A Couple’s Guide to Swapping Partners with Another Couple

The sexy lifestyle is unconventional and fun. But if you’re not careful, problems can arise. Here’s how you can avoid it.


The norm states that you should never share your partner with anyone else. However, this unwritten rule has been thwarted, broken, bent, and ignored for centuries. So why not embrace the new norm and explore what’s in it?

If your partner is fully engaged Sleeping with other people doesn’t make you a cheater. But it makes you a generous person who isn’t afraid of the power of sex. Today, many couples are experimenting with sex and intimacy through threesomes. Open relationships and riveting

Difference Between Open and Swing Relationship

First of all, don’t confuse the two. An open relationship means that both parties allow their partner to engage in sexual activity with others. Swinging, on the other hand, is a way of life that includes partners in a committed relationship agreeing to exchange partners with their partners. other [Read: 15 open relationship rules for a better love life]

There are a couple of differences within the swinging lifestyle. They are called soft swaps and full swaps. The first is when couples switch partners and engage in kissing and other sexual acts that do not involve penetration. The latter is when penetration enters. Do more research to find out which one is better for the two of you.

Remember, there are a lot of rules when it comes to an active lifestyle. Whether you go to a swinging club Sexy swinging Or find like-minded couples online to join. The most important rule is that swinging shouldn’t replace your current sex life.

You have to look at the swing as an added bonus that takes your sex life to the next level. If the only time you have sex is during an out-of-town session You can safely say that you have problems with your own relationship. Work on it before trying anything else.

How to avoid complications when having sex with another partner

Here are seven tips you should keep in mind. If you want to have exotic sex Remove the drama that came with it.

#1 agree to live together When you look at it from an unusual angle Sex can be treated and viewed as a hobby. Like shooting hoops or baking a cake. It’s something you can do alone. with your partner and with others Just remember that this lifestyle is something you both have to agree on. If not, then there is a risk of falling under the category of cheating.

The hardest part of embracing a shared lifestyle is discussing the issue first. Whether the swing is yours or your partner’s brainchild It’s undeniable that the first conversation the two of you had about it would be full of awkwardness.

Don’t be surprised if embarrassment, jealousy, and anger arise. Since both of you are already on the boat. and will work together to source the perfect swing experience.

If your partner is reluctant to switch to this lifestyle. Be patient and don’t even think about forcing him to do so. This will invite resentment. insecurity and protection This prevents your partner from climbing onto the boat. [Read: How to start swinging with your partner]

#2 lay down basic rules Another way to maintain a relationship is to set rules in advance with your partner. Blurred lines and assumptions create a dramatic formula for disaster. Arguments arise when jealousy takes over the ugly mind. Even if you and your partner are open to having sex with another partner. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’re both human and your emotions will inevitably come into play.

An example of a rule you can set together is acknowledging that neither of you will indulge in going out without the other. You can also discuss options to stay out of contact with other partners than socializing. Laying the law on the use of protection coexistence at a money exchange party and other related issues There should be a discussion. The more area you cover One or both parties are less likely to fight and complicate the relationship. [Read: The 10 dos and don’ts of swinging]

#3 invest in trust Trust is a very important quality to have. If you want to participate in the swaying lifestyle without complicating your partnership. Remember there must be trust. Especially if you live this extraordinary life. If you are jealous Start your stunts by participating in exercise exchanges. Especially the kind that deals with soft trades and see where it takes you. Some couples take years to finally agree on a full exchange. So don’t worry if you take longer than expected to build your trust and get everything done. [Read: How to build trust in your relationship]

#4 communicate often Another way to prevent your relationship from getting complicated is to communicate with your spouse often. Good communication is probably one of the most important things you need to do as you enter the world of swinging. Talk incessantly about what the two of you hope to get out of the swing. Don’t forget to communicate with your partner about the type of partner you’d like to experiment with, for example. As long as you are ready to compromise with your partner. everything will be fine

#5 Do not swing with your friends A good way to maintain a new lifestyle and relationship with your spouse is not to switch partners with friends. feelings may begin to develop Jealousy will inevitably arise. And before you know it breakup with friends These can happen.

Trust me on this when I say your friendships and sex life should be kept separate. Moreover Be classy and keep your volatile lifestyle low. The last thing you want is to let the neighborhood and their cousins ​​know what you and your spouse are doing.

#6 Swing with a veteran couple If you are new to the lifestyle and want to keep things as drama-free as possible. At first, consider a couple who are both seasoned and at least experienced. Not only will they show you the ropes. They’ll also share with you the lifestyle tips they picked up along the way. Like starting something new It’s always best to talk to an expert in advance to understand what’s going on. And how to react when an unexpected crop occurs?

#7 bring the arousal home Finally, the best way to have sex with another couple without complicating your relationship is to bring home the arousal and sensuality. Remember, swinging is one of the many tools in life’s toolbox that you can use to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. The whole point of experiencing this groundbreaking lifestyle is so you can take home these new experiences. Whether you want to rethink what you did or try something new with your partner, make sure you keep the sexual attraction between the two of you intact and good. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

Whether you like to watch, be watched, experiment with props. or just wear it on someone else The swing lets you do it all. Just remember that your relationship with your spouse is the most important thing. If you feel uncomfortable Talk and agree on what to do next.

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