80 20 Rule in Relationships & Why It’s So Important for Happy Love

Ever heard of the 80 20 rule in relationships? Find out what it is And how can you use it to enjoy your best relationship by focusing on the right things?

Rule 80 20 in Relationships

The 80-20 rule in relationships may seem confusing at first. But understanding this concept can help you change your relationship for the better.

We grew up reading fairy tales and watching enough movies to believe that eternal happiness awaits us the moment we kiss or get married. But what they never talked about was the straightforward truth. that when the movie ends That’s when real life begins.

life is not perfect it shouldn’t be The slight hiccups and drama are what life brings to life. And at times, it’s only the small burdens and hardships of life that make everything worthwhile and meaningful. but then again It is those problems that make life and love miserable as well.

What if you could find a way to deal with all the problems in a relationship with little effort? It can make life a lot better, don’t you think?

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The 80 20 Rule in Relationships and Why We Need It

When you’re in a relationship with the one you love. Show that you absolutely love him. But there might be something you don’t like about them. At first they were cute quirks. But now they’re a little annoying. But none of us get along perfectly all the time.

at the beginning of the relationship When both of you are still learning each other. Relationships can look perfect. but over time Small differences began to form.

It might be just as common. with the type of movies you like to the things you enjoy doing on weekends or holidays.

over time You’ll start to see that small differences can lead to more differences, and eventually you both realize that you’re completely different people. There are different likes and dislikes in life!

And what are you going to do? In fact, you both seemed perfect to each other in the beginning, and all of a sudden, you seemed to have completely different interests. You look back and wonder how you ever thought of your partner and how compatible you were! [Read: What does being compatible in a relationship really mean?]

It happened to all of us. But the best part is that these differences are completely repairable. This is where the 80 20 rule in relationships can help you overcome it and live in harmony again.

The meaning of the 80 20 rule in relationships

more than a century ago Italian economist Vilfredo Federico Pareto noticed something from his backyard. He saw that 80% of the land in Italy belongs to 20% of the people in Italy. Only 20% of the pods grow in his garden.

With these numbers as references and other observations. similar He developed the principle that came to be known as the Pareto Principle, or the 80 20 rule. [Read: Putting too much effort in a relationship and where to draw the line]

Here’s an example of the Pareto principle using your friend.

The concept of the 80 20 rule in relationships or elsewhere is very simple, stating that 20% of efforts produce 80% results and 80% of efforts produce only 20% results. That’s the whole concept of the Pareto principle.

It’s like having 100 friends, you spend 80% of your time with 20 of your best friends, and you only spend 20% of your free time with 80 of your friends you’re not very close with. That’s the 80 20 rule.

Some people might tell you that the 8020 rule in relationships is that you get 80% of the happiness out of the relationship and find the remaining 20% ​​on your own.

Others may tell you that the Pareto principle in relationships is about not finding complete happiness from your partner. where you only get 80% of the happiness you expect from your partner And you will spend your whole life searching for the missing 20% ​​that doesn’t matter. But that’s not the Pareto principle in a relationship.

Let’s try to understand exactly what the 80 20 law in relationships is.

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Can the views of economists affect relationships too?

The 80 20 rule may seem like the perfect economic model. But it can fit well into relationship problems.

The easiest way to interpret love and relationships is that 80% of relationship disappointments are caused by only 20% of problems.

Considering our relationships and love life We can see that most of the big frustrations and annoyances are caused by two main reasons. Even if you are not aware of the deep-rooted problem.

Irritation, such as clothes lying around the room, dressing for a long time Spending too much time with friends or playing games or on the phone can be a lot. But these are all minor annoyances that escalate because you’re already upset with your partner for other, bigger reasons. [Read: The right way to argue in a relationship]

The world works on a set of global principles. And what works in one area of ​​life can work in another.

Understanding love through the 80 20 rule

You may feel that your entire relationship is crumbling, or that the two of you have drifted apart over time. But all you have to do is focus on 20% of the rooted problems and 80% of them will be resolved in no time.

To apply the 80 20 rule in your life relationships. The first thing you both need to do is stop worrying about 80% of the little things that bother both of you about your relationship. We all spend a lot of time getting annoyed with the little things that bother us. Until we really lose the whole picture that creates all these problems.

“Why has your relationship changed? It’s a better question to ask instead of “Why is he/she behaving like this?” [Read: How to fix a complicated relationship]

An example of the 80 20 rule in relationships.

Here are a few examples of minor nuisances you can think of. Right now, these nuisances may seem like big deal-breakers and are worthy of disappointment.

1. Your partner is late from work.

2. Your partner doesn’t like going out after coming home.

3. Your lover is no longer romantic. [Read: 25 romantic gestures for everyday life]

4. Your partner spends time alone, playing games, or watching television.

5. Your partner falls asleep as soon as they go to bed.

They all come from the same cause, right?

*You feel abandoned*

Although your love life may have countless disappointments. But the real reason behind why they all grew up.

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What should you do to improve your relationship?

All relationships experience problems or confusion from time to time. But these can be solved taking into account the most important factors. There is always a cause for bigger problems. and almost always 80% of your relationship problems are caused by 20% of each other’s actions and behaviors. [Read: How to stay in love forever]

So instead of trying to fix everything at once and fail miserably, tackle 20% of the problems that cause 80% of relationship disappointment. Do this and you’ll be able to sort out more noticeable problems along the way.

in a perfect relationship Couples do not focus on cleaning surfaces. They got to the bottom of the problem. Even if it’s messier. always go to the root cause You will experience better relationships and a happier life. Just follow the economic principles of your love life. That’s called the 80 20 rule of relationships. [Read: Signs of a good relationship]

but just a warning Focusing on the 20% of problems can eliminate the most important problems in a relationship, but sometimes you need to consider the other 80% of the minor problems occasionally and then get rid of them.

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The 80 20 rules in relationships are interesting and can help you understand what’s important in a relationship. But it’s up to your judgment to find and focus on the right details. And look at the little issues that pop up from time to time.

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