14 Things to Keep in Mind When You Bump into Your Ex

Meeting your ex is not the best feeling in the world. But here are 14 tips to make sure you still feel awesome after that awkward moment!

run in ex

Fighting with an ex is always an overwhelming moment. And, of course, there’s emotion involved.

You can still love them or hate their guts.

But no matter how you feel about them Meeting your ex will bring you a lot of awkward moments, nostalgia, and hope for a second chance or hope to strangle him.

The worst part is about bumping into your ex unexpectedly. *Unless you have no feelings to them* was the anxiety it brought with it.

Your heart begins to beat so hard that you can hardly hear yourself.

And all of a sudden, you’re sweating and uncomfortable. And nothing you said ever felt the right thing to say!

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bump into the past

Call it fate, coincidence, or just ordinary luck. But if you have an ex Chances are you will meet him someday.

It could be a few days after the breakup, or sometimes even years after the breakup.

Even though it seems uncomfortable like meeting an ex-girlfriend. But it’s still a test of your character. It can help you judge your own life. You’ve been better since you broke up? You need to get a life?

and most importantly Have you moved to the green fields? [Read: The best way to move on and deal with a break up]

The most important thing to remember – don’t lose control!

is strange Still, most of us tend to lose control of our situation when we meet with an ex. And most of the time it happens because we are not prepared for it.

Now imagine yourself bumping into an ex. How will you behave? Everyone’s past is different. But the conversation you have with them doesn’t have to be different. As long as you stay calm and avoid cooling off. All you need are the tips mentioned below to walk away from the conversation feeling good about yourself! [Confession: How my ex’s rumors ruined my life forever!]

Do not hide – say hello first!

This is something that can help you gain an edge during those awkward moments. You don’t even have to be rude or pretend that you both don’t even exist. And there’s a good chance your ex will see you too.

The really awkward moment when an ex meets is figuring out if it’s a good idea to talk. and secondly Who needs to move before walking together?

To avoid such awkward moments Let’s wave a greeting first. first wave of greetings Shows that you made the first move. And that will make it appear that you are not uncomfortable with the situation. And since you’ve waved your hand So you don’t have to do more than that.

all you have to do is smile Look towards your ex for a second or two. And wait and see what they will do in return for you. They just waved back and looked away? Or does your ex smile brightly and walk towards you?

to say hello first You are embarrassing and putting pressure on your ex while looking like you can control the situation at the same time!

What’s the worst thing that can happen with greetings first? Your ex can look your way, stare hard, breathe, and look the other way. Is that a better way than walking up to them and insulting you? [Read: 16 sure signs your ex wants you back in their life]

Read the signs when you meet your ex.

One of the reasons why encountering exes is so uncomfortable is because they are unpredictable. Neither of you know how the other person will behave or react. And that makes you both overly cautious. Here are three signs that can help you determine how you need to have a conversation with you.

#1 Do you still feel the attraction? Your ex looks really happy. did I meet you Are they complimenting you on something, especially your physical appearance? Does your ex ask about your life? Your ex may be interested in getting to know you better. and may be happy to see you [Read: 20 signs of attraction to watch out for in a conversation]

#2 Does your ex want to walk away? Does your ex look obsessed or look around? Slowly or not? If they glance at the clock or speak in a more business-like tone, Your ex may be looking for an excuse to walk away. don’t prolong the conversation Finished quickly and walked away.

#3 Are you both lingering? Sometimes, both of you can feel awkward around each other, and there may be very little to discuss. while stomach upset Be careful of eye contact or lingering touch.

Sometimes your ex may want to stay and talk to you. But the frustration might overwhelm them. If they have nothing to say but they don’t seem to want to walk away. There’s a high chance that your ex will still love you. [Read: Easy signs to see if your ex is still thinking about you]

14 things to remember when meeting your ex

If you want to walk away from the conversation with your ex and still feel like a celebrity, there are just 14 key things you need to keep in mind. Use these tips and have fun. Then everything will be perfect!

#1 keep it simple and short Don’t prolong the conversation with your ex. Keep yourself warm and friendly. But keep the conversation short to avoid awkward moments or new problems in love. [Read: How to be friends with an ex without falling back in love]

#2 prepare your mind Picture yourself having a short conversation. and be polite to your ex. It will help you prepare for that meeting.

#3 reading between the lines Don’t try to read between the lines while talking to your ex. Ex-girlfriends can be sarcastic and rude. Or sometimes they might riddle or imply that they still miss you and need you. Trying to decipher your ex’s thoughts will either confuse you or lure you into guessing things that may not be true.

#4 don’t be bitter Life is too short to hold on to the past. Unless they tear your heart and push it through a paper shredder.

#5 Looks confident. Everyone wants to have a better life than their ex! You want your ex to assume you’ve had a good life after the breakup, right? You want your ex to believe that you accept the breakup and are happier than ever. So, look confident and raise your chest while talking to your ex. Pretend you’re having the time of your life even if you’ve been dating for weeks. [Read: 13 physical attraction tips to look really sexy when you bump into an ex]

#6 don’t choose a fight You’ll feel like an idiot later! And losing your cool will make you look like a bitter psychopath.

#7 How are you? Don’t think when your ex asks how you are. Just say you’re cool and everything is going well for you! Smile a lot, think happily

#8 excuse me. An apology may bring your ex back to love. or cause more pain It’s the water under the bridge. So don’t apologize unless you really feel the need. Apologize about a breakup only if you sincerely believe that you have to apologize about what you did or your behavior. But don’t try to explain yourself. Otherwise you will open a can of worms.

#9 don’t wait when you meet your ex It makes things uncomfortable and you may lose your composure. But if you don’t want to say goodbye Your ex just doesn’t seem to be keeping up. And the conversation was really warm and friendly. Let’s come back and talk.

#10 Come back with the ex. If you walk into your ex and feel the love that sparks in your heart and buttocks. Don’t be in a rush right away. Don’t try to ignite love right away. Because that might keep your ex far away from you. Just talk and tell your ex you want to keep in touch. [Read: Things to know before you get back with your ex just to have sex]

#11 Stay in touch. If you want to keep in touch with your ex Tell your ex that you want to see him one more time. If your ex seems interested in this idea. Instead, ask them for a way to contact them and hang up a day or two later. Or give them your number so they can call you. Don’t push your mind to talk about it before you walk away.

#12 Don’t go into details about your life. You are not trying to pursue or review yourself. You just have to deal with awkward situations with your ex!

#13 Don’t look for closure. you won’t get it Finished and dusted And some things shouldn’t be said

#14 Don’t look back. After you say goodbye, walk away unless you’re trying to rekindle your lost love. If you look back and find that your ex is looking at you. You will feel the lost love and the flickering romance. And if your ex doesn’t stand still and stare at you when you turn around and look at them. You will feel pain because you are the only one who looks back and they move on.

Some of us can be friends with our ex because breakups happen all at the same time. And some of us are forced to stay friends because they have too many like-minded friends or we work in the same place. But if breaking up is bad It’s always better to avoid being friends.

When you see your ex after an awkward breakup. to deal with the situation quickly and confidently and walk away! [Read: 16 circumstances when you should and shouldn’t stay friends with an ex]

Run into your ex – with their new partner.

If you walk into your ex’s arms and he’s in the arms of your new lover. Be graceful and friendly. It’s like you’re meeting an old acquaintance. Don’t reveal your shyness and most importantly Avoid being overly friendly or talking about the good old days.

In a minute or two conversation Use excuses like “You guys look busy. Don’t let me interfere…”?? “It’s really nice to meet you. but wait I’m late and I have to go somewhere.”?? and walk away [Read: How to stop feeling jealous of your ex lover]

Run into your ex – with your new partner.

You’re dating a hot girl and your ex is single and lonely. Yes, it feels good, but don’t look down on it. Say hi and introduce your new partner after exchanging a few good things *Make sure you introduce your new partner to your ex. Otherwise your new squeeze will get angry or think something is still happening!*

Smile, warm and friendly and walked away within minutes.

Your feelings and run into the past

Your feelings play a big part in your interactions with your ex. But no matter how you feel Play it safe and hold your cards close to your chest. Revealing how much you love or hate him immediately after meeting your ex won’t help you. [Read: What you need to do if you’re secretly still in love with your ex]

If you still love your ex but your ex isn’t interested in getting back into your relationship. Avoid chasing or begging him to take you back. It will only make them insult you more.

Start with a greeting and extend the conversation for a few minutes or more. keep distance speak friendly and avoid talking about relationships You are more likely to get your ex interested in getting to know you again by acting more like a friend than your ex!

On the other hand, if you meet an ex that you have no feelings for. Keep yourself warm and friendly. And if they talk about returning or changing their phone number again. Politely decline and tell them you’ve done it and don’t want to complicate things.

Do you want to get back together again?

Sometimes meeting your ex can be a romantic coincidence. Especially if you still love him or have good feelings for him, and if you’re trying to get back to your ex. You have to remember to deal with it slowly. [Read: The right way to date an ex again by taking things slow]

ex and friends

Friends can become lovers. But the opposite is rarely true. Deal with the situation tactfully, be polite, smile, and walk away. Don’t try to be friends or try to get back into each other’s lives. no need Unless you’re looking for more heartbreaking symptoms or complications.

You both broke up for a reason. Of course, the feeling might come back on fire when you unexpectedly collide. But that doesn’t mean love is still in the air. Sometimes, nostalgia feels like love. Especially when your ex ran into you at a crossroads.

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Bumping with an ex is a delicate and awkward business. But it’s still something you need to prepare. Keep these 14 in mind. And the next time you meet your ex. You’ll know how to say and do the right thing!

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