18 Clear Signs You’re in a Girl’s Friend Zone!

Do you think you ever hit a girlfriend that you really like? Use these 18 signs that you are in the friend zone to see if it’s time to give up!

Signs that you are in the friend zone

All men are afraid to hear these two words one by one. which may be more than other sentences while chasing women

While most men will joke about being in the “Friend Zone” ?? Or try to pretend that it never happened to them. Most men have been exposed to the Friend Zone at least once in their lives.

And it’s quite possible that they deny this now!

Or these people are not aware of all the signs.

Some women are direct and think about relationships with men right away.

However, other women Many of them are much more fragile. And they try to be kind and let you down.

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18 signs you’ve been secretly attracted by a girl!

So how do you know you’re being gracefully thrown to the curb by a woman? Even if she doesn’t use words and tells you directly. That she’s not interested in dating you?

Let’s take a look at 18 signs that you’re in the friend zone the most.

#1 You’re not so funny! even being friends Most women laugh at men’s jokes. This is just the most common social interaction. If your crush laughs at your jokes. Don’t jump to the conclusion that they’re interested in you.

but vice versa If your girlfriend never or rarely laughs at your jokes. Now is the time for you to start worrying that you might not even be in your friend level. Maybe more like an acquaintance [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh and like you instantly!]

#2 ask you about other women If the girl of your dreams constantly asks you about other girls when you hang out. There are two basic concepts here. No matter how hard she tries to figure out what kind of woman you like to date. to see who she likes in that profile. or to see if you’re available. However, this might be an optimistic version.

In fact, she may be trying to hint you to try to pursue these women. *Red Flag Alert: It’s one thing to ask you about another woman. Your urge to talk to a girl is not a good sign for you, friend!* [Read: 15 clear flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#3 call you a ‘friend’ The two of you could be spending all day together every day. But the way she introduces you to her parents or friends is a good sign that she thinks of you on a romantic level. really He is my best friend.” And you should accept your fate in the Friend Zone.

#4 She avoids being seen with you. while outside She avoids being seen with you so that others don’t misunderstand. Maybe you’re wondering why you see her so much all day long. but never at night She’s always busy when you invite her to the mall or grab something to eat.

But the next day, in class or at work, she’s Miss Chatty Box with you again. At least you know that she is yours only. Until it’s time to leave that day [Read: 10 easy steps to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

#5 She talks about her connection. Perhaps the worst thing about being in the Friend Zone is hearing everything about other guys. that she was digging without you being one of them Knowing that these men are not for her (Of course, you should be on her side.) It doesn’t matter because she doesn’t see a good passing car, a torn figure, or that beautiful smile.

#6 Three people are not a crowd. If you invite her somewhere She will also bring her friends. If this happens once may be a coincidence if it happens again There is no doubt where you stand in terms of friendship versus special relationship.

You invite her to a movie or dinner, or in general, invite her to a private and group event without your knowledge. This is just another tactic women use to say “Sorry, I don’t care” without saying anything. [Read: 18 foolproof ways to make a girl fall in love with you]

#7 Drunk and still no sign! You finally took her to the bar. You only have her in public *just 2 yours* and after a few drinks She still doesn’t want to do anything to you! There is no misunderstanding how crazy it is if you both start dating. Don’t move as the drink moves closer to your hand. Not good looking, men are not handsome at all!

#8 There is no physical contact between the two of you. Hugs don’t count what we are 12! If you hug each other every time you see each other You can’t believe she’s interested. I’m just going to the next point. I hope you get a hint [Read: 15 tips to text a girl and build the sexual chemistry]

#9 she is casual You can tell that she’s not trying on her appearance when you see her. You both go out to get something to eat. She walks up to your car wearing sweatpants and a pullover jacket with no makeup or earrings. Again, don’t look too promising here, buddy.

#10 You watch the whole movie! The worst thing that can happen when watching a movie with her is her constant, subtle movements that rest your head on your shoulders. that just moved SCREAMS Friend Zone! If you are straight Try putting your arms around her back or making a gesture of reaching out to her. Any movement away from you should let you know where you are standing. [Read: Sneaky tips to get a girl horny and wet while sitting next to her]

#11 A brother from another mother? As mentioned in the example above. Being called a “best friend” is a bad situation for you. but being called The “brother she never had” was even worse. Because who in the right mind would ever think about a “family member” in a dating situation?

#12 Shopping time. Does she ask you to go shopping with her regularly? Now let me explain clearly. If you are invited to go lingerie shopping This might be a good opportunity for you. but buying shoes shopping for handbags Carrying groceries to the mall while following her around. like a puppy That’s what started to look scary.

#13 A very cute nickname. What could be scarier than letting the girl you love call you “Mickey Pooh” in public? That’s a brutal and brutal way to get your heart out of your chest intricately. [Read: How to confess your love to a girl without getting rejected]

#14 She needs your advice. She asks for advice on what men are looking for in a woman. She didn’t ask that to flirt with you. I can promise you. She’s clearly keeping an eye on other men. and wondered how to make him notice her But if you want to keep telling yourself she’s talking about you, go for it. Anything that helps you sleep at night!

#15 Share a bed. You have shared a bed with this person. but has not participated in any physical activity Finally you took her alone in your room and she. “Too tired” or “extremely tired from a long day” and want to head to bed. if you are brave Try starting something when you both go to bed. But you’ll always be looking for direct rejections that happen within the next few seconds! [Read: 20 dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet]

#16 She tries to set you up with her friends. If she’s always telling you how perfect you are for that friend or that friend. What she’s really trying to say is that you’re not perfect for her!

#17 You always do it for her. Do you remember the last time you protected her while at work? Exchange shifts? Help her study for the final exam at your own expense? Let her ride from place to place without being invited to these places. Wake up, sir, wake up! [Read: The right way to get over a girl who just doesn’t like you back]

#18 You are her shoulder. The worst way to realize you’re the most in your friend zone is when you comfort her every time she breaks up. After every breakup Who is she crying? The person she wants to sit on the sofa with. Share a gallon bucket of ice cream while crying all the time wondering what happened? [Read: 6 ways to kiss your friend accidentally and get away with it!]

Just book a one-way ticket to the Friend Zone for yourself. There is no need (or method) to purchase a round-trip ticket.

Obviously, some of these signals and indicators are definitely worse than others, but if you can check out some of them on this list. It’s time to come back to reality.

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She doesn’t care about you the way you want. And the sooner you realize using these 18 clear signs that you are in a girl’s friend zone. You can go faster or stay friends without any secret agenda.

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