13 Steps to Be the Sexy Guy You’ve Always Wanted to Be

There are many things that attract women. But the most impressive trait that attracts us is the sexiness of men. Here’s how you can pull it off.

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Men won’t talk about sexiness. unless it’s funny They were joking about it. But that doesn’t mean they’re not skeptical about the practical things they can do to show more sex appeal. Because they rarely talk to each other. So they have to learn all the time. That can waste a lot of time because being sexy is easy. You just have to know how to do it properly.

You can emphasize your sex appeal using tools like your body. You can buy expensive clothes and pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments. But that’s not important if you don’t know how to carry it.

A man wants to own what he has with confidence and openness. Don’t deny yourself the idea of ​​improving your appearance. Because this is the first thing everyone notices: your personality, your intelligence. your salary A person can make assumptions about all of that just by looking at you. [Read: How to be a badass in 25 awesomely bad ways]

What should men do to look sexier?

If you want to impress the girl you meet. You have to take action in your game. You have to look good, feel good, and be sexy at a higher level because you have competitors. Men tend to pay more attention to their appearance. This means you have to try harder. Here’s what you can do to fix it:

#1 have amazing hair Do not immediately choose the latest fashion trends in hairstyles. Go to an affordable barber or hairstylist who can tell you what’s right for your face and lifestyle. When it comes to sexy hair Women want men to have naturally curly hair. Just make sure she doesn’t notice a lot of the products you use on your hair.

#2 Strategically grown facial and body hair It’s time to get dressed and plucked, waxed and shaving. Go to your local waxing/threading/sugar salon and get rid of all the hair that doesn’t suit you. I’m talking about one eyebrow, nose hair, chest hair that reaches your neck. Hair removal that looks good on monkeys

#3 wear clothes that fit A lot can be said for a man who wears tailored clothing. Maintaining all your clothing can be expensive. Therefore, buy ready-made garments that suit you best. when your clothes fit It will highlight your figure in all the right places.

#4 have some style You have to decide what kind of image you want to show for the rest of your life and stick to it. Your style reflects your personality. Women feel sexy when men wear whatever clothes they’re comfortable with.

#5 Expensive smell. Women are suckers for men with body odor. Bonus points if you smell like buying her dinner. If you can’t afford a $100 bottle of cologne, find the next best thing by swiping through the city for similar, less expensive scents. Bring a female friend so she can see if the cologne you choose fits your personality and style.

#6 be brave Surprisingly, women view men as an aphrodisiac. This may be because they rarely see men doing anything bold on a daily basis. don’t get me wrong Most men are inherently brave. The only chance they could show off was dating. [Read: 12 tips to transform you from a nice guy to a real man]

#7 look proportional. In addition to weight and size The only reason most people overlook good looks is because they have the right proportions. We don’t see the sexy side of a big, small-headed man or vice versa. You can fix it by covering it up with clothing or going to the gym to standardize your figure.

#8 clean I cannot emphasize this enough. Anything can be taken if it looks neat and clean. Women don’t notice flaws when men seem like they can take care of themselves. Always consider your skin, breath, clothing and hygiene. Because women can find it sexy when you look like we could lick something off of you.

#9 Stand up straight. A man who “looks” has some power?? Tall. Height is rarely a problem when a guy doesn’t seem to care if other people are taller than him. A short man with good posture always wins over a slack six-foot man. That’s because your posture can help you show confidence and sobriety.

#10 Confident. to look sexy You must feel sexy! How do you do that? You can start by telling yourself that Find out why women think you’re sexy. If that doesn’t work, follow the tips above. then look in the mirror again [Read: 25 things women find attractive in men]

Bonus Tips

Consider these tips as a last resort as they can affect your game both ways. You can either pull it off successfully or turn it off astronomically. Women notice almost everything about men. If you can successfully pull these tips out. Your sexy game will be more than the point – you’ll lock that girl down.

#1 Good at dancing. don’t be afraid of what i say I say dance well. Unlike Michael Jackson, all you have to do is move to the rhythm and not look like you’re from another era. Don’t dance for attention Dance to give women someone to move with.

#2 Wear pants according to your penis size. Friends, I’m sorry to tell you, but we look. We use CIA-level observation and surveillance skills to do this. So we never got caught. If we think that the convex is correct We are quite interested. If we can barely see the bumps We will begin to lose the mood. That’s why you should wear tights. If you have something to be proud of and slacks when you don’t have much to show off. [Read: What do women REALLY think about your penis?]

#3 Put “some” ?? Lip balm. Sexy lips are an incomprehensible tool when it comes to seducing women. The key to getting kissable lips — and guys, please don’t laugh at it — is to apply a layer of odorless, stain-free lip balm and blot with a tissue, just like we did with lipstick. Do this in a high-security bunker to avoid scrutiny if necessary. But do so with confidence.

Even if you have the tools to make yourself look sexier. But you also need to develop your personality and conversational skills. Being sexy is enough to get you talking about you. But it won’t be enough to keep your girl interested.

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The early stages of physical attraction can take you a few steps into a relationship. But remember, we need to see you as sexy in the long run. when we are together I recommend you to be the best girlfriend. Because no woman is hotter than a man who shows us how much he needs us.

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