The Children Learning Reading Program Review: How Good Is It?

Each parent desires to see his or her child read and interact with books while still young. Reading expands the child’s worldview according to brain specialists. Through literature and early interaction with books, the child can have a smooth transition to the academic world.

Teaching children how to read however is a complicated process because children have very short concentration periods. Children also have several different learning speeds.

It is therefore critical to have a program that is child-centered and which takes the shortest time possible in teaching the children how to read.

What is the Children Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading Ebook

Children Learning Reading program aims at diverse types of children. These groups of children include those that can speak but cannot read and those children that can read but slow.

The program is one of the best options for parents desiring to induce their children to read while still young. Children Learning Reading program is also appropriate for children in homeschooling programs.

Children Learning Reading program takes into considerations that reading can be a complicated task too small children with developing brains and therefore the need for a systematic but straightforward approach to this critical phase of life.

The program structured for short periods every day enables a simple continuous Gaming process, which finally has a value addition to the reading ability of the child.

Who is the Author? | About Jim Yang

The Children Learning Reading Program created by Jim Yang. Him being a teacher by profession and majoring in young children reading, Jim Yang saw the need to encourage parents to be part of teaching their children how to read.

He believes that children from the age of two to three have a potential of reading because they can finally talk although not fluently. This is opposite to perception parents have on children abilities.

He is a firm believer that every parent should take advantage of the fact that children brain at this age grows at a faster rate and therefore can comprehend things at a quicker pace.

Jim Yang developed the program while teaching their children with his wife how to read. This, therefore, makes the program an experience-based program.

How it works

Children Learning Reading Scam

According to the program, teaching a child how to read requires a strategic plan that is short but effective.

When one makes the purchases of the program, there is the provision of two guide eBooks. The eBooks guide the parents on how to induce children to read and encourage them in the process of learning.

The program in an attempt to teach children how to read uses phonemes. This is a concept of using sounds that comes from words.

At the inducement age, the child has the potential to understand since they can already speak some few words. Therefore associating those phrase sounds with letters becomes a possibility. As they continue to learn how to read, there is an assurance in an improvement of speed in reading as they can read the relatively complex material at a faster rate.

The program is a 50 steps journey from the introduction to reading. It has advanced sections, as the child is comprehensively taught how to read.

It stretches from the onset of the reading basics to advancing each section, and this process is subjective to the child’s reading speed. In the program, the child interacts with the audio clips and in the process taught how to read.

While the Gaming progresses, video clips are also used. Video lessons bring a new level of interactions. The interactions are based on Jim Yang’s interactions model with his children as he was teaching them how to read.

The Children Learning Reading program gives a reading collection of bonuses to the children. The rewards are subject to the level the child is.

For example, in the early stages of learning how to read, the child interacts with vivid stories that are attractive, and as they progress, audio clips are introduced as well as kid’s songs and tales through video clips.

Any The “Children Learning Reading” Bonuses?

Children Learning BonusBonus #1: Stage 1 Lesson Stories

These lessons stories are part of the learning program and come with colorful illustrations to make learning reading fun and engaging for you and your child. These are the exact same stories and step-by-step lessons that we used to teach our own children to read!

  • Bonus #2: Stage 2 Lesson Stories

By the time your child begins with our Stage 2 lessons and Lesson stories, your child will have already developed a very solid foundation for reading, and the lessons and stories in stage 2 further advance your child’s reading capabilities.

  • Bonus #3: Letter Sound MP3 Audio Clips

We created a full set of mp3 audio clips demonstrating in detail on how to properly sound out each of the alphabet letters so that you are better equipped to teach your child to sound out words and read words, sentences, and stories.

  • Bonus #4: The Most Common Sight Words

Sight words are pronounced without decoding the spelling of the word, and we want to help you become aware of some of the most common sight words that you and your child will encounter. The more you know, the better you’re able to teach your child to read.

  • Bonus #5: Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes

With our program, you also receive a complete book of Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes. With the reading skills that your child develop from our program, we want to give your child interesting and fun to read books. Our Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhyme contains 35 all-time favorite nursery rhymes for children.

  • Bonus #6: Free Lifetime Upgrades!

You will receive lifetime updates for free! This is the awesome benefit of e-books. Whenever we release a new, updated edition of Children Learning Reading, you get it for FREE! We will simply contact you through our private, customer-only email list, and send you instant download instructions.

  • SUPER BONUS #7: Free One-on-One Counseling for 12 weeks

YES! 12 weeks, free private counseling advice and guidance from knowledgeable and experienced parents who have been through it all. We are just an email away, and if you feel you need some help and guidance, you can have your questions privately answered. We will personally respond to your emails.


  • The program helps the brain of the child to develop faster. With the introduction of reading, the brain grows faster to accommodate this and over time, the child can comprehend things at a quicker rate. With the introduction of books also helps the child develop imaginations.
  • The program gives the child a more comprehensive worldview compared to other children of the same age. Although the primary objective of this program is to provide children a smooth transition to the academic world, storybooks and comical publications become part of life. These two genres of literature expand their worldviews.
  • Through the program, there is an introduction to the broader academic world were reading the primary way of acquiring information. With this in mind, this is giving the child an added advantage over the other children who did not go through it.
  • The program is child-oriented. Most programs of this nature fail to understand children’s concentration spans as well as their abilities. The microprogram lessons of 10-15 minutes each day and stretches over periods. During the short! Gaming lessons, maximum learning takes place.
  • The program has a refund policy if the parent feels that it did not give value for money. This policy shows the level of confidence that Jim Yang has on the project. The refund policy covers up to 60 days-use days, and if it is not satisfactory, the parent can file a refund on the site. This gives the parent the confidence to buy the package.

Problems With Children Learning Reading Program

  • The program is not fully customized to cater to each child’s ability to learn regarding speed. This gives the parent the obligation to understand the child’s ability to learn faster and only use the program as a general guide in the process.
  • Since it is an online program, it requires internet and gadgets. Although this is not a significant disadvantage, it is worth noting that there are parents that still prefer physical books. Diversification of the program regarding availability can be termed as a shortcoming.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Children Learning Reading program offers value for money. It is unique from other similar programs by the virtual of being affordable and results-oriented.

The founder, Jim Yang derived the program from interactions with his children. This reason, therefore, makes it a program worth investing.

The refund policy also gives the user an easy exit in case they feel the program is not worth.





Children Learning Reading is a must-buy program for your children. With it, your kid will find a suitable launching pad that will see them excel from strength to strength, additionally, you also explore the way to approach parenthood and your kids learning.

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