Akoiromantic: When You Love But Don’t Want to Be Loved in Return

Akoiromantic is a strange thing. the ability to feel loved by someone But when that feeling returned You don’t want it to be…


Ever wanted something bad until you can taste but when done It’s not what you think? Akoiromantic feelings are just that—having a romantic feeling for someone or something and wanting it. But when that feeling comes back You’re scared of it and don’t need it anymore. Sounds confusing? It is. There’s not always a clear reason why you feel the way you do.

What is akoiromanticism?

in general You experience romantic feelings for someone but don’t want the object of your desire to feel the same way about you.

Although the general life style We all relate to when we think we need something. When it arrived, we didn’t want to do it or didn’t know what to do with it.

6 The reason why people may be akoiromantic

There are many reasons why some people feel uncomfortable. The sooner you discover what drives your fear of love back. The easier it is for you to win.

#1 You have been seriously injured in the past feel good to be in love until you no longer love A romantic apocalypse may have had a bad relationship or a heartbreak in the past that makes them afraid to try again.

Without even realizing they linked the relationship to pain. When someone returns to show their love It might surprise them. They don’t care anymore [Read: How to trust again in 8 simple, uncomplicated steps]

#2 they were attacked It is estimated that one in ten children will be the victim of child sexual abuse. Some people may not have a conscious memory or may block their experiences.

That may be why acroromantic people are afraid of intimacy with other people. If you have been harassed The only relationship you have with feeling love is pain, shame, or uneasiness.

#3 They like someone in their league.. It’s great when you like someone out of your reach. But when they like you back, it’s a completely different “oh shit”. If you have a crush on someone and never let anyone know. You’ll feel excited when you’re around.

but when they know or worse, feel the same way That would increase the level of “uh-oh” for people who never thought anything would come of it. It’s possible that people with an aco-romantic feel hide their desires so that they can fantasize without having to act. [Read: What is limerence? Is it a big crush or are you experiencing something else?]

#4 They are confused about their sexuality.. Akoiromantic is in the gender classification. Many people wonder if they are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Really don’t understand. Why do they like someone but don’t want to be liked back? They are often asked if there is some deep-seated confusion regarding their sexual orientation.

It is possible to have romantic feelings with someone who is just a friend. But you have strong non-sexual feelings for them. Sexuality is when you want to have sex with someone. Both are not the same

Imagine the confusion to feel romantic about your same age or other gender. but don’t want to have sex with them It makes you wonder what your sexual orientation is. [Read: Who’s your main squish? 15 signs you’re squishing on someone]

#5 They have low self-esteem If you have romantic feelings for someone and no one knows. You have nothing to say If someone returns your feelings And you don’t feel worthy or confident enough to have a relationship with them. You pushed him away.

if you don’t love yourself It’s hard to have a relationship. Always worry about what you look like naked, whether they really like you, what you say. Or if you say something wrong, it’s exhausting. If they had been on that road before It’s easier to not let yourself feel that way again. [Read: First time naked with your lover? The common fears all of us have]

#6 Bad model or education. We all learn about relationships and sex from those around us. Imagine if you had a quarrelsome parent. or worse, There was abuse in their relationship. It might shut you down from all the “romantic” stuff.

It’s not that you don’t have romantic feelings for other people. It means you don’t want to expose yourself to the same situation as you grew up.

If all you know is that the relationship is toxic. Why would you want to enter a one-of-a-kind relationship? Whether it’s sex or not? Romantic feelings for someone who grew up in a battered home equals pain and suffering.

[Read: Pistanthrophobia – Understand the fear of trusting someone]

If you find yourself agreeing on many points. Figure out what drives your behavior and feelings. There are many advantages in relationships with others. If you understand the root cause of your feelings You will be able to move on with what is real and sustainable.

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