Calling Men – Will It Help Your Situation?

Hey ladies. Have you ever exchanged numbers with a guy and the bum never called you? Did you know that it okay to call him? I know, it sometimes just doesn’t seem right, but in today’s world, it is perfectly acceptable to find women calling men. I’ll say it again, it is okay for you to call him.

What is Calling Men?

Mimi Tanner is a relationship expert and has recently written a solid guide on how to call men, it is called ironically enough, ‘Calling men’. This book contains several interesting and effective concepts that can show you the right way to call the man you are interested in.

You find a man, get switch numbers and nothing. You may be wondering why you should bother calling someone who hasn’t bothered to call you. Any number of reasons can be at fault. He got your number wrong. He didn’t think you were interested in him.

A lot of the answers to this can be found in ‘Calling Men’ a book by Mimi Tanner. It is more than just how women call men, it also has effective ways to get guys to come calling you.

Calling Men PDFWhen reading ‘Calling Men’, you can learn a lot of special facts that help you communicate with your men. Should I call him? Yes, you should and this guide can help you understand the best way to go about it. It delivers much more than it promises.

Additionally, Calling Men will also guide you through the many unchartered waters of both E-Mail and text message correspondence. With the rise of online dating, knowing how to use E-Mail and text messages wisely will help you find your way through the many men who will respond to your profile.

Likewise, for those who have found their date offline, understanding the rules behind E-Mails and text messaging will also ensure that you use these tools to enhance your communication and not take away from it. Calling Men is your one-stop resource for effective communication with men, whether it is through the telephone, E-Mail, or text message.

Be The One In Control With “Calling Men”

Calling Men is the brainchild of Mimi Tanner, a woman who has spent a lifetime studying and researching what makes a woman attractive to a man. She is the author of Man Mistake Eraser and Secrets of Flirting with Men.

She also writes an advice column read by thousands of women a day. What she has discovered is that when, or even whether, you call a man can make or break a new relationship.

Stop Taking Advice From All The Wrong Places

You’ve sought advice from your girlfriends, your sister, even your mom, but does anyone really know how to handle one of the biggest mysteries a  woman will ever face, whether to call a man, when to call a man, or what to say IF you call a man?

When first, second, or even third impressions are so critical, can you rely on advice from several different sources and then pick and choose? And now you have to worry not only about phone calls, but e-mails and text messaging.
What You’ll Learn From Calling Men:

  • Calling Men ProgramWhat to do if HE suggests that you call him.
  • What to do if he calls but then doesn’t leave a message.
  • What you should do if he is slow about calling you back.
  • What about an e-mail? Is that the same as a call?
  • What if he hasn’t called for an extended period of time but suddenly calls?
  • What is the reasoning behind why men won’t call
  • Is text messaging and instant messaging considered to be the same as a phone call
  • Why you might benefit from not calling him
  • How to handle calls and e-mails that will make him want you more
  • Why you might belittle yourself by calling him
  • What most men feel about a woman who calls when he’s not calling her

Confidence Is Sexy

Calling Men is easy and fun to read, and will arm you with the confidence of knowing whether or when to call is the right move.

Can Be Downloaded Quickly & Easily, You Can Start Immediately

Calling Men is able to be downloaded instantly, and easily, so if you’re in a quagmire right now about whether to call, you can get the advice from an expert in a matter of minutes.

Try It Out For Eight Weeks, Risk-Free

But the best part about Calling Men? The 100 percent, money-back guarantee.
If you’re not completely satisfied, you get your money back, no questions asked.
I’ve personally ordered through this company many times and on rare occasions
that I’ve requested a refund, the money was back in my account the very next day.

Bottom line, if you’re needing help with this oh-so-critical part of your relationship with your guy, Calling Men is definitely worth a closer look.





The book thoroughly teaches you dos and don’ts of phone calls, messages, and emails. It gives you a clear picture of how to talk to a man in a way that brings you both closer, thereby further nurturing your relationship.

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