Be Careful Who You Trust: 15 Ways to Recognize the Backstabbers

In life we ​​come across people who ride or die and people who wonder. Be careful who you trust eliminating good and evil

Be careful who you trust

Learning to be wary of the people you trust takes time. Have you ever noticed that most kids can talk to anyone about anything? They will give you personal details of their lives and tell their closest secrets – nothing much they hold. Even if you tell them to be wary of the people they trust. It was something that popped into my head!

when we grow up We learn from experience that there are some people we can trust. and many others we can’t trust even in a committed relationship such as marriage. There is also a betrayal of trust that can confuse you. [Read: How to forgive a cheater: 8 questions to face the betrayal]

The problem is if we don’t learn to rely on others and find it in our hearts to love. Survival is very difficult. There is nothing worse than thinking that you can trust someone only to find that they don’t get it. When you feel betrayed It’s almost impossible to believe you can trust again. The main thing is not to make the same mistake twice.

[Read: The 15 signs of a bad friend to always be on the lookout for]

What is trust and why is it important?

We all know the word ‘Trust’ and know we need it in a relationship. But what exactly is it? when something cannot be seen or measured Sometimes it’s hard to really understand the concept.

Trust isn’t just important in a romantic relationship. But it’s also important in every relationship you have with another human being. Within a friendship, you need to trust that person. You have to be able to trust that they won’t stab you in the back and give credit for your thoughts.

Of course, we value trust in a relationship because betrayal can ruin our love for you in the long run. [Read: 10 signs the guy you’re with deserves your trust]

Trust is having faith in another person. You believe that they will not betray you. Accidentally hurt you, cheated on you, and you believe they love you. It’s possible that you feel comfortable talking to them about your problems and concerns. And you know they won’t repeat this to anyone. You just feel comfortable with that person. when you have trust It was a truly beautiful and wonderful feeling. when you have no trust All relationships are doomed.

Not all relationships grow without trust involved. That’s why you need to be careful with the people you trust because building relationships with people you don’t trust is a quick path to pain. [Read: How to trust again in the most simple, uncomplicated steps]

How to be careful with the people you trust

We often think that our loved ones will love us the same way and share the same loyalty. But this is not always the case. No matter who you decide to disclose. There are some general rules you can follow if you don’t want to end up embarrassed, disappointed, and disappointed.

1. If they did it more than once in the past they will do it again

If there is one thing that is true about human nature, it is that we are creatures of habit. Of course, everyone can be wrong. As long as the person feels bad about it and is determined not to make the same mistakes again. You can think of giving them another chance, however, it depends on what they do. environmental situation and your feelings in your gut

The saying “When you cheat, always cheat” is true, not always, but often if someone tends to betray your trust in the first place. Nothing stops them from doing it again.

Remember, not everyone deserves your trust. If they make the same mistake twice. That was a big red flag and a clear signal to walk away. [Read: Should you trust your gut? How to know when to listen to it or ignore it]

2. Just because you will not betray their trust. That doesn’t mean they honor the same code.

We tend to think that we are like everyone else. and live by the same rules the older i get The more I realized that the assumption that everyone thinks and feels the same way as me is totally false.

If you have rules for yourself Don’t assume that everyone has the same ethics and values. We all live by our own rules and codes of conduct.

3. Secrets are not fun.

Even if you think you are speaking confidently But keep in mind that the more secret the topic, the better. It is more likely to spread only. Be careful who you trust with your secrets. Some people are very good at hiding sneaky ways. [Read: How to be a friend – The real art of building true and meaningful friendships]

4. Do not trust drama queen

Be careful with those you trust because drama queens are more about drama than friendship. If they know something interesting that will only get their attention from knowing *and publishing* the information, they will most likely sell it to you to get the stories they’ll get. Every band has a drama queen. You just have to analyze the group and figure out who it is.

Drama queens are often unable to stop themselves. They didn’t even know what they were doing was hurting anyone. Using a mask to express concerns about you and try to get help from others. Usually, nothing is exceeded. All you need is “Bless your heart” and they can tell you your deepest secrets and make it look like they’re helping you. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some people always go looking for drama]

5. If someone talks about you about someone else He’s also talking about you to other people.

Be very careful that the person you trust is more untrue when you are around someone who speaks badly. The truth is, if someone betrays the trust of another person by speaking to you about it. They will turn around and do the same for you.

They don’t have a set of rules for your friendship. And another rule for people they’re messing with. It’s only a matter of time before your secret leaks out of a separate tongue. Don’t trust people who can’t keep other people’s secrets. You’re not that special.

6. Trust is not a two-way street.

Just because they trust you That doesn’t mean you can trust them. If they’ve told you secret stories in the past, don’t assume that means you can tell them.

Some people know that exposing yourself will earn your trust. There they will tear you apart. Knowing that you are honest and will keep a secret may be an even greater incentive for them to reveal your secret. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]

7. Do not work under the premise of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’

If someone tells you that someone is talking behind your back, listen to them. Most of us like to believe we know better and don’t want to admit it when people tell us differently. Instead of blindly believing Be careful of the people you trust. Face the person and think about things rationally.

8. Do not be naive

A lot of people are inherently bad. I hate to say it But we all have ugly streaks. Therefore, it is very important to be careful with the people you trust and rely on.

Don’t be naive enough to think that you are exempt from being talked about. Just because you are honest and good. No one is immune from ugliness. even those who don’t deserve it [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]

9. Be selective about what you tell others.

Before you have verbal diarrhea Consider whether you need to tell someone what you’re revealing to them. There are times when we have to vent. But you can still vent and let something go. There must be something you keep to yourself.

Honesty isn’t necessary when what you say can come back and bite you. Be careful who you trust and choose about the depth of what you tell someone about you. If you don’t want it to leave

10. Sharing your darkest secrets doesn’t draw them close.

You won’t build a close bond with someone by telling them your deepest and darkest secrets. If someone wants to build a close relationship with you. They don’t even need to know that you wet your bed when you drink too much. Or did you accidentally cheat on your boyfriend once? [Read: The 25 surprising secrets we keep from our partners]

Exposing yourself or confessing your sins to someone doesn’t make them feel any closer to you. In fact, secrecy can make them feel uncomfortable around you and make them hope that they’re not. You will keep things to yourself.

11. Saying “I do” doesn’t mean they do either.

When you say “I can,” it probably doesn’t mean that “I promise to keep everything in our relationship.” Unfortunately, that statement may not be what the other person meant.

Not everyone who is married sees the relationship they have as sacred. And there will be no problem talking only about your problem. but also a confession of love Marriage is not always a promise of trust. [Read: 15 cell phone rules all couples have to follow to build real trust]

12. Don’t ignore your inner voice.

If your inner voice is telling you to be wary of the people you trust or store information while you speak, listen. There’s a reason why we have an inner voice. It was created so that we do not injure ourselves or make mistakes that come back to bite us. Too often we ignore our instincts. and it turned out to be correct [Read: How self respect affects you and your relationship]

13. If it’s unruly and looks like a duck…

It’s a duck, it’s really about who and what a person is. If you put your trust in someone and they break it. no matter how to make amends don’t trust him again There is no reason to betray someone’s trust. unless they come to you first and let you know.

14. Don’t hit it three times – one time is enough.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, and fool me thrice? I don’t even have a suggestion for that. That’s just not enough care to protect yourself from harm. Be careful who you trust start for yourself and understand that you don’t deserve to be betrayed

If someone betrays your trust once You won’t be able to trust them again. That’s just what it is. Whether you want to believe it or not If you’ve done it before, chances are you’ll do it again. Betray your trust twice? Wave goodbye because they can’t be trusted.[Read: Should you forgive and forget? 15 guidelines to follow]

15. They don’t share? You shouldn’t

If someone doesn’t tell you about themselves. That’s a sign that they don’t care what you have to say or that they don’t care to trust you.

When someone doesn’t open up to you What makes you think they want to hear about what you have to say? What makes you think you should tell them a secret about yourself? You won’t make them open up if they haven’t already. And showing courage for their sake doesn’t help. [Read: Shhh Don’t tell! Secrets you’re allowed to keep in a relationship]

How to recover after your trust is destroyed

If you’ve been betrayed before You know it hurts like hell. It wasn’t just a punch but a serious injury. At that time, you vowed not to trust a single human being again, of course, with little time. You will start wanting to be open to others. Because that’s just human nature. [Read: Pistanthrophobia and the fear of trusting someone]

So how do you begin to recover after your trust is broken? From now on, be careful of the people you trust. Keep the above points in mind and don’t underestimate your secrets.

When it comes to starting to open slowly It will take some time Your gut will scream at you and ask if you should speak up. Remember that for the most part your gut is right, however, sometimes it’s conservative and try to stop you making the same mistake twice. [Read: How to rebuild trust after even the worst type of betrayal]

The only advice is to move slowly. Go at a pace that suits you and most importantly? Communicate with your new partner assuming it’s a romantic relationship. If they are good They will fully understand that you have had a bad experience before. and you want to move slowly over time You will begin to build trust again. But don’t expect an overnight miracle.

Always remember that you can’t blame the new person in your life for the things your ex did. Carrying luggage around So, while you don’t have to make a slow leap, at least you have to keep one eye closed and have a little faith in your ability to spot the scammer. [Read: How to get over someone cheating on you and repair the damage]

Have you been wary of the people you trusted since then? Maybe yes, and that’s not a bad thing. As long as you don’t let past experiences stop you from opening up. There is nothing wrong with staying vigilant.

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The best way to live your life is to be careful with the people you trust. And by finding someone you know you can trust, you won’t be disappointed. Be careful with the people you trust outside of that. If people don’t ask, don’t tell. And for good, remember, if they betrayed your trust before. They might do it again.

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