Black Ops Hypnosis: Hypnotize Your Way Through Life

Have you ever wondered how some people literally mesmerize you and convince you to their way of thinking? Have you ever felt that some people seem to be having a compelling kind of power that can make you just do their bidding?

Well, their secret is called the black ops hypnosis. Black Ops Hypnosis is a compelling way to hypnotize anyone and make them do your bidding!

Sounds weird or too magical? Well, it is not.

Black Ops Hypnosis is a technique that combines NLP, seduction and regular hypnosis. Let’s first understand regular hypnosis.

In regular hypnosis, the subject is asked to relax and made to go in a deep trance. Once he is that state, the hypnotist gives suggestion to his subconscious mind to cure his ailments or problems.

Hence regular hypnosis is with the subject’s knowledge and will. Black Ops Hypnosis is very different. It is more of controlling the mind of the subject in a regular setting like college, office or a pub.

What Is Black Ops Hypnosis?

Black Ops Hypnosis Ebook

There are many courses that can teach you the fine nuances of Black Ops Hypnosis techniques. Black Ops Hypnosis uses three main techniques like the black mirror techniques, no cleaver, and the iron man technique.

Black Ops Hypnosis is not like the other techniques that you use to win over people. Most people think that for influencing people you need to praise and please them.

On the other hand, Black Ops Hypnosis is exactly the opposite. The underlying principle is to get a reaction from the person. A reaction is something that will tell you that you have the power to influence this person.

For instance, let’s assume you are trying to sell a house to a person. As per the Black Ops Hypnosis theory, you need to convince the person to buy a home insurance policy with the house.

You try to steer the person toward the insurance policy, but end up selling him the house! This is because the person was so much focused on not buying the insurance policy that he ended up buying the house.

Many people may think that it is wrong to hypnotize anyone without a person’s knowledge. To an extent, that is right. However, this type of hypnosis can also be used for good.

For instance, it can help kids who have gone astray or are into bad habits, it can also help people who are stubborn to change or old habits.

Black Ops Hypnosis is all about the power of the mind. If used correctly, it can work wonders for your life.

Imagine, your kids, your boss, and your partner will forever agree with all you say. You can become your ideal weight, develop a photographic memory and have all you want. Indeed, Black Ops Hypnosis can really change your life for the good!

In what type of situation is covert Hypnotism useful?

Black Ops Hypnosis can be used in any number of situations. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Always have the upper hand in social settings.
  • Never wait in line again – hypnotize groups of people into letting you go first.
  • Never lie awake at night again. Cure your insomnia and learn how to fall asleep instantly.
  • Some hypnotists are making $15,000 in one night – Covert Hypnotism can earn you big money.
  • NLP hypnosis (as it is also known) can be used to persuade your boss to give you a rise.
  • Black Ops Hypnosis is also useful in persuading the man or woman you desire to jump into bed with you.
  • Hypnotize your way out of any sticky situation.
  • Make people like you instantly, this can be useful in securing a job, a good seat in a theatre, or to receive excellent service in any restaurant.
  • Always be able to extract the truth from a person. If you think a partner or somebody else may be lying to you, this is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal.
  • Be the ‘Alpha’ in any social situation. Especially interesting for males in social or work situations.
  • Persuade a ‘lost love’ to return. Yes, you can, even when you feel your situation is helpless.
  • Develop a photographic memory.
  • Mass manipulations on a large scale – become the leader of any group you desire.
  • Black opsSecretly make people become fascinated with you – never be ignored again.
  • Predict future social events with absolute certainty, business negotiations, presentations, romance situations, telephone calls.
  • Black ops Cause a person to forget anything you don’t want them to remember.

Can a Person without any Experience learn Black Ops Hypnosis?

Yes. There are a number of courses to learn Black Ops Hypnosis. Just make sure that the course you choose is the real deal. There are many courses on the market that are overhyped, but under-deliver.

How does Black Ops Hypnosis Work?

Black Ops Hypnosis ScamBlack Ops Hypnosis is comprised of four methods to persuade your subject to do as you wish.

These methods are:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Standard Hypnosis
  • Social Engineering
  • Advanced Language Patterns

Black Ops Hypnosis – The Dark Side

Black Ops Hypnosis is classed as covert hypnosis and the reason for this is because it is nothing like traditional hypnosis as most people know it.

Instead, this form of hypnosis comes from the dark side because everything you do is completely covert, it’s under the radar… no one has any clue you’re using hypnosis tactics on them.

With regular traditional hypnosis, your subject will know exactly what is going on at all times and they have to be a willing participant for the whole process to work because it is that belief that they have about hypnosis that will actually send them into a trance.

And that’s where this dark side hypnosis is different, your subject is never aware of anything that is going on, instead of the thing that you are just having a normal interaction with them except that you know that you’re actually the one leading the interaction in the direction that you want.

You can use Black Ops Hypnosis to improve your life in ways that you never imagined and you will only realize the power of these techniques once you have learned them and mastered them and you find yourself using them on autopilot because they have become a part of who you are.

Combined, these persuasion techniques produce a very potent force with which one can control others.





Learning something new is always adventurous. The author will take you to a new place in 8 hours where you are your own master. The possibilities with that kind of power are endless. However, one must remember not to misuse the power that this technique bestows on you.

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