Am I a Lesbian? 20 Clues to Know the Truth Without Asking Around

Sexuality is personal and complex. If you are asking yourself, “Am I a lesbian?” You have to find the answers you need in your soul.

i am a lesbian

In fact, there are times when we find ourselves interested in people of the same sex. Of course, this can be a little confusing. But that doesn’t mean you should always question sex. It’s very possible to have a relationship with someone that evokes those deep feelings, but if it happens more often, then it’s possible. You must stop and ask yourself, Am I a lesbian?

Sexuality is one of those things that confuses a lot of people. When you try to figure out what your gender is. It can be a daunting and daunting time. However, it’s important to remember that Whoever you choose to love Whoever you feel is sexually attractive. There isn’t a single set of rules that will give you a definitive answer if you’re a lesbian or not. You’re just you. Maybe you’ll find other girls attractive. And if this is the case? It’s the beautiful part of who you are. [Read: Lesbian love – What’s it really like to date a woman?]

Sometimes we find other women attractive.

If you ask most women to be honest They may tell you that at some point in their lives They find another woman attractive. It may be a tourist attraction that passes in the blink of an eye. It may be a stronger admiration than a sexual sensation. They may act according to those feelings. only to realize it wasn’t what they thought

Some women have fantasies about trying to get close to another woman. But it’s just a fantasy. They probably don’t really want to try it, and if they do. There is no clear evidence that they will like it or not.

Most importantly, sometimes we find other women attractive. And often for many different reasons. Maybe she has something in life that we want. And that’s why we find her attractive. Maybe she’s stunningly beautiful and you’re just human. The list goes on That doesn’t mean you should question your sexuality just because you’ve been excited about another woman once in your life.

However, if you notice this happening more often. Perhaps you should ask yourself a few deeper questions and explore your sexuality a little more. That’s the only way to get a real answer to the question, “Am I a lesbian?” [Read: List of sexualities: What you need to know about each orientation]

I’m a lesbian? Some signs to consider

Accepting the fact that you like someone of the same sex isn’t easy. Sometimes you have feelings for as long as you can remember. but you keep it pressed But for others, it’s a case of baffling and confusing all about sex. The man/woman you don’t think too much about

Then one day you wake up, look around and never find yourself interested in a man. or worse You find yourself primarily interested in the same sex.

The signs answering my question of being a lesbian aren’t always obvious. some are lesbians Some people find themselves attracted to both sexes. While some people like objects The reasons why people fall in love with others remain a mystery to the most famous scientists. where homosexuality is an even bigger mystery.

There is no litmus test to answer the question. Am I a lesbian? Overall, if you’re not sure It might be about combining symbols. and do as you please instead of what your head tells you [Read: Is she a lesbian? 6 clear signs to know for sure]

Here are some things to keep in mind when meditating on the question: Am I a lesbian?

1You are drawn to friends who tend to show more general affection.

Some women are more sensitive than others. Do we know them? They are people who flirt with both sexes.

It’s okay to have some flirty friends. But what if all you have is a physically close friend? You might just want to think about what attracts you to them. [Read: Am I lesbian or bisexual? How to understand your true desires]

2. You tend to feel possessive of the woman you are interested in.

We all get into trouble when our besties start hanging out with rut-breaking pyramid chicks. But if you find yourself becoming so jealous that you feel bad about their relationship and will do whatever it takes to end it. You should also examine yourself and your true feelings towards your “friend”.

3. You always fantasize about women.

It’s not that fantasizing about other women sometimes makes you gay. but makes you human But if you are aroused only when you think of women about sex. It could be a sign that you are gay. Something makes us all open. But if you find that you have only one preference That might be telling you something. [Read: A straight girl’s views on the seduction of lesbian porn]

4. You don’t find a man or a seductive man at all.

Okay, the male part isn’t always seductive and beautiful. But what if you don’t find anything sexy about men? That might be a red signal.

5. Your family is strongly against homosexuality.

Sometimes we suppress our feelings because we know that people in our lives won’t understand or accept our feelings.

If you have a religious or anti-gay family You may unknowingly hide your feelings from revenge. [Read: 9 sure ways to tell if you’re really bi-curious]

6. Feeling different from those around you for as long as you can remember.

Usually when someone is homosexual They have different feelings from other people of the same age. especially during puberty If you’ve ever felt different from other women. about men and their attraction to them That could be your inner voice telling you something you should listen to.

7. You have a crush on a woman who seems to be more violent. and often recur

Every woman likes another woman in a relationship. It’s normal to have a “woman” sometimes.

However, if you find yourself constantly shifting from one crush to another without a guy in between? It might be time to consider it more than just friends. and is sexual [Read: Girl crush: What it means to have one & the deeper meaning it hides]

8. You have tried so many times that it is not technically an “experiment” anymore.

Experimenting with homosexuality isn’t just something that some people get excited about. But it’s not that unusual.

If your experiment becomes your norm indicates that the test has ended. And you’ve found your lab test results. [Read: What it means to have a lesbian fantasy as a straight woman]

9. You have that particular female part that makes your heart race.

If you find that you are a butt, boob, or foot lover. and fixed on a special body part attached to the female It might be time to stop asking questions. am i a lesbian It is normal to find a woman attractive. but we are sexy But if you are obsessed with sex about women. Maybe a bigger sign

10. You have a “type”.

If blondes drive you crazy and make your heart race. It might be something more than a “thing.” It makes sense to have the type of friend you like hanging out with like a rant or sarcastic person.

To like a woman because she is tall, blonde, and beautiful is not really a matter of friendship. Because there’s physical attraction, not emotion, it’s the driving force.

11. You’d rather spend time getting to know your female friends than your male counterparts.

If you’d rather spend your time at a bar getting to know the woman next to you than the guy who just bought you a drink. *Assuming he’s hot* You might want to take a look and see. Is it an isolated incident or if there is something behind it? [Read: 15 ridiculous lesbian myths that you probably still believe]

12. On the last night, she was always the only one who didn’t like it.

Okay, you’re not a slut. And you think your friend is too promiscuous. Part of growing up is physical encounters.

You don’t need a one-night stand on the long bed pole. But if you find that you never let yourself loose with men and warn the wind. There may be some sexual tension. missing and the reason why

13. Except for a few one-night stands. You find that men are not that cool.

on the other hand If you find that you have nothing but a notch on your bed post. And can’t wait for the one night stand to come out in the morning. You might as well be beating a guy to prove you can, and you’re not gay. Sometimes the things we do the most are the things we find most about who we are.

14. You feel uncomfortable talking to girls because you don’t feel the same.

If you find yourself sitting down from a group of girls because you are afraid to reveal something that feels secret about your sexuality. You might want to think about why you’re afraid of what other people think and why you think anyone will judge you. either way [Read: How do lesbians have sex? 10 truths about girl on girl sex]

15. When your friend is paranoid with men. You don’t understand

If you’ve never had that feeling about your first crush with a loving guy or puppy. but you have a girl that might be a sign

Some are underage So not falling in love still won’t make you gay. Not wanting or interested in men could mean more than that.

16. You try to convince yourself that you’re not gay.

If you find yourself gay and try to talk to yourself. Stop trying to talk to yourself and see where it takes you.

17. People always ask questions about your sexuality.

If you have a lot of people who question your sexuality. Maybe they saw something you didn’t see. It might be time to be honest to find out why they have the opinions they make. They may be able to describe things about you that you are not prepared to see or perceive. [Read: The best of both worlds? How to date a bisexual woman]

18. You get numb when you have a girl who has a crush on you and wants it to go on.

It’s normal to have a girl who has a crush on you. wanting to continue to show reach out to catch or kiss their lips It’s not an act of someone who is not a lesbian.

19. You only like girls and women porn.

It’s not that you can’t kick it when you’re watching lesbian porn, hey, sometimes sex is sex. But if you find that the only way you can get upset is when you look at girls with women. that might be a sign [Read: All the reasons why lesbian porn is way hotter than straight porn]

20. You know in your heart

If you’re reading this and asking the question, am i a lesbian That’s probably the biggest sign. Constantly seeking answers outside of your own feelings means that you are not ready to accept what you already know in your heart.

Having a crush on or experimenting with another woman doesn’t make you a lesbian. They would probably lie. The truth is that women have sensuality and sexuality that are attractive to both sexes. [Read: How to know if you are gay – all the signs you can’t ignore]

The key to answering the question is, am I a lesbian? is to be open to what your heart tells you. and is not afraid to find the real answer no matter what If while watching almost all the shows that describe you may help you answer the question.

we are what we are we love the people we love Chemistry is a miracle and a miracle. if you are a lesbian Stop denying who you are and worrying about what others will think.

[Read: Lesbian stereotypes: 15 common cliches we hear about all the time]

Finally, the only person who can answer the question. I’m a lesbian, that’s you. If you find love, be it lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual. you are better than most people

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