How to Deal With Being the Only Single Friend in Your Group

Are you struggling with being the only friend in your group? Been there. It might be a lonely place but i can help

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It’s one thing to deal with being single when you don’t want to be. But all other battles are about being the only friend in your group.

Complaining about online dating or being scammed isn’t a relief when your friends can’t complain to you. Although your captured friend might be wonderful. But feeling like you’re the only person left in your group of mismatched friends can be incredibly lonely.

I was in that position for five years. I’ve been through dating ups and downs, but my friends do your best Didn’t understand what I had to go through because they were out of my position. They don’t have to deal with online dating, being haunted by ghosts, or having to stay home on Friday nights when everyone’s away.

It’s not just the feeling of being abandoned. But it’s also like there’s something wrong with you because you’re the only one. But the good news is that you can handle being the only friend. And you may find it has its advantages.

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Think again as a friend

Before you change your behavior and make the most of your one and only friend. Rethink what it means. You tend to be strict with yourself when all your friends are happy in your relationship and you are not alone. A confrontation that multiplied those feelings.

The feeling of loneliness you have when you feel like you’re the only one who finds it difficult to deal with. you live with it But to think that being an only friend is a burden will only weigh you down If you can try to think from a new perspective, it might be a good thing.

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Do you really hate being one friend? Is your friend trying to make you feel alone when you’re fine? Or do you hear your friends complain more about their relationships than you do about being single?

Being single doesn’t have to be a terrible curse in your social life. Being the only friend means you have a lot of freedom. You can spend the night taking care of yourself and indulge in whimsical food. You can also be a safe haven for your friends. You can be the one who plans events for your friends without a partner. You are one of those friends who stay together because you have a different perspective from them.

Being the only friend doesn’t have to suck. And it might not be. Think again as a friend How do you really feel about it? Sometimes society and even your well-wishers can make you feel more lonely than you actually are.

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How to cope when your friend is single

There are things you can do to deal with being a single friend. Besides trying not to be single You will also find good things during this period of life make the most of it Although you may want to be in a happy relationship. But that doesn’t mean you will suffer until then.

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#1 Make your alone time perfect. Even the happiest relationships can be stressful when you spend a lot of time together. while you have time do it for yourself do whatever you like eat smelly food Wear porous clothing, watch junk TV.

This may sound like a single person’s tragedy. But these are great things that you will enjoy. Just because the monogamous world sees being single as a failure. That doesn’t mean you have to. The whole thing about doing this alone is that it doesn’t matter what other people think because they’re not with you. You will enjoy your time with you. [Read: 30 inspiring quotes every single person must read and remember]

#2 selfish Going to dinner with your partner’s colleague? I don’t think so You don’t have to compromise on ballet. Dinner with daughter-in-law or party You can reject any event, you can always put yourself first. This might sound arrogant. But that’s not the case. take that time with you Take lots of selfies

#3 Approximate date. Casual dating is underrated. Of course, it comes with some glitches. But you will experience a lot of new things. You will meet new people. and do things that your best friend wouldn’t do

Enjoy the no-obligation element of dating. Having fun without expectation is something that many people fear. But it can be a lot of fun. [Read: Casual dating and why it’s the best thing ever!]

#4 Find single friends. I know having an adult friend is hard. How did you meet people when you were an adult? Just like you did when you were a kid. You may not have a school, but you have a job. Talk to your colleagues in the break room.

If that’s not an option, get active, join a gym, take exercise classes. Or even search for Facebook groups that discuss topics that interest you. I know online dating is the norm. But it’s not a shame to make friends online either. You can also find groups dedicated to singles. [Read: Have no social life? 15 ways to get the friends you want]

#5 indulgent when you are in a relationship unless you are a millionaire You always talk about big purchases. but as a single person You don’t need permission or even debate. You can choose a spa treatment. weird kitchen gadgets or otherwise

You have put your money where you want it. The fun thing is when you’re single. People expect you to be less responsible. for some reason Relationships and responsibilities go hand in hand. when you are single People expect you to be more natural. Therefore, there is less chance that you will be convicted of negligent spending.

#6 Share your experience You don’t just get the experience of being single. But you also share all of that with your friends. A horror story about online dating or a great first date. You will be giving all the interesting details to your friends. And trust me they will love it. They might be happy in their relationship. But they live for your story alone. [Read: The surprising and uplifting perks of being the third wheel]

#7 observe your friends It’s lonely to look at everyone around you in a relationship. But you will gain knowledge from the insider. You don’t just hear all the gossip. But you still see how they interact. Which pairs seem to work and which ones don’t?

You can learn from their mistakes. You will be happy for them while learning from their experiences. This will prepare you for that moment. And you’re not the only friend anymore.

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Being the only friend can be a blessing. So don’t think of it as a curse. Enjoy the single life for what it is!

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