The Accidental Text On Purpose: How to Use It & When To Avoid It

may sound contradictory But an accidental message can be a stealthy tool. When trying to get someone’s attention!

unintentional statements about purpose

Wait, text message by mistake. What did you say! First of all, to be honest, have you ever tried to get someone’s attention using the “Ah, sorry, that message is not for you” tactic?

Come on, own it, we’ve all done it!

this is called ‘Intentionally intentional messages’ and allows you to contact someone. Maybe it’s a warning While there are claims that really and did not intend to do so. You can keep the nonchalance coverage, but still get the desired effect.

It’s genius when you think about it!

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What is an intentional accidental message?

You may have accidentally done this yourself. Or you could be pretty obvious about it and try to pretend it was an accident. But the inadvertently intended message would look something like this:

You meet someone and exchange numbers. You may send back and forth a few messages over the course of a few days. But then everything calmed down a bit. You are the last person to send the message. So you’re not keen on sending another message. Just because you don’t want to look hopeless. the silence continues

What do you do?

You sent a ‘nudge’, this may be a message unrelated to the original conversation. totally unintentional look And the recipient will receive it and wonder what it is for. The hope is that they will overcome out of curiosity what it means. because it has no context They sent you a reply.

Boom! The conversation started again.

If your conversation continues Consider that your messaging strategy is successful. However, there is a risk that they will just ask what you mean and leave them alone. In that case, don’t try this strategy again. because you are astray on the side of despair And there’s no one like that!

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The best way to accidentally send an accidental message

If you want to accidentally send a text message at best by mistake. where the message doesn’t make it clear what you are trying to do. The key lies in the wording and timing.

First of all, make sure that what you send is not related to the conversation you have. if so It seems to be ongoing and you are trying hard to start a new chat. That’s what you’re doing. But you don’t want them to know!

Let’s try to choose randomly. But I don’t recommend choosing anything that is flirtatious. if you do this They may assume you are chatting with multiple people on the go. And they might think you’re too flirtatious for their tastes. Of course, they can fly to jealousy boundaries and continually attack you. But do you really want to make your potential partner extremely jealous in order to get their attention?

Of course not! [Read: How to not be a boring texter and keep your crush really interested]

Instead, stick to the strange but obscure things.

Something like “Do you really think so?” or “I can’t believe they did that,” or “What chance?!” It basically looks like you’re continuing the conversation with other people. But it’s totally innocent. without any mockery or overtones of anything surreptitious.

The words must still be enough to make them want to know. Avoid things like, “I’m fine, thank you. How are you?” because that’s the most boring conversation. It has to look like you’re in between something funny or interesting and not a typical conversation you’d have with your sister.

Now we have to think about time. Avoid late night delivery if you do this They will treat it as a megaphone chat that they will see firsthand. Late night conversations with other people don’t look too good if you’re trying to usurp this person for your other half! [Read: Dry texting – The real meaning behind someone’s one word responses]

In my opinion, the best time to accidentally send a text is during the day or early in the evening. Avoid the first thing in the morning because they tend to forget you texted them. So don’t reply just because it’s distracting.

Lunch time is a good option. This is because it is the time when people use their phones during lunch. Early in the evening is also good as people tend to rest and tend to talk more.

When not trying this strategy

Don’t try to send an accidental message if you’ve sent two unanswered messages in advance. Basically, that’s a big red flag that screams, “Leave me alone!” This person doesn’t care. It’s hard, but that’s life. [Read: How to know when to stop texting a guy – Have you been texting too much?]

The message was accidentally provoked. It’s the technology equivalent of standing and waving your hands around. Try to find someone to remember that you exist. Obviously, the hope is that you don’t have to attempt this strategy at all. And the people you spend time texting are always replying to and texting you.

It’s also very likely that you accidentally received a message about yourself. Maybe you didn’t realize it at the time. But think back

You’re getting messages from the person you’re chatting with, which doesn’t make any sense. Compared to the conversation you had earlier? That’s what we’re talking about! The person might be standing on a small rock in the distance, waving their hands frantically, shouting, “Do you remember me?”

Yes, accidental messages aren’t very attached to them when you break them down. But it’s also a genius way to get the attention you’re trying to get without being very clear at first. It’s a way to know if they just forgot to reply, or they think they forgot and didn’t hit ‘send’, or if they’re really haunting you. [Read: Will she ever contact me again? How to know if she’s interested or losing interest]

Why did the chat hang in the first place?

This could be due to a few reasons. But the most common cause is boredom. Text chat isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. and at some point You will have to move things. Quit messaging and enter the real world!

don’t do it too fast But don’t stop it either. Otherwise, you risk your virtual relationship running out and never turning it into the fun part. [Read: Texting before the first date – A complete guide to doing it right]

Of course, the chat was interrupted because one person wasn’t really interested. and can’t figure out what to do more gracefully. In that case, the conversation often stops.

If you accidentally send a message You may get a questionable answer. then silence the radio Or you might not get a response at all. if this happens Give a hint for heaven’s sake and move on. Don’t waste your time on it again. [Read: 13 rules you need to follow when someone you like stops texting you]

However, if you play your cards correctly Sending this so-called involuntary message might just be all that is needed to start all over again. and make things flow

Everyone forgets to send messages from time to time. And everyone goes through a difficult time at work that ignores everything else. If it only happened once, okay, forgive me, but if you ever find yourself in the situation of accidentally texting again. Maybe it’s time to find out if people Is this worth it?

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Accidental messages are very useful in starting a disrupted conversation and sending attention-grabbing nudges. It all depends on how and when you use it. But it’s a great tool to have in your dating arsenal!

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