Are We a Couple? 14 Signs to Know for Sure If It’s a Definite YES

You’re not sure if the relationship you’re having is casual or serious. If you’re wondering if we’re a match, these 14 signs will help you figure it out.

In my youth *okay, I don’t that Old* I wonder if we’re a couple? Then I try to figure out if the relationship I’m in is a relationship or just a casual one, and I never wanted to bring it up in the conversation. I’m nervous I will be rejected.

So I will try to decipher every action or phrase he will say in hopes of one step closer to the truth. although i have to admit But that never ended well for me. In the end, I was rejected because I always tiptoed around the subject instead of getting straight to the point. and i understand It’s not easy to face your crush and see where you stand.

Are we a couple? 14 Signs You’re More Than Just Casual

But listen, you definitely should. Use these signs to help you better understand what’s going on, but in the end, you should sit down and talk to them. I know it sounds annoying. In fact, what’s more stressful is wasting time with people who don’t want the same things as you.

I know that “labeling” relationships are not a trend right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. You just need to know how they use this relationship and whether or not you are on the same page.

It’s time to answer if we’re lovers?

#1 You both said three magic words ah yes three Magic Words Some people like to say ‘I love you’ without meaning. But most of us take these three words seriously. If your partner tells you they love you and you say back It’s pretty clear that there’s more to this relationship than you might think. [Read: The heartfelt signs it’s the right time to say I love you]

#2 you spend a lot of time together You don’t see each other every week, no way. a lot. Maybe a few times during the week. and you spend the weekend together If this was just a lunge You will only see each other for dating.

#3 You meet each other’s friends and family. I don’t mean accidentally bumping into your boyfriend’s father at the grocery store for the first time. I mean, you and your partner go to dinner with your parents or vice versa. If you’re meeting each other’s inner circle. That’s a sign that you’re looking for more. [Read: All the clear signs both of you are ready for a real relationship]

#4 They are always in your heart. Of course, this does not mean that you are in a monopoly relationship. But it shows where your feelings are. Do you always miss them? If so, then it’s clear you’re falling in love with them. Do they feel the same now?

#5 You share something close to them. We do not share personal information with people we feel uncomfortable with. but when you are near them Your walls are falling down And you share insightful and personal stories about yourself. The beautiful part is that they also do the same.

#6 You stopped using the dating app. This means that your relationship is definitely heading in the right direction. Of course, this does not mean that you are special. But it means you’re not interested in meeting new people. You want to try this relationship and see what happens.

#7 You talk about the future together Now, it doesn’t have to be a conversation about marriage and children. when talking about the future It could be weeks or months from now. But if you’re wondering if you’re a couple Lets look at your conversation. Are you talking about sharing the future together? [Read: 19 clear signs you’re ready for a serious relationship]

#8 You are comfortable with each other. when you are close It has a level of comfort. You don’t need makeup around your partner or clean your apartment from top to bottom just to impress them. There is a level of comfort that you share. You don’t have to impress each other anymore. And that shows a lot where both of you are in a relationship.

#9 you only sleep with them Maybe you’ll have someone call you when you’re in a good mood. But since dating a lover You will never be intimate with anyone again. Just thinking about it makes my stomach feel sick. And if seeing other people makes you feel bad It’s clear that you have serious feelings for your partner. [Read: Dating vs. Relationship – 14 signs to know your real status]

#10 You celebrate special events together. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, you celebrate. all special opportunity together And that’s great. show that you like each other and need to celebrate those events together You two are lovers… right?

#11 You make it official on social media. Who would have thought this would be such a big deal? But it is! No one will post someone’s picture on their social media. Unless they want to show people who they are with. And if you and your partner post a couple photos on your social media accounts. that means something

#12 You say all time. Time passes without you sending messages, pictures, or memes to each other. This person has become your worthy partner. Be someone you feel comfortable talking to all the time. If they’re equally good at talking, that’s always a good sign.

#13 You have the keys to their home and vice versa. This is a pretty big sign. Why would you give your keys to someone you don’t trust? Am I right? Of course I am. Listen if you both have each other’s room keys. I don’t know why you’re not special right now. [Read: The grey area between dating exclusively but not in a relationship]

#14 Everyone thinks you are dating. Okay, again, this doesn’t mean you’re a couple. But it always helps when others see what’s going on. Everyone thinks you two are dating. Even if you didn’t mention it. And if they think you’re dating show that you must have N.S. talk.

[Read: Are you really in love? – 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

What do you think? Now you know the signal. And when you look at your relationship Can you answer that we are lovers? anyway it’s time N.S. talk.

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