The Biggest Big Dick Problems You Probably Didn’t Think About

Most men think that a giant penis is the answer to all their problems. What they don’t know is that there are big problems in the real world too!

big cock problem

The old saying goes, you always want what you can’t have. But is it true when it comes to having a big penis? Is there an actual Big Dick problem? I won’t lie as a woman That’s what we’re taught to believe that a bigger penis is a better penis, however, a penis that’s too big can hurt. And what exactly should you do with it? [Read: Why does sex hurt? 15 quick signs something’s not right]

Men think they are the best in the world if their penis is bigger than average. But from my personal experience That’s not true at all. Actually, I’m here to argue that a bigger penis isn’t as good as a normal penis. Just wait, don’t get mad. Let me tell you why.

Is a dick as big as a big ego?

personally I think if a man has a rather large organ This meant that his ego would fit in size or perhaps grow faster than that. Most people don’t make the same effort. They believe a bigger dick means a better personality, and in other words, they think they are ready for the rest of the day. Is it just me or more size? That big ego doesn’t interest me. no matter how big the pants are

I mean, wouldn’t a man who isn’t dedicated wouldn’t be a good lover? The guy who just dropped his pants and looks at you as if to say, The “gazing at the glory” wasn’t really the one who floated my boat. [Read: The big penis – Advice for the haves and have-nots]

That doesn’t mean there are no good men. Someone there with a giant penis If you are one of them I really appreciate you but there is a big problem that you need to consider The other side of the grass wasn’t always green!

It is true that having sex with a man with a bigger penis will make you feel fuller and more confident that you will feel better. However, will you feel better? If it’s too big or too thick, it will hurt! Having that bump against your cervix again and again is inconvenient. No matter how good you pretend to be (Which I don’t support). That’s why men with large penises need to know how to use it. and from my experience Most of them don’t take the time to learn. Again, I’m general, but I say ‘most’, not ‘all’! [Read: The average penis facts that’ll make you a penis know-it-all in no time]

The big problem you have to think about

In addition to my opinion Men with big dicks don’t live in this land of milk and honey. In fact, they also have a problem – the annoying problem that comes with having big dicks. Do you think it’s just a walk in the park? Well, yes, but you have a giant penis hanging between your legs. so it’s sick

I know you’re convinced that having a big dick is all you need for happiness. But let me tell you something, it’s not if you stare at your penis. Wonder why it wasn’t bigger. Be happy that it’s not that big. if so You will have trouble making you want a smaller penis. [Read: Well endowed: What’s it’s really like to sleep with a big dick]

Who would have thought about these big problems?

1. Blow jobs are a nightmare.

Even though every woman wants to have sex with someone with big dicks, to be honest, no woman wants to give a blowjob to a guy with a giant penis.

It wouldn’t be fun for her, in fact, she might be afraid to gag too much and puke in the middle of a blow job, and for you it wouldn’t be fun, she wouldn’t be able to fill her mouth. It will be more handmade than anything else. [Read: The truth about what it feels like to have sex with a big dick]

2. Big cock is limited.

when you have a big dick The sex positions you can use are extremely limited. and for good reason Because the penis is very large Most positions will cause severe pain and hurt the person you’re having sex with, so you need to stick with the basics. Once in a while you will be tired and exhausted. That’s one of the real big problems! [Read: Big vs. small: Why bigger isn’t always better]

3. You may have less sex.

If you have a small or normal penis No one will be afraid of it going inside. But they didn’t even think about it. but for big dicks You have to think carefully about whether or not you can put it in your body. If your partner can’t fit into them. They won’t want to have sex as often as you’d like. You will find yourself stuck with hand work for a long time.

4. You will need a stake in a lubricant company.

You have to make sure that your partner is really wet. This means a lot of lubricants. Because the penis is very large It’s easy to irritate your vagina after a period of penetration. Let it dry. Think the carpet is burning and you’re not wrong. You know lube is your friend. Your best friend. problem? Lubricants aren’t cheap if you need a lot! [Read: 15 best lubricants for sex from your kitchen cupboard]

5. The big big problem – regular condoms don’t fit.

This is extreme for men with larger penises. But wearing a condom when you have a big penis isn’t fun. In fact, it feels like you’re suffocating and being squeezed into tight pants.

at the same time You don’t want to contract an STI, so guys with huge penises are at a crossroads. Yes, they want to protect themselves. but at the same time it was very uncomfortable You might end up ordering your condoms online, and to be honest, it’s not the package you want your flatmates to see.

6. Things can get messy

And they can get messy quickly. If you are trying to have anal sex with a bigger penis That might be a horror show. I will help you visualize But when you have a big dick Something so simple and simple that a normal penis experience is a nightmare for some. [Read: Why you might be experiencing painful anal sex]

7. Erections are not always easy.

Because condoms around The penis is often too tight It constrains the blood flow. This means that your dick will not be as hard as it should be. Besides, she is very tight because your dick is so big. You have a chance to ejaculate fast and that will ruin her fantasies of amazing sex, right?

8The stereotype is a problem in itself.

All the women were told that if they caught a man with a giant dick. Their minds will be blown away by the amazing sex. from the foregoing It means you now have the extra pressure to perform at your peak. Sure, your dick is big, but so what? That means you have to have incredible sex. anytime Are you with someone? sometimes you are tired [Read: How to know a guy has a big dick: 18 signs he’s big and well endowed]

9. You get zero sympathy from other men.

Most guys, if they know you have a big dick, will automatically get jealous. Every guy wants a giant dick. That’s what we all say in pop culture. Having a large penis is the way to success. But if you have a big dick no one will understand what you are going through. Instead, you are seen as a fool because you are not grateful. But only if they knew [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

10. Pants can be a problem for big dicks.

Who would think about it? But it’s true Finding underwear and pants that don’t stick to the package is more of a hunt than anything else. Most men don’t think twice about the pants they wear. But when you have a big dick Finding rooms and fabrics that are not too revealing can be a problem.

11. You start to feel that you are nothing more than your penis.

If the catchphrase says you’re packing You may have become known as An ‘anaconda dude’ or ‘big guy’ may sound like a dream to those with smaller penises. But when the rest of your personality is wiped out and you’re suddenly all about your penis, isn’t that good? [Read: 22 Bite-size tips on having more success with women]

12. You might be afraid of hurting your partner.

Behind the worry of hurting your partner is one of the biggest and troubling problems of all. You wouldn’t want to hurt the person you slept with. But being bigger than usual means you’re probably feeling a little uncomfortable. The thought that she’s not telling you how it hurts will affect how you feel and possibly your performance. That’s definitely a total mood killer.

13. Cycling is not a party.

One of the biggest and most surprising problems arises in the form of cycling. Maybe you’re not an active cyclist. But let’s say your boyfriend suggests a romantic bike ride. You will be difficult Where did you put it? How comfortable should you be on that little seat? [Read: How to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger without asking her]

14. Public urinals are a problem.

First, other guys will look at you with the corner of their eyes. They won’t make it clear. (I hope that’s not the case), but you know they’re doing it. You can feel their jealousy. If only they knew the big problem you were facing! Another is that public urinals are a problem if your penis hangs down too much and is actually in contact with urine or water.

15. Unexpected devices cannot be hidden.

Sometimes a little boy decides to make himself known to the public. Maybe you’re swimming and a hot girl walks by. Or maybe it’s out of your control. In that case, hiding your erection isn’t easy. And you may have to hide in the bathroom and think about nonsense for a while.

[Read: 13 kinds of penises women love… or laugh at]

If you think your penis is not enough Maybe you should count your blessings that you don’t have these big problems.

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