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Beyond the perfect relationship The sensation is often painful from time to time. When your boyfriend hurts you Here’s what to do

Your boyfriend hurts you emotionally.

What do you do when your boyfriend hurts you? Are you crying? Did you ignore him for a few days while you waited for an apology? We all have our strategies.

But if you want to grow out of the situation There are two things you can do to learn from conflict and improve relationships.

But listen, if he hurts you all the time Let’s overlook this. If he knows what he’s doing but doesn’t change. He’ll never change. However, here’s what to do when your boyfriend hurts you.

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What to do when your boyfriend hurts you

in a relationship It’s normal for couples to disagree. Of course there are limits. If you quarrel hourly You should reconsider the relationship. but apart from that Arguing is also a sign of a good relationship.

during the quarrel There’s a chance that you’ll accidentally say the wrong thing or hurt your partner’s feelings. Shows that the relationship is over? in most cases no This may take a few days. But relationships tend to come back.

#1 Tell him your feelings have been hurt. If you don’t show your feelings He won’t know how you feel. I know you. think He should be able to figure it out. But he’s not a mind reader, and if he did, it would take days to do so. sit down and talk to him Tell him you feel pain and explain why. How could he improve if he didn’t know what he was doing? [Read: 23 dos and don’ts for when you argue in your relationship]

#2 describe your feelings Even if you tell him that your feelings hurt. But that doesn’t mean he understands why. His point of view in some situations may differ from yours, so when you’re done telling him your feelings. Enter the details that why they were injured He has to put himself in your shoes.

#3 Don’t be indifferent, aggressive. I know you want him to pay for what he did. But acting aggressively did not resolve the situation. But emotions will rage in you until you pass out. You don’t want to get to the point where you yell at him. It’s not fair to anyone. [Read: The steps to take when you want to stop being passive-aggressive]

#4 let him apologize After telling him how you feel and explaining to him why you feel that way. give him a chance to apologize If he really feels bad He will understand what he did and apologize for hurting you. Then forgive him and step out of the situation together.

#5 let him talk You should let him say what’s on his mind. Maybe it’s a big miscommunication. Or maybe he doesn’t really understand. how he hurt you by letting him speak You will understand where you are different and how to deal with communication.

#6 Does this happen often? Couples quarrel all the time. This is nothing new But how often does this happen? Is it the same argument over and over? If it reaches the point of laughter Let’s see if you should change your approach to discussion. Or see if he’s interested?

#7 don’t shout If you want to solve Getting more angry doesn’t solve the problem. Take it easy. I know it’s a challenge when you’re upset. But if you shout and scream There is very little chance of addressing the real problem. [Read: 6 reasons people have a fear of confrontation]

#8 let him ask questions He may have some questions he wants to ask you. And maybe he was nervous that it would start a fight. But that’s why you need to stay level. Those questions can be your ticket to solutions, so listen up.

#9 Solution anyone? It’s good to talk about arguments. But you should think of a solution. If not, then the conversation is pointless. Sit down together and think about how to solve problems together. participate in problem solving It takes two people in a relationship. can’t leave all you

#10 Evaluate your relationship. If you’ve done everything on this list a thousand times. consider your relationship If they didn’t learn from their mistakes or did this on purpose, is this person you really wanting to be your partner? Hurting you is a form of abuse. And no one deserves that. [Read: How to compromise in relationships without feeling like you lost something]

#11 Give yourself space. If you live with your partner or see them on a daily basis. Give yourself some space Sometimes when you’re with someone too So much that it’s overwhelming if he hurts you. Instead, spend time alone and really reflect on the situation. There may be something you can do to help.

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Coming out of controversy as a strong couple If your boyfriend hurts you Use these tips and act positively from the situation.

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