The 60 Bromandments: Bro Code Rules Every Guy Should Live By

Girls have their teams and girl codes. Men have rules of the brother code. If you are in a relationship with a man You must follow strict guidelines.

brother code rules

Some call it “bromance” or “fraternity,” but only men understand the bond they share with other Y-chromosome siblings. with their real brother, but a totally unspoken and peaceful love between “brothers”. Is it really surprising that there is a bro code rule that only men know?

Brohood is a type of bond that describes how brothers avoid trading insults in the form of greetings. How do they get along despite the dangerous and embarrassing pranks they pull together? And how they still share beer and laugh right after the punch.

Women have a strict female code that all female friends must follow if they don’t want drama and for their friendship to last forever. Men are no different With the exception of some rules, older brothers are often incomprehensible to the opposite sex! [Read: Male bonding vs female bonding: What are the main differences?]

What are you doing?

Brothers are many things. But bros are no ordinary guy friends, bros do a lot for and with their brothers, good or bad, funny or stupid, it’s more than friendship. But it is a close bond that tends to survive as much as life can afford.

Siblings can be childhood friends who grew up together or they can meet and click right away. Brothers are not always easily dismissed from the group. Bros tend to put up with the little things in some ways. But that may depend on a lot of Bro Code rules that participants have to follow! [Read: Queerplatonic relationship: What it is & 25 signs you’re in one]

So what are the rules of bro code?

A brocode is a set of unspoken rules that define what brotherhood is and how a brother must present himself to the other siblings. No promise is given to a brother when they know they are in the middle of a brother’s situation. It is unspoken but extremely sacred to the deep friendship they share.

Call them bromandments, bro code rules that all brothers and sisters must follow. [Read: Why do men need male friends?]

1. Bros before … girls

This rule is the founding principle of brotherhood and is said to have even preceded the idea of ​​the Bro code. This rule states that a man should prioritize his siblings over the pursuit of the opposite sex. [Read: What if you and your friend are into the same woman?]

2You must have another older brother.

The older brother must be there for his younger brother in difficult times. whether it is financial Chasing girls, punching and drinking There must be no other things blocking this path. And he shouldn’t ask any questions.

3. Female family members of other siblings Completely expired

This means that a brother will never shake another brother’s hot sister or mother’s hand. However, he can comment on their level of attractiveness. Stepmothers and nannies are exceptions. But this is a gray area as some siblings may not like to comment on non-blood relatives. Proceed with caution! [Read: 13 Signs your friends are ruining your relationship]

4. Every brother’s boyfriend and ex-boyfriend has limits as well.

This means that no brother can sleep, flirt, or make lewd comments about his current brother’s boyfriend or girlfriend. This greatly violates Bro Code rules and can result in fights and expulsion from the circle.

5. Brother will not block another brother.

The rule of “dibs” too. If a brother likes a girl. You act as his pilot and don’t ruin his chances. Whether you really like her or not. [Read: What is a cock block and 11 reasons why they do it]

6. Women can be brothers and sisters.

Siblings have to accept women with brotherly qualities. When a girl acts like a brother and follows the code of conduct. She will receive equal protection and respect. which means …

7. Girls have already expired as well.

Brother is not adultery and romantic with female brother. unless he teases her She will be seen as one of the siblings and is not sexual or seductive in any way.

8. If you catch your wife/girlfriend cheating, report them every time.

must notify him immediately, regardless of the consequences. your brother before everything And even if you know that he will be angry you have to do your duty [Read: Women who cheat: 10 Surprising reasons they’re unfaithful]

9. When the younger brother sees another brother’s boyfriend disturbing He must stay quiet until the breakup

Always respect your brother’s choice. Even if it doesn’t suit your preferences, however, when the relationship ends. Feel free to tell him how you feel.

10. When your brother’s wife/girlfriend asks you where he is. You never know

because of the second rule Even if you know where he is Even if he is standing next to you You never know you don’t see him you have no clue

Bro code rules on daily bro-to-bro activities

11. The older brother must not stare at the naked body of the older brother. [Read: Here’s how you can be masculine without being a jerk]

12. Brothers and sisters do not give each other birthday cards.

13. Brothers and sisters do not buy clothes.

14. A sibling has the honor of helping another brother who is moving house or making DIY repairs.

15. Siblings must never share desserts.

16. If your brother volunteers to make food or alcohol items He has the right to claim the remaining compensation.

17. The older brother would not allow his younger brother to marry if he was younger. 30 years old [Read: 20 Questions to ask each other before getting married]

18. My brother never rented a chicken movie to watch alone. This must be done in front of his other brothers and sisters.

19. Brothers never cry Except when a family member or another sibling has died or if they get “dirt” in their eyes. [Read: When a woman is crying – The gentleman’s dos and don’ts]

20. The older brother will not apply sunscreen to the other brother.

21. The older brother must not reveal how many other women he slept with.

22. A brother doesn’t need to remember another brother’s birthday. *And don’t make a fuss when his birthday is forgotten*

23. The older brother had to give the condom to the other brother who needed help.

24. The older brother had to repay the favor when the other brother bought a drink.

25. The older brother always left the toilet seat for the other brother. [Read: The man code – The 10 most important rules of a gentleman]

26. When his brother tells the secret to others He needed to take that secret to the grave.

27. When a brother is not invited or unable to attend another brother’s wedding They won’t fuss about it.

28. Brother was never vegan.

29. Brothers must always order enough pizza for all brothers and sisters.

30. A brother must not make a fuss when the other brother doesn’t reply to his messages, calls or emails.

31. The older brother never slept with another brother’s ex. [Read: Hegemonic masculinity: A perspective missed by sociologists]

32. The elder brother was not sullen and gave a silent treatment. to another brother

33. Brothers, do not masturbate in front of other brothers.

34. bro don’t unfriend again bro on facebook

35. Brothers don’t wax body hair, razors, clippers and even broken glass are enough for brother.

36. Brothers don’t need to notice or admire other people’s haircuts.

#37 The older brother did not ask the other brother to take him to the bathroom.

38. Brothers, don’t pout for a selfie. [Read: 30 alpha male characteristics that make him a real alpha]

39. Brothers don’t need umbrellas Unless they provide shelter to needy chicks.

40. The brothers did not choose their own nicknames. Their other brothers and sisters will give it to him.

41. Bros take care of fellow brothers and sisters who drink too much. After they painted his face with Sharpies and photographed him with a bunch of empty beer bottles.

42. Brother’s brother is my brother – brothers do not get “Feeling bad” with their models as women.

43. when the brother has a child All his brothers and sisters will become honorary.

44. The older brother never kept a picture of the other brother in his purse. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

45. Bros always honor bets.

46. Siblings must always pay their debts. But after their brother had warned them

47. Bros pay for their date

48. When your brother decides to do something stupid while drunk, you have the honor of holding his beer and filming his antics.

49. Bros don’t give other teddy bears

50. Brothers, don’t make eye contact when eating bananas. [Read: Where are the men? Feminizing men kills our society]

51. The older brother would not let his broken-hearted brother drink alone.

52. The older brother never tickled other siblings.

53. Brothers, don’t giggle.

54. If siblings share a house or apartment You need to stay away when your brother takes your date home.

55. Brothers, don’t touch each other’s hair.

56. Brothers, don’t smell each other on purpose.

57. Bro’s Beans Limit Pranks mayhem or even punch [Read: The bond between wingmen and lead players]

59. The brothers do not share drinks or feed the other siblings with their own spoons.

60. once a brother Always be a bro. The name bro is the name you carry all the way to the end.

many rules but related throughout life.

You might be reading this list of 60 bromandments and thinking being a big brother sounds exhausting. Yes, but the rules speak for themselves. If you want to connect with friends that last forever, Bro Code will protect it.

Brothers don’t leave each other They don’t argue over the little things and let problems cause a split. Bros have no problem leaving everything to the other brother. Finally, the brothers became close friends. In fact, they are more than friends. they are family

[Read: The 22 unspoken guy code rules all men need to know]

True brothers and sisters are expected to follow these unspoken rules that define what true brotherhood is. regardless Breaking the bro code doesn’t make you any less of a brother if you’re honest with your guy friends. After all, bro, don’t let your brother do stupid things alone.

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