Affair Fog: How to Know If Your Lover is Under Another’s Spell

When it comes to having an unfaithful partner The mists of relationships tend to make them disappear. Find out if your lover is under someone else’s spell.

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If you’ve been cheated You know how painful it is. You also know that cheating partners tend to act a little differently than usual. That’s how they got caught. This behavioral change is often known as fog.

However, not every victim can tell when their significant other is dishonest. Sometimes the mist about their relationship can be so subtle that it’s hard to tell. And often people are not pessimistic about changing their partner’s behavior.

Consequences of being with dishonest people

I may not be the first or the only person to tell you this. But I’ll keep talking You can’t be with unfaithful people. You can’t. For your own mental health, things must end.

Now if you are married It might be a different story. You may go to counseling and work through infidelity. There will be lasting effects, such as a decrease in self-esteem. trust issues, etc.

for that reason Relationships are almost impossible to return to normal after a partner has been unfaithful. [Read: What to do when you think your partner is cheating]

What is fog and how can you catch cheaters?

When someone is unfaithful, they have an affair. Refers to their behavior and state of mind. when they are with someone else They may begin to process within what they are doing and reason with it. That means they have to make themselves feel less guilty.

in order to do so They started blaming their significant other. They are able to convince themselves that they have done nothing wrong by creating false ideas about their partner. If you want to know if your lover is unfaithful or not. Look for signs of infidelity so you can end it.

#1 They look distracted Relationship fog is about your partner being under someone else’s “spell.” They’re distracted and not themselves. If you notice this type of behavior from your partner. to follow closely

When they seem busy and out of conversation. That was because there was something else taking up space in their minds. That could be the person they saw on the side. [Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner in the act]

#2 They are in a good mood – until you are in a good mood. This is what is known for sure. If your partner has an affair They are also at a high level. They feel great! Imagine how you felt when you fell in love with your partner for the first time. You are dizzy and in a good mood.

Relationship mists work the same way. They are going through the same feelings they had at the beginning of your relationship. only with others So they might be in a good mood. But I also felt very guilty. and when you remind them why they are happy It filled them with guilt and brought them down from high.

#3 They began to fight flawlessly. This has a lot to do with the fog, often when they cheat on you. They need to prove their actions. They know what they are doing is wrong. but instead of stopping They find reasons to make it ok.

So they start arguing with you just to get mad at you. because in their hearts if they are angry with you They can prove why they are happy with other people. [Read: 8 things to tell yourself when fighting with your significant other]

#4 They are annoyed by good things. that you do for them You have a habit of doing good things. To a lover or not? If you had a good relationship before You might as well do it all the time. Is your partner annoyed with those things now?

If yes, it might be a matter of fog. when you do good It will destroy the image in their heads that you are the terrible person they concocted to justify their actions. Doing good makes them feel more guilty. So to get rid of those feelings They want you to stop doing those things, AKA they get mad when you do.

#5 They pull away from you emotionally. This will be very clear. When you’re close to someone and they’re emotionally disconnected. you should be able to tell They won’t talk about their feelings with you. and won’t really ask you how you feel anymore

This is a way to protect yourself from guilt. If they are not emotionally attached They won’t feel as if they are hurting you. Even if they feel [Read: 20 revealing signs that show you’re growing apart emotionally]

#6 They are putting their hobbies and interests on the backburner. when someone enters the realm of bonding They completely forgot about real life. to pretend they didn’t do anything wrong They set themselves apart from the norm. So if they stop doing their usual hobbies and interests, anything can happen.

#7 They get upset with you for no reason. Again, this happened because of the mind. They’re tearing you out of a horrible partnership. This may be completely false. You might be the best boyfriend or girlfriend in the world. but if they have an affair That mist will make them see you as a villain who won’t let them live.

Those negative thoughts about you will make them mad at you all the time. You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s all internal. The fog is making them manage themselves. [Read: Affairs and the big role ego plays in it]

#8 They use the phrase “you don’t understand me” when arguing. Your partner will fight if they are unfaithful. That’s what happens when the fog of relationships comes in. And these fights are unreasonable. They will argue about everything. and when you point out the right point in the argument They will begin to say “you do not understand me”

They do this to prove the fact that they are with someone else – someone who really “understands” them. They will convince themselves that you are not getting the real thing just to feel better about themselves.

#9 they let you down Again, this is all about getting rid of their guilt by pushing you away. The mist of relationships will cause them to say hurtful things. They’ll start to see your flaws and make announcements where they’ve never said anything before. Randomly placing these are big signs that you have a cheater in your hands. [Read: 16 abusive relationship signs of a devious lover]

#10 They treat you badly as they should. They stop doing the little things you used to love when they no longer appreciate you. some are closed It’s often the fog of relationships.

When someone is under someone else’s spell They are led to believe that you are wrong. They try to rationalize themselves by telling themselves that you are a bad person for them. So they act by refusing to do any good for you.

[Read: 17 clear signs you’re being cheated on]

Meeting someone in the mist can be really tricky. Some of their behaviors may seem innocent. Make sure you pay close attention to any unfaithful partner.

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