave enough to talk to you. And for crying out loud, stop shooting angry laser beams from your eyes at anything that moves.

Why? Actually, it’s pretty easy. Men don’t want or don’t want to be your target.

Would seriously kill you to say “thank you” politely? When the waiter brings your order? Would it hurt you to let that guy down? No matter how far in his league are you? and maybe try to smile from time to time We’ve heard people all over the world are doing this and guess what? No one died from this. [Read: 15 tips to be nice and loved by all instantly!]

#4 You act like you’re too good to be there. When it comes to breaking out of someone’s league You should know that there are thin lines. Between having good self-esteem and being a nasty narcissist And while we’re sure you know which side of the line you’re on. But it’s quite possible that it doesn’t appear the same from someone else’s point of view.

The frowns and half-mouthed mutterings at which you neglect everything and everyone around you can easily be interpreted as the act of a selfish, selfish, selfish person. In other words, not that one type of girl will line up!

We’re not suggesting that you lower your standards and pay less than you deserve. However, you can take a little patience, for example giving five minutes before deciding that you’re the best. Or make other people polite by allowing them to say a few words before giving them a modest thank you. The rubbish you’ve perfected over the years.

#5 you are too easy Going out is not wrong. Again, we’ll say it’s not wrong to want to have fun. As long as you know the difference between a cheerful flirtation and a simple handshake.

We didn’t mean to sound like grandma and teach you that men don’t respect you when you’re too easy. but the truth is If you throw yourself at an average guy, you’ll only look hopeless. And women who seem hopeless and easy will not get the man they really want.

The great guys that let you drool and bite your lips. They like to win There is no need to fight dragons for the right to kiss the princess. But at least there’s a little something to stimulate a guy’s ego and make them feel like they’ve got it. and defeat the rest of the competitors [Read: The art of attracting men in a way they can’t ever resist!]

#6 You don’t give him a chance to catch you alone. So you hang out with your friends. Dress up to kill, laugh, dance and have fun to add to the excitement. There’s a cute guy you think is keeping an eye on you. Ah night! But why didn’t he come? By now, you’re sure you’ve got his attention. And it’s as simple as the day he’s interested in you. What H?

Do you know how they say the numbers are safe? When it comes to flirting The only security you get from not being isolated from groups is an almost perfect firewall between you and the guy who wants to talk to you.

Give the poor people a chance to catch you alone. Go to the bar and have a drink. Go out for some fresh air outside. Or find another excuse to walk away from your friend for a moment. He’ll know that’s his window and take it. If he doesn’t answer, you can bet your sweet smile someone else will. [Read: 10 tips to look really attractive when you’re trying to get his attention]

#7 You hang out with other men This is a roadblock for men who want to approach you. Not because it’s a bad thing. But because most men don’t want to step on anyone’s grass. Consider it a Bro Code if you like. but territory is territory And almost all men tend to be more distant from women who sit with other men. Even though she made eye contact often [Read: The real reason why guy best friends are nothing but trouble]

if this is the case You must be the operator. Is there a guy you like and you want to see if there’s a chance of chemistry? Be proactive and do it. Walk up to him and say ‘hello’. Find a smart way to tell him he’s not in the race. and you’re just hanging out with your friends

though sometimes Male friends are more useful as perfect female wings. If he’s as cool as he should be Having a guy friend too can be helpful to you all the time!

And that’s your advice when it comes to the old nerve-breaking question, “Why didn’t he take the first step”? Now that you’ve started playing, ladies, remember this little detail. Nobody ever said you couldn’t follow that guy yourself. and prove all his misconceptions about you wrong.

[Read: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

So, if you ever find yourself wondering why men don’t approach you. keep these things 7 reasoning and fixing in mind And you’ll see how easy it is for the guy you like to walk up to you!

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