Am I Texting Too Much? 11 Signs She Thinks You’re a Clingy Texter

If you ask if I’m texting too much? Your woman must have made a noise. Take a step back and you’ll get the real answer.

Am I sending too many messages?

There was a time in the near past *at least for some of us* where there was no texting, I know, right? I think the world was a much better place. They work together very well. And friendly without using a cell phone… But I digress. If you ask, am I texting too much? You already know the answer.

There are so many rules for all things Millennials that it’s hard to keep track of everyone, especially when texting. You’re worried that you’ll pass on too much. Sending the right image and most importantly Are you worried that I’m sending too many messages?

Am I Texting Too Much? 11 Clue You’re Doing Too Much

What is the text reversal rule? The Golden Rule of Texting! Don’t send a message twice if you haven’t received a response. In general, wait for the message to come back before you send it again. I know…dumb, but play with it. Here’s how to respond if I’m sending too many messages.

#1 she stopped responding Okay, this might sound like Captain Obvious, but you might not be listening to Captain. If you even ask You probably already know the answer in your heart, but are convinced that it isn’t. Finding all the reasons she didn’t answer You may have missed the most obvious reason. You texted her too much. So she stopped replying to let you know. [Read: What to text a girl – Dos, don’ts, and all the secrets to know]

#2 You get a one word answer. If you ever get a lot of words back But now you only get one word answer. It means you may be texting her too much. A single word answered out of the blue means one of two things. She’s busy or she’s trying to show you that she’s too busy to text all of them. by any means She tells you that you text her too much.

#3 Your blue turns green.This is an iPhone-only answer. If you suddenly switch from blue “iMessage” to “Green”, you’re no longer in my network. This means that you are disconnected from her messages or she is trying to reduce the number you send. until you get the blue badge again. It’s best to put the phone down and let her sit for a while. [Read: Double texting and second texts: 6 basic rules to play it cool]

#4 Her “read” message was suddenly closed. and what you get is “sent” Sorry to all Android users, this is another iPhone reference on iPhone when someone reads your message. Their phone will send you a message that they “read” your message or keep it as a message, even after they’ve been read.

If you’ve been reading and now you’ve only received submissions. She doesn’t want to let you know when she reads the message. Then she knows you’re waiting for a response. And she doesn’t like talking to you all the time. If you have been sent instead of reading You are sending too many messages.

#5 She sent you a message like “Can I call you later?” and then no.. If you get a “custom” message, don’t assume she is driving and is safe. If it happened suddenly She’ll try to dispel you because you’re texting too much. This type of automated message is meant to say, “Get out, not now,” so get it.

#6 There are five lines to send your message to her, one line.. If you text her over and over and she replies only once. It means you are texting her too much. Although I think the text reversal rule is stupid. But I mean, what if you see something super funny and want to share it? If you’re texting out of control and she responds intermittently. Shows that you are texting her too much.

#7 You write text novels. And her answer was “yes”. Don’t send her your life story. Texting should be natural, fun, and fast if you want to tell a funny story. to sound like in a fairy tale Instead, pick up the phone and call her or wait until the next time you see her.

Send a short message Otherwise, she probably won’t even have time to read what you wrote. No one wants a novel unless they buy it at a bookstore. [Read: 10 clear signs you should back off when pursuing a girl]

#8 She completely turned off the phone. If you’re not sure if your message has gone through because there isn’t another section. She may have blocked you or turned off the phone completely.

if you see the movie Swingers where Mickey calls his girlfriend once Leave a message but not happy with it. So he went back and explained over and over again. There were 80 messages before he knew it. That’s what it would be if you kept texting her if it didn’t go through. And that doesn’t mean you’re texting too much. To the girl who yelled “stalker” when she turned the phone back on to your two hundred messages again.

#9 She waited several days to text you back. If you wait several days to reply You are sending too many messages. No matter why she waited so long Excessive jitters and only texting when they don’t get a response. Makes you look needy and hopeless. If she waits, she waits too.

Of course, I hate games too. But if you don’t play games she will call you soon [Confession: I’m a boyfriend who’s too clingy and needy]

#10 When you go out You notice that she is not message If you notice that when you are with her Her head is not a mobile extension, she mutes or doesn’t even pick it up. First of all, good for you. You’ll find someone who isn’t shallow.

But that means she probably isn’t. This means your persistent message won’t make her reply. But it may annoy her when she finally picks up the phone. [Read: How often should you text a girl? 17 must-know rules of texting]

#11 She stopped using emojis. If there’s one thing most women have in common That’s the love of emojis. so as not to be misunderstood We added these annoying little expressions. So you know what mood we’re in.

If you ever sent them and suddenly It doesn’t care how you read it. Indicates that you are sending too many messages. She’s not that kind of person. Stop.

Dating in this era comes with rules. If it’s not social media or messaging There are all sorts of unwritten terms and rules that must be followed which can be tiring. If you think you might be texting her too much. You will feel uncomfortable. The best thing to do is sit tight and turn off the radio.

[Read: What a woman is really trying to tell you when she pulls away]

If you think your answer is yes to that. ‘I’m texting too much.’ Chasing her more or blowing up her cell phone doesn’t help you get her good fortune. Let her lead the message. When you know what she wants You’ll know better if what you’re doing is right or wrong.

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