20 Worrying Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage Of in a Relationship

Relationships are about giving and receiving. So when you are taken advantage of in a relationship Relationships will crumble and fall apart.

being taken advantage of in a relationship

If you’ve been taken advantage of in a relationship You know how bad it feels. While a relationship shouldn’t be 50/50 perfect, your partner shouldn’t abuse your kindness and take advantage of the fact that you’re always there. People who do this simply want to control you or clearly ignore you.

They don’t remorse how you gave everything. and what they did was to give up Although it’s obvious that you shouldn’t be with someone like this. But it’s not always easy to spot signs that you’re being taken advantage of in a relationship.

Why do people take advantage of relationships?

the world is not perfect And no matter how kind or good you are Some people still use you and take advantage of you. These people are fragile like you’ve never seen them before. their ability to take advantage of you But people will take advantage of you when they want to control you, control you, or dominate you.

Maybe they are used to your endless kindness. Or they just think you can accept that they can’t help but take advantage of you. Even if you try to avoid them But sometimes people will intentionally hurt you in relationships. In fact, at first you might think you’re in a relationship too good to be true.

They seem like the perfect, perfect companion. until they reveal their true intentions later in the relationship. Little did you know that all was just the front that knocked you down so hard that they could take advantage of your pure and innocent soul. All of this sounds harsh, we know, but it happens.

This is why you need to learn the signs that you are being taken advantage of in a relationship.

20 Ways to Tell if You’re Being Abused in a Relationship

Anyone can end up spending time and having sex too. But you don’t need that. If you do, you’ll be looking for a casual relationship. for relationship You must have a partner This is someone who respects and cares for you, and that… well… that’s not easy to find.

Better to know that you are now being taken advantage of in a relationship. for you to make the changes you want. Change means leaving and leaving forever! [Read: 15 signs of a bad relationship you should never ever tolerate]

1. No thank you

You do a lot for your partner. if they want something specific you cook for them if they are bored You take them out and entertain them. You’re like a circus of three. But they never took the time to express their gratitude by saying “thank you.”

These two words seem easy enough to say, right? Obviously not if you are being taken advantage of in a relationship. So if they don’t say thank you This is already a red flag. [Read: How to spot the early warning signs that someone is using you]

2. do not want to define the relationship

Ouch, if they don’t want to define the relationship. That’s because they don’t want to take any responsibility. Once you have labeled something There must be a number of responsibilities that follow.

Even if you still ask them what your relationship is. They will turn away or do their best to avoid this question. Labels are not something they can provide because of their true intentions for you.

3. It’s perfect when you’re alone.

when it’s just the two of you They are great companions. They pay attention to you. It’s funny. The sex is amazing. Everything seems to be going well. They seem like too good to be true when you’re alone. But ignore your presence when with friends or other people.

As if to them you didn’t matter. There was a sudden switch when you were with someone else compared to when you were alone. [Read: How to spot selfish people and stop them from hurting you]

4. They have eyes on other people.

Double oops. It shouldn’t be more obvious if you’re looking for signs that you’re being exploited in a relationship. It may be from work or friends. But one thing is for sure, they’re not interested in you. This is not innocent flirting.

We are talking about something more than that. Even if you try to tell them how you feel. They’ll get through it when you’re making a story or making a play. They’re basically making you rejuvenate!

5. They don’t ask for your opinion.

If your partner doesn’t ask your opinion on an important topic. It’s clear that they don’t respect your opinion. Or think they know what you’re going to say?

You have no voice at all in a relationship. And they don’t care what opinions and ideas you have. This is a clear sign of disrespect and that you are being taken advantage of in the relationship.

6. not pulling weight

This is not the only definition of exploitation. But it’s a pretty big definition. whether you are together or not They don’t have a fair stake. You’re mostly stuck with housework and cooking. They always think you’re doing it for them.

in other words you are raising a relationship And everything might crash without you working. Of course, they never give you a single “thank you” after doing so. The lack of effort on their part shows that they are not concerned about your health.

7. They don’t ask for your advice.

What’s the point of having a partner if they’re not someone you can ask for advice and vice versa? This should be one of the closest people in your life. the person who is your best friend

This shouldn’t shock you. Because they don’t respect your opinion. So they don’t ask for your advice. Even if there are important decisions They don’t hesitate to make decisions without you. [Read: 16 discreet signs you’re being taken for granted by your partner]

8. They take offense on you.

When you don’t feel like doing anything. Instead of respecting your wishes They will feel sorry for you. This is because they are the ones who call shots in a relationship.

Guilt is the only emotion they like to use against you just to get what they want. They don’t respect you at all. And they will do anything against you. If you feel guilty doing things you don’t want to do. That’s not a good sign.

9. They are unfaithful

Come on, you know this isn’t a good sign. If your partner cheats on you, yes, they are taking advantage of you. They’re taking a huge risk. But they felt that they were going to get away with it. If you’ve forgiven them and let them get out of your infidelity. better for them

They know exactly how to deal with you. even with something as severe as cheating Dishonesty is one of the most important signs that they don’t respect you as a person or partner.

10. They plan without you.

Just as they make decisions without you. They also plan without you. summer vacation is coming And they have already booked a trip to Mexico with their friends. Oops. They forgot to let you know. They don’t care about being your partner or best friend. But they only care about how they benefit from you.

So if they didn’t include you in their plans. It’s a very strong sign that you’re being taken advantage of in the relationship. They didn’t ask you if you wanted to come. And just think you should be okay with this plan. Wait, doesn’t it suck? [Read: 14 common reasons why relationships fail so often]

11. They’re not romantic.

Some people naturally aren’t romantic and that’s fine, but they usually work extra hard when it comes to impressing their partner. Your partner doesn’t try at all. They don’t care to make you feel loved or meet halfway. Even if they know romance is important to you. But they still don’t care.

12. They don’t care about your feelings.

They invite people over when you’re sick or traveling with a friend for your birthday. Look, they know these decisions will upset you. but they still do That’s the problem. They can’t consider your feelings. And they don’t care how their actions affect you.

They point out nullifying your feelings the best they know how. And this is one of the signs that you are being taken advantage of in a relationship. [Read: Are you in a relationship with a narcissist?]

13. It’s Inconsistent

You feel that your home is a hotel for them. They do everything they feel. Whether you like it or not, they come, maybe overnight, maybe not, and they don’t really ask you if it’s okay. Inconsistency is one of the obvious red flags that you’re being taken advantage of.

You never know what to expect when it comes to them. One minute they did this and the next was the complete opposite. it is unreliable inconsistent And give you all kinds of signals that make you more confused.

14. You feel like you should try harder.

when someone takes advantage of you It’s crazy how hard we work for their attention, affection and love. You surprise them with home-cooked food or buy the shirts they want. You’re obviously being taken advantage of in a relationship if you pursue them harder.

You make these romantic gestures for them and they never appreciate anyone. The fact that you’re trying harder is just proof that the relationship isn’t clear. And they are taking advantage of your efforts.

15. They don’t care what you do.

It’s normal for your partner to ask, “How are you today?” is a simple question. But show interest in knowing how your day is going. If your partner doesn’t ask what you do show that you lack care

When people don’t ask how you are or even the small details of your day. They are taking advantage of you. They’re so focused on their own lives that they don’t have the energy to ask you how you’re doing. [Read: What to do when something doesn’t feel right in your relationship]

16. You feel familiar.

Isn’t this more realistic? Your feeling of being used means that you should listen to your gut and believe it. Other signs are important, but if you feel that you are being used I have your answer

Don’t ignore this gut feeling. Because you will regret not doing it later. [Read: 12 signs of love bombing not to be confused with real love]

17. Makes You Feel Insecure

When someone intentionally takes advantage of you He will bring out the worst of you. If you are already suffering from low self-esteem They will decrease even further until you are nearing the breaking point. Although it’s easy to blame yourself. Instead, ask yourself if they have done anything to support you or help you see your self-worth?

If multiple factors in your relationship are causing insecurity, such as a lack of respect or basic infidelity. Your answer is the answer Who wouldn’t feel insecure when their partner cheated?

18. They control you emotionally.

Have you noticed any signs of gas or handling from them? Maybe they play victims all the time. Or they made you admit it was your fault. even if it belongs to them The fact that they are gasping for you means that you are being taken advantage of in the relationship.

Emotional distortions are no joke. And it can only be done if your partner doesn’t respect you or doesn’t care about you. Maybe that’s why they have no remorse for controlling you.

19. Physical intimacy has changed.

There should be a perfect balance of three areas – emotional, mental and physical intimacy in a relationship. Nothing is perfect But your partner should do their best to provide you with the best possible way. However, being exploited only by focusing on sex with no emotional or psychological intimacy.

They are willing to have sex with you, even if they are not emotionally involved. And that’s clear proof that they don’t care about your feelings. Only when it is useful they will give you what you need.

20. You are not important.

We know how painful it is to hear. but it’s true when they take advantage of you You’re not important. In fact, you’re not even their top priority.

they gave a friend social life And their careers are above you without thinking about you. This is why they never invite you to join their plans. And they make decisions without you – because you’re not important.

So how do you deal with being taken advantage of?

There was no choice but to let them go for good. You don’t deserve someone who treats you in vain. and not remorse for their actions. This is not the partner you have. But it’s someone who just wants to manage and control you every chance they get. You have to let them go before you lose yourself in the relationship.

No one wants to see these signs of being exploited in a relationship. Even if it’s a bad thing But at least now you can notice the signs better when someone doesn’t treat you properly.

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