17 Aww-So-Sweet Ways to Genuinely Say You’re Sorry

I want to say you’re sorry But don’t know the best way to get back into their hearts? Use these 17 sweet ways to express how sorry you are!

how to say sorry

Elton John once said sorry seems to be the hardest word. In a way, he was right. Not everyone is willing to swallow their pride right away and admit they were wrong. But there are times when you need to assess what you value more: your relationship or your pride.

When you’re building a boo-boo relationship, you’re definitely going to make it your partner. Instead of blaming him/her or pretending nothing was wrong. Let’s start troubleshooting with the following apology:

5 how to apologize in words

You can’t make a peace offering without stating why you’re sorry and what you want to do about it. Sometimes the easiest way to apologize is to be honest about your feelings. Here are some phrases you can say. *And you have to mean!* To help you craft the perfect apology:

#1 “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”??

#2 “I’m sorry for being so sensitive”??

#3 “I hope I can take back what I did/said. How can I pay for you???

#4 “I’m not perfect. But I try my best Please accept my apology.”??

#5 “You probably won’t forgive me for what I’ve done. But I want you to know that I’m sorry. And I want to get everything done again.”??

Words can sometimes be enough to bring you back to your partner’s kindness. But just imagine the effect of your apology if you combine it with something sweet, creative, and memorable… [Read: 7 easy steps to be blissfully happy in a relationship]

Let your actions speak up when you want to say sorry.

#6 Handwritten notes on fancy paper that you can find at your local craft store. This is never old use your own words *And not a Hallmark card* Tell honey how sorry you are for what you did. If you have enough space You can highlight some ways that can be appropriate for him/her. You’ll get positive points if you make your handwriting even more legible!

#7 Leave a note somewhere your significant other will see. If your schedule doesn’t match up, don’t worry, you can give them a little surprise when they wake up. Leave your notes on the nightstand, bathroom mirror, or even on the kitchen counter to start your day with a little fresher heart.

#8 Make a list. Instead of writing long and detailed paragraphs Try a list. For example, you can create three separate lists, such as “What I did to piss you off”?? “What I will do to repay you” ?? and “Why I love you too much to let this pass”??

#9 message in a bottle If you know your partner is tired go home. Let’s go take a shower and go take a shower! Add a handwritten message to the bottle to float in the tub. Who can resist an apology when it comes with a warm bubble bath? [Read: How to make up after a fight with steamy make up sex!]

#10 Apologize by using a children’s book. Therefore, handwritten notes may not be suitable for those who do not have Shakespeare inside. if this is the case You can use other people’s words as long as the mood is the same. Children’s books are simple, sweet and sometimes funny. which is the perfect combination to bring out the hearts of lovers

#11 Play an apology song. Bring out the poetry in you and compose a song for your honey to hear. but instead of using musical skills Can you go back and watch a classic song like “After All that We’ve Been Through”?? by Chicago, or even Elvis’ “Always on My Mind”?? to modern music like “Butterfly”?? By Weezer or “Forgive Me”?? by Ivanesense as well as using children’s books You are using someone else’s poem to apologize. But that doesn’t make your meaning any less poignant and sincere.

#12 Use food. If your honey is a foodie The best way to reach their hearts is through the taste buds. Order food to take home from his/her favorite restaurant. and add an apology to the package If your honey isn’t a foodie The pizza topping is an “excuse me” shape?? Can work too! If you have honey to date you Ask the restaurant if you can add “I’m sorry” to their cheesecake. [Read: 16 silly bad habits that can hurt your relationship]

#13 Cook. If you have cooking skills Now is the best time to use it! Cook your partner’s favorite meal and make breakfast in bed. lunch surprise or a romantic homemade dinner Let’s face it: it’s hard to turn down an apology with the smell of your favorite dish floating around in your home.

#14 Clean up Housework is often a source of sarcasm between couples. But they can lead to serious quarrels if you forget too often or if you promise to do so but get lost in other things. If your bubu forgets to clean it The first step in an apology is cleaning more than expected. Add in a note saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry, let me clean my mess” ?? [Read: 12 signs you’re being selfish in the relationship]

#15 Attach a note to your pet and send it to him/her. The best way to get puppy eyes is to use a real puppy! Attach an apology note on the collar and send it to your partner. But what if your dog is particularly disobedient? Sometimes photos are fine too. This will work for a well-trained cat, parrot, or even an iguana! Just make sure you use something that is strong and not distracting. lest your pet think you just hooked him up with a toy.

#16 Homeless people around social media. Sometimes this can be criticized by others as a call for attention. But if you think that only social media will allow your partner to forgive you, then do it! You can use your Facebook profile by posting a picture of yourself in an apologetic pose or holding a “I’m sorry” sign. You can also forward this to Twitter or Reddit and see how it goes viral!

#17 Bring his/her friends in. No, we’re not saying you should apologize to your partner’s friends. We’re saying you can ask them for help or advice to find the best way to apologize. You can ask his/her friend to take your partner to the park after work. You will be accompanied by a bouquet of flowers and flower petals in the shape of a heart. Who said big gestures should be reserved for deals only? [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt!]

after apology

Of course, getting your partner to accept your apology is just the first step. You must pursue it with true remorse and atonement. There are some apologies that just accept. But you don’t always have to forgive. This usually happens when they accept your apology and begin to open up more. But their hearts are not really ready to forgive you. [Read: The easiest way to get over trust issues in a relationship]

This is the case when what you did really hurt your partner, so they need time to heal and learn to trust you again. These situations call for more than flashy or sweet gestures. They call for genuine commitment and consistent action to correct your wrongdoing.

On the bright side, minor violations like forgetting to do housework, infecting a friend’s computer with a virus. or forgot to take the dog out It can be solved by simply undoing a mistake or doing something you forgot to do. Sweet gestures, notes, and little surprises are just add-ons to show that you care about getting things right again. [Read: The 3 different degrees of apologies and ways to do it]

Use these 17 ways to say you’re sorry for your partner the next time you see the need to apologize. We hope these tips will help your partner forgive what you did. Good luck!

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