20 Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend that are Sure to Please

Bedtime stories are not just for kids anymore. It’s time to get creative! Here are 20 bedtime stories for your girlfriend that she’ll love.

bedtime stories for your girlfriend

You might get lost in a good book, so why not share your adventure with your girlfriend? Make a bedtime story for your girlfriend or grab a book from the shelf. It can be a great way to build a bond between you and your partner. Plus, you’ll spend more time talking and less time watching TV before bed.
Whether you want to be sleepy or feel hot and anxious. will have a good book One is out for you to score brownies with your patty.
Why are bedtime stories for your girlfriend so good? Well, because it’s both cute and adorable. Reading in pairs has so many benefits that it can make you dizzy. Before we get into this list of great reads. We’ll give you a good reason To you to read bedtime stories to your girlfriend.
Bedtime stories for your girlfriend – perfect for long distance relationships.
People in long distance relationships are always looking for new ways. To keep in touch with loved ones instead of skyping a simple good night. with your girlfriend Try reading a bedtime story to her!
This is a cute and fun way to connect and build the intimacy before bedtime that couples together might gain from spooning their way into sleep. [Read: The art of storytelling in a relationship]What to do if your boyfriend has insomnia?
Read it to her, of course! Reading a book before bed for a long time is one way. Insomniacs train their bodies to sleep.What better way to relieve your girlfriend’s insomnia than by reading her a bedtime story?
good for the brain
Reading is not only a bonding experience. But it also stimulates brain function and promotes healthy stress levels.
Do you know that every memory A new synapse forms in the brain.? This means that reading literally makes your brain stronger. Research also suggests that reading regularly may help slow down or Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia
Reading together strengthens relationships…maybe.
In addition to the benefits of the brain Reading as a couple is very intimate. Even if you just read a bedtime story to your girlfriend.
Imagine yourself hugging in front of a burning fireplace. *or just in bed* Read a book to your girlfriend and watch her fall asleep. This is a relaxing pastime that you both look forward to. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]Whether you read classic fairy tales or something sexier. Using different tones and tones will show off your creative side and get your girlfriend to her knees.
Reduce stress by reading.
Our minds are filled with technology all day long. Sometimes it’s time to sit back and relax with a good book. One book is good. Why not make it a hobby for a couple?
Reading together can reduce stress levels. A University of Sussex study found that Just 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress levels By nearly 70% percent, it’s easy to get lost in a story together and let the stress of the day slip away.
So, the next time your girlfriend can’t sleep because she can’t stop thinking about the cost? Pull out a storybook and make the most of your vacation.
bedtime stories for your girlfriend
Now that you know why reading bedtime stories for your girlfriend is great, we’ll go over the *what* you should read. From the classics to the cool ones, we list the must-read books for bedtime. [Read: How to fall in love like you’re in a fairy tale]classic fairy tales
Classics are classics for a reason. We are talking about books about good and evil. Prince and Princess – A classic romance story. The cartoon versions of these fairy tales might make your girlfriend say “wow”, but the real version has dark undertones with a sparkling princess. What’s not to love?
Some great stories to read to your girlfriend before bedtime include:
#1 alice in wonderland By Lewis Carroll – Believe it or not, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written by mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
Using the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, author Alice writes about a disturbed young girl who falls for a rabbit into a strange new world sometimes described as a “Literary nonsense”
P.S. This is a great book to practice using different sounds. [Read: To tell or not to tell? Bedtime confessions]#2 Rumpelstiltskin By Brothers Grimm – The Brothers Grimm made sure that these original fairy tales were just that – terrifying! Rumpelstiltskin The original is a story about a young girl who is imprisoned by a king in a tower asking her to spin straw into gold after her father claims she can. * Well done Dad! no.*
Her punishment if she couldn’t make it happen? Definitely cut off the head! This is a dark and captivating bedtime story for your girlfriend.
#3 the little mermaid By Hans Christian Andersen – The Little Mermaid is much darker than the Disney version. Follow the mermaids who made a deal with the sea witch to exchange fins for legs. A twisted plot? Someone has died. We’ll leave it that way and ask you to read it to your sweetheart.
#4 princess and pea By Hans Christian Andersen – Cute, short and to the point. This adorable fairy tale follows a princess with some major back problems! [Read: Sexy things to say in bed]#5 Hansel and Gretel By Brothers Grimm – after being abandoned by his parents and left to die in the forest Hansel and Gretel stumble upon a gingerbread house decorated with lots of candies.
Inside the house is a wicked old witch who has kidnapped them and plans to eat them. *Yay* Another delightful story from the Brothers Grimm.
#6 Peter Pan By JM Barry – Peter Pan is a true classic. Follows the story of a boy who refuses to grow up as he takes Wendy Darling and her siblings to Never Neverland and has a pirate-fighting adventure.
#7 Rapunzel By Brothers Grimm – This German classic, published in 1812, tells the story of a man who is desperate to save his sick wife. He promises the evil Dame Gothel to be his first child in exchange. With the subsistence father of the year? hmm no
Dame Gothel then imprisoned Rapunzel in a tower that she kept for years and years. [Read: Sex games to play in bed]#8 Beauty and the Beast By Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve – Merchants seeking shelter from the storm Merchants took refuge in a frightening but enchanting palace. There he met a terrifying beast who was at least very angry that he appeared.
The merchant promised to bring his most beautiful daughter in exchange for his life. It turned out that the beauty was treated like a queen at the palace. Her sister was jealous of her spoil. Trying to get the demons to eat their sister *yuck again*, heartache and magic ensue.
#9 Snow White By Brothers Grimm – evil queen poisonous apple and the innocent Snow White Do we want to say anything more? This gruesome story follows a queen who insists on being the most beautiful woman on the block. She sent the hunters out to kill the beautiful Snow White.
When the hunter can’t get past it Snow White is therefore forced to flee into the woods where she meets the Seven Dwarfs. This strange anecdote is a true classic.
#10 Sleeping Beauty By Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm – This fairy tale is aptly named after a bedtime story about Sleeping Beauty. The girl who pricked her finger on the spindle and fell asleep indefinitely. The only thing that can awaken her? The kiss of true love. [Read: Fool-proof kissing tips for a sexy smooch]Dirty Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend
If you’re looking for something a little less fairy and a little more playful. These sexy readings are for you.
#11 The Camelot Series By Ruthie Knox – This thrilling series follows the Clarks family of Camelot and their nasty sex lives. Definitely worth reading with your special someone.
#12 taste her: Oral sex StoN.S.is By Rachel Kramer Bussel – A variety of oral sex stories that range from dirty to hot and heavy. These dining out stories are sure to make your girlfriend anxious and nervous.
#13 Tasting Him: Oral Sex Story By Rachel Kramer Bussel – be friends with taste her, This book has a similar theme of erotic BJ stories, is there another one? [Read: Tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]#14 erotic poem By EE Cummings – Of course it’s a bit repetitive. But erotic poetry can make you horny too! See what we did there? EE Cummings’ Erotic Poetry Book Will Make Your Girlfriend Giggle
#15 tangled By Emma Chase – This is like a rom-com in book form. Consider this as a bedtime “read on the beach.” It certainly won’t change your world. But the story of a self-willed man who comes close to falling in love is cute, sexy, and definitely worth reading.
#16 The Beyond Series By Kit Rocha – This dystopian series has it all: forbidden love, lust, gangs and tons of drama. This is one of the most exciting bedtime stories for your girlfriend. [Read: Signs you’re feeling lust not love]#17 Dirty Girls: erotica for women By Rachel Kramer Brussel – by title Your boyfriend will love this bedtime story that talks about everything a girl needs in between sheets.
#18 Delta of Venus By Anaïs Nin – The classic Delta of Venus novel is a 1940s erotic novel, and with good reason! Covers all prohibitions This reveals sexual encounters and specific differences between females and males.
#19 on dublin street By Samantha Young – This sexy novel follows the story of an American woman living in Scotland, where she makes a sexual pact with a Scot who… explodes.
#20 deep desire by Charlotte Stein – This book tells the story of two neighbors whose faces are closed from the world. And both have a passion for peeping at each other.
[Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]It turns out to be cute, charming and creative all at once! We call it win/win/win! If you want to send your lover to dreamland in the sweetest way. We recommend you to try these bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

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