Cat Spraying No More book by Sarah Richards

Does your cat have the habit of peeing everywhere around the house? Then you know how stressful it can be to always clean the floors, carpets and the furniture over and over. To top it all, you have to put up with the unbearable, foul smell in the house.

Luckily for you, there is a product that claims to offer the solution to all your cat peeing problems. The product we are referring to is Cat Spraying No More™ by Sarah Richards. It promises to help stop your cat from peeing and spraying outside of the litter box completely.

Eventually, you will have the well-behaved and happy cat that you have always wanted.

What is Cat Spraying No More?

Cat Spraying No More EbookThis is a guide designed to help cat owners end their cat’s spraying and peeing problem completely. It is 66-pages long and is broken down into small chapters with each chapter covering different techniques and strategies in detail.

In addition, it is reported to contain time-tested and proven ways which make it more effective. By adopting the techniques suggested in the guide you can stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box.

The guide is written by a cat owner with the first-hand experience about cat peeing problems which make us believe you will find it useful. But probably the best thing about the guide is the fact that it works regardless of how old your cat is or how long it has had the spraying and peeing problem outside the litter box.

Who is Sarah Richards?

Sarah RichardsSarah Richards is the author of the program. She is also a qualified veterinarian and has worked as a Veterinary Technician for the SPCA.

Apparently, she has treated so many mistreated, sick and malnourished animals during her time as a veterinarian. In addition, Sarah owns a cat called Timmy that she adopted from the streets.

According to Sarah, Timmy used to pee on her bed, furniture, clothes and anywhere but not the litter box and she was forced to constantly clean the house and wash her clothes.

The problem went on for months despite trying different techniques until one day her colleague suggested to her a weird but effective trick to help Timmy pee in the litter box. The trick worked straightway and this led her to create this guide to share her techniques with other cat owners.

What Should You Expect From The Program?

The guide starts by explaining how you can find out why your cat is peeing everywhere in the house. Knowing the reasons why your cat always pees outside the litter tray will make it easier for you to help it stop.

Inside the guide, you will also learn the signs to look out for to determine if your cat’s spraying and the peeing problem is just a behavioral issue.

Cat Spraying No More ScamIn addition, you will discover how to decode your cat’s psychology so you can easily formulate strategies to help your cat learn to pee on the litter box.

Besides, you will learn why shouting at your cat when it exhibits a bad behavior can stress it thereby causing it to repeat the same behavior.

Further, the guide teaches you the number one rule every cat owner should follow when setting up the litter tray at home.

As it turns out, placing the litter tray in an uncomfortable location or having a cramped litter box with high sides or a hood can make the cat pee at other places.

The author has also included some of the common mistakes most cat owners make when dealing with their cat’s peeing problem. Committing these mistakes will result in a whole host of new problems that can be difficult to deal with.

You will also discover three real-life examples from Sarah of how she stopped her cat from spraying just anywhere in the house. Moving on, Sarah shares with a unique herbal repellent mix you can prepare at home to help you break your cat’s peeing cycle.

In return, your cat will stop peeing in unwanted areas completely. Also, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the mix and use it correctly for the best results.

And another thing, you will learn to create a conducive and friendly living environment for your cat. According to Sarah, this is a proven method of making your cat more receptive to litter-tray training.

Does It Include Any Bonuses?

Besides the main guide of Cat Spraying No More, you will get a couple of bonus guides at no additional cost to help improve your cat’s quality of life. They include:

1) Cat Training Bible

This is a comprehensive guide that includes tips and advice to help you train your cat better. Inside the guide, you will learn how to implement different cat training techniques such as cat-door training, collar training, and holiday training.

2) Recipes For a Healthy Cat

The guide teaches you how to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your cat. It features 101 easy to make recipes including for birthday treats, cat cookies, breakfast, and crispy trout.

3) The Cat Care Blueprint

Inside this guide, you will find tips and methods from an expert to help you take care of your cat properly. It contains everything from how to groom your cat, visiting the vet, giving healthy food and vaccinations.

4) Pet Medical Recorder Software

With this software, you will be able to keep track of things like flea control, vaccinations, and worming. The software also records the medical history of your cat, immunizations, vet contact details and medicines that your cat needs to take.

Benefits Contains

  • Tested and proven techniques
  • Offers a systematic approach towards correcting a cat’s behavior problems
  • Backed by the 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Helps create a better and happier relationship with your cat
  • The price of the guide is incredibly cheap
  • No more cleaning or replacing your carpet, furniture or floors
  • Saves you from the stress of having to lock your cat in one room


  • Only available online for purchase
  • Results may vary because every cat is different
  • Requires you to apply everything in the guide for best results

Bottom Line

Overall, Cat Spraying No More is a simple, cost-effective and great way to help your cat stop spraying out of the litter box for good. While results vary from one cat to another, the guide does work and will help you build a happier relationship with your cat. So, give it a try.





Overall, this program’s benefits heavily, special, it is made by an author who genuinely cares about cats. It’s a relatively affordable and effective way to help your cat stop its bad behavior

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