Build a Container Home Program review: Is It Worth Investing In?

Before going any further into details, this Build Container Home review would like to note that this course is quite different from others displayed on the eMarkets. Inside this are some hands-on practical tips that are claimed to help instruct you on how to build a simple dwelling place at a fraction of the usual cost.

The 65-page course covers a bunch of procedures and tidbits that together form a concrete guideline that can be used for quick reference. But how does the program fare when put to the test? Here’s a closer look.

What’s Build Container Home all about?

Build A Container Home EbookFirst off, this is a program that has been created by an experienced builder and designer with over 14 years of experience.

Inside the program are numerous sub-guides, each one with a complete schedule of diagrams, illustration and textual notes that can guide you through your upcoming project – from start to finish. A quick roundup of this DIY project reveals the following:

  • This handy guide has the premium content you may not find elsewhere
  • Budgeting and financial details of every project are thoroughly analyzed
  • Contains essential information on how to settle for the ideal site for your new home
  • Full of ideas on how to build bathrooms and bedrooms
  • A variety of housing styles

If you’ve been shying off from building container homes because of limitations in terms of design, you’ll definitely be happy to learn that this program contains 36 container house samples. All you’ll need to do is choose one that interests you and embark on building it from scratch.

To make sure no stone is left unturned, the author of this wonderful program has gone ahead to include some fine 3D pictures. Not only are these eye-catching but also incredibly easy to grasp – effectively making it a tad easier for you to establish your container home on the cheap.

What’s more? In case you’re still doubtful about this product, the fact that it is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee means you’ll not have to gamble with your money.

Even if you purchase the program and realize that it falls below your expectations, you’ll still be able to request a refund. So, there’s really nothing to lose when you invest in this program.

What to Expect From This Guide

Flipping through the pages of this program, you’ll discover that it covers essential details that can help anyone including individuals with absolutely zero DIY skills to build quality homes.

One handy skill you’ll learn through this program is how to plan out your upcoming project. You know, trying to figure out what goes on, can get a little confusing at times. So, this program takes a bare-knuckle approach to this topic, effectively ensuring you are equipped with essential skills to avoid costly mistakes.

Picking Your Container(s)

Build A Container Home ScamIt’s one thing to know how to plan for a container home but what about finding the essential materials for the project?

Well, one absolutely awesome aspect of this guide is that it recommends the use of materials that are readily available in your locality.

In fact, you might be having some of these materials already in your garage. As for the containers, the book goes to great lengths to teach you exactly how to identify and pick the right one. In addition, the program talks extensively about some costly mistakes you’re bound to make if this is your first time purchasing a container.

The Results

Once all the materials are gathered and the building process is undertaken, the next area of concern is about the kind of results to expect. Will I end up with a house that looks like a metal box?

You might want to ask. Well, luckily, and as we’ve already mentioned, inside this program are multiple plans that allow you to utilize your creative juices. So, whether you’re after a really unique and cool look, you can bank on this guide to get all that figured out for you.

Most importantly, in case you want extra assistance, you can always reach to the author of this program. Different Build A Container Home reviews so far confirm that the man behind this program is quite responsive to queries directed at him through his official email address.

Benefits Of Investing In This Guide


Compared to building a conventional home, container homes are cheaper, easier and faster to build. That means you can own your own home without having to go for a mortgage. Most importantly, you can stop paying rent and move into your new home in a matter of weeks.

Build A Container Home PDFDesign Flexibility

Forget about the myth that container homes are limiting as far as design is concerned.

As long as you embark on the project using this handy guide, you can rest assured to find numerous, creative ways to modify your home as per your unique requirements.


Compared to other building technologies, container homes tend to offer better value for money. As you know, shipping containers are made from extremely powerful metal and because they’re made to withstand all manner of harsh conditions, you can rest assured your home will be durable as well. Most importantly, containers are quite easy to maintain.

Green Energy

If you’re somebody who cares about the environment, an investment in container homes ensures you play a part in freeing up the landfills. Old container homes that would have ended up harming the environment eventually end up providing you with a comfortable home that you can reap value from for many more years to come.


There are countless advantages offered by the Build A Container Home™ program. We have mentioned some of them in detail below :

  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Payments and refunds are SSL secured
  • This program was developed by a professional
  • Instant download upon payment
  • This program will help on all levels.
  • The program is mobile friendly and can be viewed on your computer, smartphone, laptop or any other electronic device.


3 Problems With Build A Container Home

  • The program is available as an online product; no paper-back version of it is available
  • Requires one to invest their time and money in purchasing a few materials including the shipping containers
  • This program is best suited for people who are ready to get off the couch and do some heavy lifting

About The Author

Warren Thatcher, the man behind this program is a seasoned builder and designer. Priding himself on 14 years of hands-on experience, the good gentleman spends most of his time visualizing different possibilities to build quality homes without breaking the bank.

He has mentored thousands of new homeowners and currently seeks to reach out to millions by exposing the world to the many benefits of building through alternative technology.

Final Thoughts

Is Build Container Home program worth investing in? Well, as it turns out, this program offers unrivaled quality and as long as you’re willing to be fully involved in your next building program, you’ll find it handy. So, our verdict is that this is certainly a program worth trying out.





This is the ideal first book for anyone brave enough to think outside the wooden box and inside the shipping container when it comes to homebuilding. With step-by-step instructions on how to envision, plan, build and finish the home, this book is a must-read for new shipping container enthusiasts.

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