5 Big Changes when You Go from Dating to a Relationship

You are finally in a formal relationship with the person you are dating. is a big step And you know for sure that change is coming your way.

Going from dating in a relationship

from personal experience and experimentation. I’ve come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s not worth your time and energy to be in a relationship with the person you’re dating. You have to be prepared to make the transition from dating to. “In a relationship” or not? Because even if you think that everything will be the same or better You will surely expect too much.

I’ve been dating Samuel for a few months. It seems to me that he is clearly the “right person”?? He promises, he’s funny, and he’s all I hope for in a man. So of course my preferred path is to switch from dating to being in a relationship with him. Why? I hope everything goes smoothly – isn’t that what most people dream of?

If you date someone I hope you are lucky that everything went smoothly and well. is going to change And you have to invest in your relationship. It’s a good rule of thumb: if a lottery player wants to hit the jackpot. He had to buy lottery tickets.

That logic also applies to the transition from dating to relationship. This process requires dedication, effort, energy, your cooperation, and sometimes the ability to be your own psychiatrist, close friend, and fortune teller at the same time. [Read: 10 signs you’re comfortably going from dating to “in a relationship”]

Unfavorable situations during the transition of your relationship

You might think that the path from dating to relationship is really smooth. Because nothing really changes, anyway, but that’s not entirely true. It will be a bumpy journey with occasional interruptions in the form of confusion. Here are the top five situations you will find yourself facing.

#1 not common anymore Back when you were just dating Is it good to “play by ear”? so to speak You can go on a date today. and don’t have to talk the next day Dating games are full of situations like this. which you can do alone as you want But you still secretly hope that there are people who care enough about you to keep you consistent.

But when you’re in a relationship It is your responsibility to be more consistent with your significant other. You are busy and single anymore. because you are already attached to someone Marriage may not be as serious as marriage. But it’s also a relationship where your significant other has the right to know what you’re doing.

It feels good to know that you can connect with your partner. And they’ll get back to you as soon as you need them, but in some cases, the feeling of needing to keep your significant other up to date can take your breath away. and for some It feels more like a job than anything you’ve ever done. [Read: 16 signs you’re not ready for a serious relationship]

#2 Is sexual intimacy an obligation? when you are dating The thought of having sex doesn’t really bother you as much because you know your relationship isn’t serious. you are just dating But when you’re in a relationship Many people think that sex is important because it binds two people together.

To be honest, sex has nothing to do with having a boyfriend. What matters is if you are ready to have sex with your partner. Unfortunately, no one can tell you if having sex with someone is the right thing to do. The burden rests on you.

The only thing I’m going to tell you is when you switch from dating to relationship. You might think it’s the most “yes” thing?? when having sex or you have to have sex If you think having sex You are about to accomplish something. You will be very disappointed You should only have sex if it feels right for you. You have no obligation to drop your pants or jump into bed with your partner. Just because you have a relationship with them.

#3 Meet parents. Unfortunately, however, meeting your partner’s parents becomes normal when you’re in a relationship. But not when you’re just dating. Many people panic for no reason. To be honest, you just met their parents. Did not join the army! While some couples won’t force you to have dinner with their family, others will oblige you to meet with their parents for a “good night”. “Additional assessment”??

Back when you were just dating The people involved are the two of you. And maybe a few close friends know you’re dating. But when the parents got involved, it suddenly became a family affair. You received a friend request from your lover’s parents. You are invited to a family event. and you will meet with elder relatives It’s like you’ve added new people. Many automatically enter your social networks. Just because you are dating their family members. [Read: 7 clear signs it’s time to meet the parents]

#4 the interests, goals, and compromises they create. This is what bothered me when I switched from dating to relationship. I used to be an independent organizer. And my partner is fine when I travel to different places. to organize various events And he’s fine when I’m surrounded by strangers. He doesn’t say anything if I don’t answer because I’m busy with work or I’m sleepy. But as we transition into relationships, things suddenly get a little more intense.

Now my travels are starting to bother him because I don’t pay enough attention to him. Being around strangers suddenly makes him so jealous that he wants to be with me like a bodyguard. If I don’t answer his call He must have wanted to know why!

Sometimes, no matter how cool your partner is, it’s about what you do. Their real opinions on this and their true colors only show up if you’re already in a relationship. Why? Because you are quite determined. And you won’t break up with them on trivial matters like their little jealousy or indifference to your job. or insulting your pet cat Sadly, the best step forward ends when you’re in a serious relationship. [Read: New relationship advice to have a perfect start to your romance]

#5 Suddenly people have a voice. when you’re just dating Everyone thinks you’re not serious because you’re casual. But when you switch to a formal relationship, everyone’s opinions suddenly matter. A lot of people will give you two cents for your relationship.

Suddenly, the job, income, family background idea of ​​marriage And even the other party’s pet deserves a thorough scrutiny. Even if the person commenting might just be looking for you. But it’s still annoying. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship]

Dating and looking for “the right person” ?? It may seem like a chore. But the transition from dating to being in a relationship can sometimes be just as daunting. My advice is to take it slow. and give yourself time to adjust

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