Blowing Hot and Cold: The 3 Stages to Explain Why Someone Does This

relationship is confusing When your guy gets hot and cold What do you think? It turns out that the process has three steps.

both hot and cold

When your new lover gets hot and cold, it can upset your mood. ‘What did I do wrong’, ‘Is everything okay with them?’ ‘Is there anyone else?’

Most relationships go through some hot and cold periods. But if it happens repeatedly It’s time to stop what you are doing and assess the situation.

temperature assessment

What do you need to know? basically This person feels hot and cold because they are afraid. And they are trying to protect themselves. Maybe they’ve been hurt before. Or is this their first big relationship? and that frightens them.

for whatever reason It’s a defensive mechanism and doesn’t always have to reflect back at you. [Read: Why a man pulls away and what you can do about it]

Of course, it could be that they were just scabs. And they’re hot because they don’t know what they want. They are joking with you. Or they’re not sure what the relationship is like. what they want anymore Can you see how confusing this situation is?

N.S. 3 hot and cold blowing process

To break it down, there are actually three steps to blow hot and cold. It’s important to understand each one. So that you know where you are in the process. And is there time or hope to save the situation?

#1 The first stage blows hot and cold.. The first prosperity of a relationship is attractive. You got all the attention everything is exciting full of flirting And you have mood swings all the time. What could be better? problem? it never lasts forever [Read: How long before your honeymoon phase ends?]

The hope is that things are even more comfortable and the relationship continues. But what if it isn’t? Another option is that you suddenly notice fewer dates. Sending messages takes a long time to respond. or you didn’t get a reply at all And when he’s around, it’s just… stop.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder what’s going on and maybe think you’ve done something wrong. As a result, you pursue him. Missed hard girls! remember my words I have fulfilled my duty of fair pursuit. And it never worked for me.

I used to think I said something he didn’t like. I used to inadvertently insult his mother. or something else I can’t put my finger on But you know what? It’s not me, and probably not you either.

Your man is instantly cold. Up to this point it may be very hot. But the turning point was whether he was still more icy or warmer. [Read: All the reasons why chasing a guy never helps]

#2 The second stage of hot and cold blowing If you enter the second stage You will have a few players on hand. You will understand why as we enter the third step.

The second stage is the freezing of your growing relationship. He’s suddenly not texting back. He started canceling dating. and no words ‘Tonight I can’t. But what about tomorrow?’

At this point, you are confused, completely distracted. What did you do wrong in the land? Whenever this happens to me

I went through all the events in my mind with a fine-toothed comb. My hair looks sloppy for a few days and he can’t stand it? Am I laughing at the wrong time? Was it because I didn’t put on makeup one morning?

Seriously, I went through the smallest and most ridiculous details. You are also more likely to pursue this point. it is not elegant But we can do it all

most importantly If a guy likes you because you had hair in your bed one morning, would you really want him around?

By the end of this second step, you’re desperate. You know he’s a coward and it’s time to move on. You must do that. You stop texting, making calls, and hanging out with your friends more. [Read: How to ignore a guy that ignores you]

#3 the third step *and most confused* This is where we see his true colors. He knows you didn’t call. And maybe he’s stalking your Facebook, noticing you’ve been out a little longer?

your phone will ring Otherwise a message will come in. he will want to meet At first it’s very casual, ‘Fancy meeting on Friday night?.’ You’ll be shocked at the moment you begin to impress the unattractive goldfish, you know one.

What do you do? You may want to meet with him to try to find out what happened. Is it really you? Why did he stop calling? But you have to think carefully, girls. There’s a very high chance that this guy will be a player. And these levels will repeat over and over again. until he makes you truly borderline crazy. Do you want that?

ok i will raise my hand I met a guy who did this to me. Because I’m a curious cat And I never knew what was good for me. The result? After a few weeks We came back to the first stage, then another two, and at the third stage again. I will be smarter for his game. [Read: How to handle the guys who ghost and come back]

Has there ever been a positive result?

You might read it and shake your head in shock. What will your new relationship be like in the next few weeks? Although not 100% sure, but the chances are high.

It might not be the news you want, I get it, but for now it’s better to know. Instead of waiting until you can live for a few months. Your heart is already invested, and he suddenly gets colder than the Eskimos in the coldest of times.

You deserve to get what you want in a relationship: warmth, friendship, passion, friendship, feeling loved. Why would you allow someone to act like a hair dryer with multiple heat settings? [Read: My relationship with a narcissist and what it means to love one]

Of course, there’s always the possibility that something happened in his life that he didn’t tell you, such as stress at work. And that made him do it this way. but if this is the case Stage cycles will not repeat. You will never return to the first stage after the first time. It’s up to you to give it a second chance. Only you can make the right decision for yourself. But always be careful.

Most importantly, a man who truly approaches you will not risk losing you. If he messes up the first time He wouldn’t risk it twice. [Read: Why you need to be slow and steady if you’re getting back together]

You are hot, then you are cold …

Katy Perry’s song “Hot n Cold” is a must-listen to you ladies! The man blowing between the temperature was confused and very tired. Do you really have time to sit there and guess again if he’s going all the way that day? Of course not!

best advice in my opinion is to focus on yourself, and if Mr. Hot n Cold wants to figure it out he knows where you are Whether you are willing to let him defrost or not. It’s the only choice you can make.

[Read: Reasons why a guy might be playing hard to get]

It’s not worth changing tables and trying with him, because hot and cold men are less tolerant than us. He’s more inclined to let it go.

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