Are You More Than Friends: 17 Sure-Fire Signs To Know For Sure

when you like someone You often ask yourself if you are more than friends. It’s important to know the signs to see if you’re just friends.

More than friends or just friends

Have you ever asked yourself Are you more than friends? Do you want to know if you are more than friends or just friends, or are you just confused and wondering where your relationship with that special friend is headed?

The line between friendship and other things may not be clear. So don’t worry if you ask yourself these questions. You’ll be surprised how many people actually fight this! It’s time to stop your confusion and find out about the signs that you are more than friends.

Are you more than friends?

The point is, the line between friendship and relationship can easily blur. If you are not more than friends You really shouldn’t be asking yourself this question. Peaceful friendships have no romance in question.

So if you find yourself becoming more affectionate or nervous around them, you may have feelings for them. If they respond to this You may be more than just a friend. In a peaceful friendship, you should never question their intentions for you.

You’ll feel like it’s true friendship when you can decipher the signs that you’re more than just a friend. [Read: Going from a friend to lover]

17 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

Sometimes two friends can have so many happy things in common that simple friendships can become more complicated over time. There’s a reason why it’s easy to fall in love with your best friend. They are the ones who know you better than anyone. And if you let yourself fall in love with them Friendship can quickly turn into a relationship.

If you are perfect for each other The two of you will inevitably fall in love with each other. As long as the friendship is good and there is a perfect attraction that pops up beneath the surface. Are you more than friends? Use these ten friend to couple facts to find out. [Read: Being more than friends – 12 ways to finally do it]

1. Both of you call each other every day.

It might start with making occasional calls or exchanging gossip. but over time Calls will be more frequent and longer. and often protracted until late at night You might find this hard to believe. But you don’t have to call each other every day.

This is what you do with important people, not friends. The fact that you call each other every day means there is only one answer. That’s the right answer for sure!

2. Share secrets and opinions .

Couples finish each other’s sentences. Friends who became lovers share secrets and opinions. There’s no need to share your dirty little secrets with your friends. unless you are more than that

Do your friends know that you lie naked? Or did you find your friend wearing black underwear during a long phone conversation last night? You may not know that you are flirting. But sharing these intimate details with your friends is one of the signs that you are more than friends. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend]

3. Protecting each other too much

Friends who are closer than friends are very protective of each other. You ask your friends to call you and let you know when they get home. Or is one of you trying to help the other out of a constantly stuck situation?

You can protect your friends with modesty. But if you like protecting them too much You have to start to think that this is really friendship if one of you likes to do it for the other. The answer is that you are more than friends.

4. A new day and jealousy

This is really a big deal, be careful! Whenever you or the other party has a new appointment. Did any of you show any signs of jealousy or envy? Jealousy is harder to hide than you think.

Do you get annoyed if your friend goes on a date with his crush? Or even talk about their dating excitedly? Or does your stomach churn with anger if your friend is dating someone? The question will help you answer that question. Are you more than friends?

Both of you shouldn’t have been jealous in the first place. If you’re really just friends *There’s no such thing as jealous friends!* [Read: Why am I so jealous? 8 ways to recognize the reasons & fix it]

5. spend weekends and holidays together

When you meet your special friend Is it mostly just the both of you or does it have other friends? Weekends and holidays are times of relaxation and happiness. If either of you wants to hang out with the two of you Lets start thinking about the intentions of this friendship.

There may be more than you think. if this is the case It shows that you clearly enjoy spending time with other people and are insatiable. If that’s not love that blooms happily, then what? [Read: Is he in love with you?]

6. go on a date

Of course, you don’t call them *dates* when you’re just friends. But you know what we mean here, right? Do you both go out often, just the two of you? If there’s a new movie in town or a new restaurant? The first thought that pops into your head is your friend and you in it?

This is similar to the previous point mentioned above. If either of you is going on a date that is friendly with both of you. Maybe friendship leads to love! Spending unnecessary time together is one of the signs that you are more than friends.

Attractive friends who *date* each other often don’t because they don’t have anyone to date with. They do it because they like to share new experiences with each other. [Read: How to pick a date restaurant]

7. Give each other a special pet name.

If you really wonder that you are more than friends It’s all about having a pet’s name or not. Do you both have cute pet names that you only give each other? People will only name their pets if they feel their overwhelming love for each other.

Pet names are quite personal and cute. Used most often when someone is dating or in a relationship. So maybe you’ve already fallen in love with each other. *You still don’t know* [Read: One of the known characteristics of friendships is loyalty. But what type of loyalty becomes too much that it’s no longer friendship, but something more? When you’re in love, both of you try your best to be loyal to each other and be there in each other’s time of need.

And that’s one of the biggest reasons why love can also hurt so much, especially when there’s a breach of trust and loyalty. If you always drop everything just to be by each other’s sides whenever one is in need, then this is one of the concrete signs you’re more than friends. [Read: How to know if you are in love]

9. Lots of hugs and petting

Really, this shouldn’t be a question anymore. Forms of physical affection, such as petting and cuddling, are reserved only for those with whom you have something more than just being friends.

Do you spend most of your time holding hands or resting your head on each other’s shoulders? The coordination of the arms and the occasional kiss on the cheek don’t go well in friendship.

The only reason this should be the second aspect of your friendship is that it has evolved into something more. If you like to cuddle with your friends You can’t really date other people. when you have friends nearby *They will run away with jealousy!* [Read: How to flirt by touching]

10. I want to kiss my friend

Whether you’ve kissed your friend or not. If the thought has passed This may not be just friendship for both of you.

Friends are not interested in kissing or dating. And they don’t make stupid deals like, “Marry if we don’t meet anyone in our thirties.”

If you are wondering if you are more than friends? Notice the way you kiss. Is it just a friendly kiss or is it a near real kiss? We should not speak clearly. But don’t kiss your friend! [Quiz: Are you more than a friend?]

11. You give each other that watch

You probably know what we’re talking about – the look the couples share in a movie that shouldn’t be missed. Yes, it happens in real life, and no, this doesn’t happen in friendships. If you often glance at your friends Show that friendship remains in friendship.

It’s the look that says “You are my friend. But I think I’m falling for you.” If they look at you the same way. Why not take friendship to the next level? Literally everyone around you sees it. except yourself! Look at the reality and see that maybe you’re not friends anymore. *But there’s more than that*

12. Flirting

Flirty, not flirting ever. It doesn’t matter, it’s just a joke. But if you’re really flirting with your friend. *And then they flirt* This isn’t friendship anymore. In fact, you both might just be afraid to admit it to yourself. but you have feelings for each other

Flirting is one of the sure signs that you’re more than just friends. Because if your friend isn’t the person you dated. You shouldn’t flirt with him in the first place. [Read: 15 flirting signs to instantly know if someone is flirting with you]

13. Your friendship has changed dramatically.

Now we’re not talking about small changes, but what other friends have. your notice clearly Maybe you touch each other all the time. or when you say It was as if no one was in the room. This is clearly the behavior behind the love of two people. *And you’re simply denying it*

if this is the case You should talk to one another and see where the relationship takes you. I mean, you’re not just friends anymore.

14. You both talk about other people.

If you are wondering if you are more than friends? Evaluate how amazing you are to other friends. yours? Maybe you didn’t notice it at first. But you can’t resist talking about them to your other friends *and you don’t know they’re doing exactly the same thing*.

If you have the same group of friends They’ll be secretly laughing and praising the person who has a crush on you! Maybe it’s time to stop teasing and take your so-called friendship to the next level! [Read: How to know if your friend likes you more than they’re letting on]

15. You both met each other’s parents.

in a relationship Do you need to meet your parents and get along well in friendship? Not at all. That’s a big sign that this is more than just friendship for both of you.

16. You both want to get to know your ex-lover.

It’s perfectly normal to share past relationships and breakups with friends. that is difficult

Even friendship has important boundaries. So if both of you know all the details about your past relationship. Ask yourself why this is the case.

If you don’t share this intimacy with other friends. Perhaps you deny that this is more than friendship. [Read: 18 signs a friend likes you romantically even if they’re hiding it]

17. You both compromise.

Even if friendship compromises But this is more necessary for a relationship. If your friends always cross the ocean for you and move mountains for you. *And you do the same for them* Isn’t this friendship anymore?

But this shows that you are more than friends and that you clearly want to be together. You’ll be happy to meet them halfway. Although it does require a small sacrifice on your end.

[Read: Being more than friends – 12 ways to finally do it]

Are you more than friends?

Now is the tricky part. Just because both of you are more than friends doesn’t mean it’s heading towards true love and you’ll both soon get married. weakness or even libido [Read: Is it love or lust?]

Friendships are always at risk of ruining friendships. which is why people rarely cross this bridge and date their friends. However, if it is true love and they feel the same way, It might be worth taking risks for happiness forever.

If you want to transition from friendship to more intimacy, say, “You know, I wonder why we’re not dating”?? with your friends Then they will know what you mean. [Read: How to ask a friend out]

Use these seventeen steps if you’re wondering if you’re more than just a friend or just a friend. if there is anything more Why not take the leap of faith and go one step further?

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