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The e-book blow by blow gives instruction on how to give the best blow jobs and after speaking with my friend who used it prior to me using it, I had to give it a try. She was never really one to experiment in the bedroom but after she used this product she found that she had a little bit more confidence in pleasing your boyfriend because she found out what a man actually likes.

She surprised her boyfriend after studying how to give blow jobs and they know how a very fulfilling sex life which a lot of people are missing out on because they are afraid to experiment – or because they cannot see how important it is to please your significant other.

What the Product Does

Blow By Blow PDFWhat this product does is that it shows women how to give the best blow jobs for not just one man but for every man. Every man has pleasure points in which it feels best to receive a blow job. The same goes for having sex or penetration.

This is a topic that some people tend to not look into very much, maybe they’re afraid to talk about it or experiment because they don’t want to make a mistake in the bedroom or scare their significant other away but this product explains in detail what a man likes and what he doesn’t like. There’s a lot to learn about what men and women prefer in the bedroom, some like different things than others but most human beings have the same pleasure areas.

What does the blow by blow teach women?

  • How to take control and dominate a man
  • How to relax in the bedroom and please him just as much as he’s pleasing her
  • His pleasure points
  • The type of blow job that will make him ejaculate quickly
  • The time that it is best to perform this

There is an excessive amount of details that the users of this project have grown to appreciate because it improved their sex lives that much more.

When women know what they are doing in the bedroom and they can take the initiative to please their man then it can really make a couple connect on another level. It will improve their mental and emotional connection just as much as their physical bondage. This is something that most women forget about especially after having been married for many years or after having been in a relationship for a long period of time.

Why the woman needs it?

This e-book is a step by step booklet that all women should read because the information in it is advice coming from men and requests that men often have from their girlfriends or wives.

Sometimes the woman needs to spice things up in the relationship; everyone needs that because stress can affect everyone and it’s up to the couple to relieve that tension and stress from each other. What could the harm be into looking further into how to improve a relationship by improving one’s sex life?

These are the most common mistakes most couples make and the foundation as to why the relationship doesn’t end up working:

  • They do not communicate with each other
  • They do not express what they actually want in the relationship
  • They do not spice things up in the bedroom
  • They end up stressing more about finances and things that shouldn’t matter

Blow By Blow ScamSex is a very important part of a relationship because a couple must be in harmony with each other. Pleasure is a natural part of life and when someone isn’t getting that they may build up tension or result in something else to get that missing pleasure.

Women who can take that role in the bedroom can make their husband or boyfriend that much happier which in return can result in him listening more, and taking better care of her in other situations that are not sexual. He may do more things to help her out because he sees that she is doing a lot to try and make him happy in more way than one.

To know how to give the best blow jobs, read this e-book. This is something that an average person can be expertise in after simply reading it and remembering it. There’s nothing wrong with a little practice either which is what a friend of mine did – she told her boyfriend that she was trying some new things out and wanted to see how he would like them.

Nevertheless, he enjoyed every second of it and from that point on their relationship improved drastically because their sex lives improved drastically.

It’s highly recommended that everyone reads this e-book just to get a better understanding of what turns a man on and what he enjoys during a blowjob. All women know, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Simply having the knowledge of it is going to improve the way that a woman gives a blowjob drastically.

This is a way to have fun and let loose without feeling like he isn’t enjoying all of the pleasure. What is there to lose? This e-book has been highly recommended by all readers who have decided to study up on their sex lives. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities in the bedroom but it’s up to the couple to have fun with it. When the couple knows what they both like, why not tell each other and feel that much better.


This product is rated five out of five according to everyone that’s read it and their husbands or boyfriends are extremely thankful that someone decided to inform women on what the wrong way is and what the right way is.

All women should be daring and risk-taking especially sexually being that it can be a very, very enjoyable endeavor if both people in the relationship want to please each other that badly. Again, there is nothing to lose and there’s a lot of valuable information in this which could save a relationship.





Blow By Blow E-Book is a perfect guide: easy to follow, filled with important and new information that will improve your sex life. It proposes techniques, methods, new sensations, new ideas to help you and your partner to discover another level in your intimate relationship. It´s provoking, effective and totally arousing.

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