Asian Happy Ending Massage: What It Is & My Very First Experience

Asian massage, happy endings all around us. and is notoriously popular in the seductive world of massage. But what is a happy ending massage?

Asian Happy Ending Massage

It’s awkward, but yes, I’ve had an Asian massage a few times. So what was my happy massage experience all about? Here’s everything you need to know!

My trip with massage ended happily.

It all started while I was searching. “Unfriendly family”? Late night website while lying in bed i feel bored and tired especially my hands I started scrolling through the pages. and a deep moan until his eyes were open

Porn is fun But after a while It was also very predictable and yawning 30 pages of hitting “next page” and I was already bored and lost heavily. This was a decade ago. And at that time I was single, lonely, and the adultfriendfinder pop-up. It’s usually very annoying. But something caught my eye at the bottom of a page. that I’m watching

I saw pretty Asian girls wearing nothing. And the message reads, “Want a massage? Happy ending for sure!”??

I clicked a banner and one thing led to another. And I finally found myself remembering the location of a bliss massage parlor near my place.

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What is a happy ending massage?

For those who have little knowledge A happy-end massage is a massage that women usually massage with men. And the woman fully manipulated the man who made the gesture with his hands, or rather.

Now it’s pretty exciting and a fetish straight out of the fantasy world for most guys. Can you feel a woman being a stranger and getting a handjob too? If that’s not every man’s imagination, then what? [Read: The most arousing sexual fantasies that are worth trying in real life]

Is Asian massage a happy ending normal?

I didn’t even know about this in my first happy ending massage. But it is common in many countries. And there are also many types of happy ending massages. from simple hand massage to the soap massage where a woman gives you a full body soap massage and a full body massage with her body. And then we have an oil massage. A massage that ends with sex and other formats many more in between

Of course, it doesn’t mean this is legal. Only in many countries Legislators seem to be overlooked. Because it’s easier to ignore than to confront.

A happy ending masseuse is very different from a massage therapist.

First of all, you really shouldn’t confuse the two – massage and blissful ending massage. Massage is just that. A trained specialist or professional massage therapist who knows how to relax your muscles with the right amount of pressure and maneuvering.

And the massage ended happily? Massage is included. But the intense massage you will focus on the sexual methods rather than the massage. She may not be trained to give you a real massage, but she knows how to make you feel relaxed in the end!

Most massage therapists hate masseuses who give their massages a happy ending because of course they spoil the name of a massage therapist! But I guess you have to do what you have to do to get a few bucks. as long as all actions are consent

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My first happy ending massage.

Next weekend after I came across an ad on my screen. I found myself standing on a busy, noisy, small and bustling Asian street. and stared at the new and flashy board. Not quite like the dirty and shabby place you’d expect to see after reading happy massage reviews!

I walked into the living room and met a little Asian, giggling and whispering. It’s really uncomfortable And I can feel the beads of sweat forming on the back of my neck. But I guess they want me to choose a girl instead of insulting and insulting. So I shyly pointed to one that smiled back and stepped forward, and all the other girls walked back to the corner seats where they were still chatting lively.

After completing all the ceremonies The head of the guest lounge, a pretty old woman, asked me to pay her in advance.

I found this quite surprising. If I don’t like massage But I didn’t go all the way back home. So I paid her about a hundred dollars. *Ten years ago* for “full work” as she said. [Read: The top taboo sex topics we love but never talk about]

I walked into the “massage room”.

I’ve heard that happy ending massages are illegal everywhere except in Nevada. So I’m worried about whether the police will put his baton in my back anytime soon, but I reassure the woman in the living room, “No cops, this is legal. Enjoy. Go. Go.”??

However, those one-syllable responses calmed my nerves. I was excited. I also picked a friendly, cute, and confident woman. So I walked into a small, empty room. The woman led me to my bed. and asked me to undress and put on a freshly washed robe. I stood stunned for a moment. Until she giggled after understanding my situation and pulled the curtain strategically placed between the bed and where she was standing.

I nervously took off my clothes behind the curtain. Pause for a moment to remove the drawer and ponder whether or not it should be removed. and decided to continue doing everything I put on a robe and lay on my frozen top. But the bed is clean and comfortable. Air conditioner blows cold air And I feel like I’m all frozen! [Read: Redditors tell us what happens when you date a stripper]

enjoy my illegal massage

It starts with a normal massage. But it’s exciting. Within minutes of starting the massage She handed me a small towel and asked me to take off my clothes. Wait?! So what’s the cloak for? No questions arose. I took off my cloak again. Then wrap a small towel around your waist and rest your head firmly on the bed again.

My heart was pounding so I closed my eyes waiting for the good times to come. The masseuse I chose wore a sheer white bra and black bra. and moved her arms across her body with sensations. Occasionally trim her soft breasts against my shoulders.

It’s pretty tingling like going to the salon and cutting a naughty girl’s hair, you know, like when a flirty hairdresser gets naughty and squeezes her chest against your shoulders and faces too often. and more than just coincidence and overstaying and make you blink? [Read: A girl’s guide to make any guy horny and hard just by sitting next to him]

to a happy ending

nothing at first

It started out like a professional massage. And she’s doing really well too! She didn’t do anything naughty. nothing strange It was just a normal massage, of course. Her hands sometimes grazed my underside as she paid special attention to my thighs.

but overall Feels like a typical Thai massage you’ve experienced in a professional setting. all work Strong and strong elongation and bending Makes me feel good all over

After about an hour of regular massage. She pulled my girdle. and i’m there Lying there naked as if I’ve known this woman ever since. It took a few seconds as I felt the blood rush to my waist. Just a blink of an eye will wake you up! [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

She looks professional and speaks sometimes. I can barely hear it, but it’s hot Her hands found all the right places. And god, this woman is gifted. She touched me in places that I didn’t know how to feel. and cried out loud I’m often familiar with personal things!

It felt good and I could barely last five minutes. Damn, she’s nice and I’m overly excited. she smiles at me

“Come back, I will give you a surprise, understand?”?? she told me.

I will definitely come back, I love the experience. I tip her twenty bucks. Look at the money and ask if you don’t like massage!

what? Of course I did. I gave her another twenty.

“Now you show me you like my massage” ?? She added with pleasure.

Me and my Asian massage ended happily.

I’ve heard that Asian massages are good. But what I experienced was overwhelmingly good. It felt good, unlike many people said, it wasn’t dirty, dirty, full of ugly women, nothing. It was a good Asian end massage!

I fell in love with the feeling of massage. and found myself visiting her once a week. The surprise is getting better And I find myself having sex with her every week. I got to know you better And we also started meeting beyond our “professionals”?? Workspace She is a lovely, playful, affectionate and friendly woman. Sometimes her surprises include having another woman get a massage. Life is good and there are no bitter endings here. Life is good. !

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Massage experience and memories

There are many stories about these poor and illegal immigrant girls. And my chiropractor told me it was true to some extent. But not always Some women just choose this profession to survive.

She herself took this job willingly to provide for her family, who still lived in a village in her country. She told me that she was looking for another job. But this was the quick money she could use. until she collects enough money to leave this line of work. and started to actually find work

About a year after I first met the chiropractor. She quit the massage parlor and started working as a waitress. and four years later she works in bank I was so happy for her when she made the change and proudly told me that she works in the business world now!

we are still friends And sometimes I get surprises from you! And of course, I’ll repay the favor too! Isn’t a friend’s massage illegal? Haven’t seen each other in many years. life is getting stuck

We are still connected to social media now. I also like and comment on her posts as well as hers. And every time she posts a new photo with a new friend. lead a new life away from her secret past. I can’t help but be happy with her. We now have our memories. And what started as a happy ending massage has turned us into friends and acquaintances.

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I am now a law-abiding citizen. And my Asian massage experience was fun. I can’t say the whole experience will be great. and do not recommend you to get But a happy ending Asian massage is a great fantasy worth thinking about!

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