17 Clear Signs You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend

Just because you’ve always been friends That doesn’t mean you have to cut them off your list of potential couples. You might be missing out!

Signs that you should date your best friend

whether we value it or not We all try to find “The One” all our lives?? For some people, the search is harder: going day after day without making a real relationship. or suffer many unsuccessful relationships.

but if When Harry meets Sally What does it teach us that sometimes “The One”?? right in front of you It’s not always about finding someone like you or the most attractive person. is to find someone with whom you have a real and honest relationship with. And someone who loves you as you are, warts and everyone, and someone might just be your best friend. The person who was always there [Read: I’m in love with my best friend… What next?]

Can your best friend be “The One”???

Whether you’ve thought about them romantically or not. It’s also worth considering if there’s more to your relationship than you initially thought. 17 Signs Your Best Friend Might Be “The One”??

#1 Other friends regularly point out. People close to you will always ask you when the two of you are dating. And you always have to convince them that you’re just a good friend. They can feel the chemistry between you and your best friend. Even if you don’t know it yet

#2 you are sensitive let’s face You are more physically fit with your best friend than your average best friend. your hug is still You find yourself playing with your hair when you talk to them. And you regularly break the tactile barrier. and moreover You will often find yourself teasing or teasing each other in a flirtatious manner. [Read: 15 clear signs of flirting between two friends]

#3 You always agree on the main point. You have revealed and vented your concerns for each other, just like your best friend. If you find yourself agreeing with any of these points – especially those related to dating. Show that you are the right match!

#4 Your day doesn’t seem complete if you don’t check in. They are the first person you want to talk to about anything. And you both insist on keeping in touch all the time when you’re apart.

#5 Silence is never uncomfortable. Sure, it’s fun to go out and do things. But you’re more than happy to do nothing together. In fact, you can sit quietly. without feeling uncomfortable You’re just happy in each other’s company.

#6 Interests in each other’s lives go beyond individual levels. You invest in the lives of other friends. and their families as well You know when their sister has an exam or when their mother has an important doctor’s appointment. and you care about results

#7 There are only smiles and laughter! whenever you are with them You will be happy and at ease. and everything you do together whatever it’s fun These can make you laugh and smile. Even if you feel the worst [Read: 14 insights into what men want and need in a woman]

#8 You have a telepathic connection. You finish each other’s sentences. And you know what the other person thinks or feels. Moreover You can’t live your life without them supporting you – a tiny piece. your will disappear [Read: 20 sure signs to read his mind and know if he loves you]

#9 You share your enthusiasm and disappointment in their successes and failures as if they were your own. There is no joy or sympathy here. When they are worried about an upcoming job interview or exam. You feel satisfied enough. with how they feel

#10 You accept them, warts and all. They can be as straightforward, comfortable, and crazy as they like around you. and you still like them You are aware of their failures and regrets. And you are very welcome to accept them regardless.

#11 They are your number one topic of discussion. You can’t stop talking about it to your other friends, even if you try not to. You also flaunt their achievements and share their amusing anecdotes with enthusiasm as if they were your own.

#12 There is no need to impress. You don’t feel the need to impress them or do something. You can be yourself, no makeup, no fancy clothes. There is no perfect hairstyle. You feel more comfortable with them than anyone else. [Read: 8 things to do when you’re treated like one of the guys]

#13 They know you from the inside out. They know your worst habits. The ultimate guilt in happiness and your deepest and darkest secret They don’t judge you from them. And they are comfortable sharing their little secrets with you.

#14 You are ready to sacrifice your own wants and needs. You are willing to do what you know the other person likes. Even if you are not interested in him yourself. You sit next to them as they start their favorite TV show, a six-hour marathon. And they will do the same for you.

#15 Their family accepts you as one of their own. You are now with their family. And they’ll be thrilled if you’re dating – and may wonder why you haven’t! You are based on real names with their parents. Their mother invites you to have lunch on Sunday. And you are expected to attend a large family gathering.

#16 Your secret is safe. You will trust them with your most precious possessions and your darkest secrets and they have proven to you that they will protect them with their lives. their And even the most tempting bribery doesn’t force you to open up.

#17 Appearance is not the number one priority. They don’t care when you’re wearing your most embarrassing pajamas and an old, flannel t-shirt. But they point out when they think you look good and notice when you’ve put extra effort into your looks. On the other hand, it would be nice to see them in such a mess. But you won’t hesitate to compliment them when they’re all silly. [Read: A complete guide to dating a friend you really like]

A few tips about dating your best friend: It’s impossible to get back together if dating them doesn’t work. Trusting with all your heart may make it seem like a worthwhile endeavor, although risky.

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When “one” ?? It doesn’t seem to show up in the bar you frequent or on the dating site you’re in. A closer look at the house may help. Your best friend may be the one you intend to have a bright and happy future with!

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