Real Talk: Being Friends with an Ex You Still Love a Possibility?

Breaking up is a mess. But is it possible to switch from a lover to a friend with an ex you still love? It’s definitely tricky… But can it be done?

Be friends with your ex-girlfriend who still loves you.

The hot question we often face after a breakup… Is it really possible to be friends with an ex you love without hiding any hopes of reconciliation?

Some say yes, some say no. Personally, I think it depends on whether you agree with the end of the relationship or not. And it’s in your mind that it’s really over. If you keep your feelings You’ll always secretly hope things will change if your ex meets someone new. It will hurt you again. In that case, maybe friendship is not the best choice for your heart and soul.

When the relationship ends…

when the relationship ends whether by friendship or otherwise Complex and confusing emotions are mixed. Identifying your feelings can be difficult. If they have been together for a long time, they almost end up suffering.

But if this relationship doesn’t end in a dramatic and disappointing way *such as infidelity or something similarly destructive*, the truth is that you spend a lot of time with this person, you share memories, in which case you might. want to keep in your life

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Solid changes need to be made. For example, you should switch from relationship zone to friend zone only with clear intentions. If you can do that It’s very possible to be friends with someone you’ve been in a relationship with. Some love may remain But if you know it won’t be You will find that your feelings fade over time.

However, if you love them to the fullest and to the fullest. Chances are that friendship will lead you to a lot of longing and misery.

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Step into becoming friends with your ex-girlfriend who still loves you.

There are steps to follow if you want to switch from ‘We are together’ is ‘we are just friends’. It’s a little something like this:

– Give yourself space and end the relationship.

– Avoid summoning the bounce thief

– Ask yourself why you want to be friends.

– set boundaries

– Talk about the end of the relationship and put the bottom line.

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Sounds easy, but in practice it’s harder than you might think.

First, give yourself time to end the relationship. If you are not the ending It’s likely that you want to be friends with them because it remains connected. In that case, you might want to rekindle the union. You hide your hopes for a perfect ending. The truth is that the relationship ended for a reason.

Giving yourself some time means you can calm down with the ending. While you still have feelings You learn how to deal with it *such as staying busy, distracted, and maybe meeting someone new at some point*.

Giving yourself space frees your mind from any desires. Bad wishes, people!

Secondly, have a high alertness for the thief’s rebound call. Do not sleep with them again! you may want In fact, you might really need it. But being friends with the ex you still love is impossible if you continue to have a sexual relationship.

Again, that’s your subconscious way of holding on to the past and not moving on. Not healthy! Helpful friends may work for some. But if feelings are involved It can become very busy and very fast. [Read: A guide to sex with your ex – when it’s okay and when it’s not]

Why do you want to be friends with your ex?

When you can look back on things more logically and your emotions are less raw. Ask yourself why being friends with your ex you still love is so important to you. Why would you want this person in your life? Is there a reason behind it or is it as simple as it seems?

The only acceptable reason to keep this person in your friendship circle is because you enjoy spending time with them. It shouldn’t be because your feelings are leading you to think that the future might be in the cards for them.

Ask yourself how you would feel if you met someone new. let’s face It is totally possible If you’re okay with this go ahead and be friends If it makes you panic Indicates that it is not yet time to enter the friend zone. [Read: Should I talk to my ex? 15 simple questions for a revealing answer]

Scope is important

You regret ending the relationship. And you sure want to keep your past in your life. Now let’s think about the scope. This important step will help you stay sane and ensure you won’t be overwhelmed by future meetings between your ex and their next lover.

These boundaries are not difficult. First of all, never sleep with them again. Sex will mean feelings. If you work hard to manage these It will keep you coming back. Second, don’t spend time alone together in the first place. Make sure you stick with the social settings you live in. but not closely related A group of friends getting together at a party is a good example of how to set up a proper venue.

The last step is communication. Wait until you’re near Get together a few times before you try to talk to each other to see how it will make you feel close to them again. Only then can you really decide. Whether being friends with your ex you still love is the right choice for you. Some people can’t and that’s okay. [Read: How to be friends with an ex without any complications]

You can’t be friends with people. This has been in a good and progressive way. Until you can mention the reason for the termination of the relationship and underline it clearly. to get the conclusion you want. An adult conversation is required.

If you try this and it becomes a blame game. It’s not the right time or the right choice for you to be friends. If you can talk and reflect By accepting that spending time with friends is just what you both want, go for it. [Read: How to set boundaries and feel more in control of your life]

Is love really faded?

The problem with this topic isn’t that friendship is part of the deal. But it’s true that you still love your ex. It’s perfectly normal to still have feelings for someone after the relationship ends. Unless you can be at complete peace with the fact that you won’t be together in the future. Friendship is just one way of holding on to the past. good friendship is good But know that your motivation is true.

Love eventually faded. Sharing space with people you are feeling will not speed up the process. In this case, keeping your distance until you feel that you are able to handle your feelings firmly is the only way to ensure that you can keep people You can keep this in your life as a friend.

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Being friends with an ex you still love is controversial, some of them can, some of them can’t. If you try and find that being around them hurts. There was no shame in admitting defeat and walking away.

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