Stop the Yes, Dear-Ing: 30 Signs You Have a Controlling Girlfriend

Is there anything worse than a controlling girlfriend? If you can’t shit without asking Maybe it’s time to move on and find freedom.

control boyfriend

I’ll take it out there. Almost every guy thinks they have a controlling girlfriend. Written in our culture is the idea that men are wild beasts that must be tamed. Women were sent to train them. But that’s just a folktale for most couples.

There is a difference between a girlfriend’s natural tendency to nurture and empathize with the need to control. If you’re uncomfortable and seem unable to do anything on your own without her saying so. It might be time to move on.

30 Screaming Behaviors That Coerce Your Girlfriend

You can’t be in a relationship that feels more like an obligation. That’s not the way to live. Whether she really controls you or not, if she’s feeling guilty, maybe so. I’m going to remind you that most women tend to control certain things that are hard to come by for us.

So before you throw it away To think that she really controls you. Or you’re not ready for a relationship right now? That way you decide to grow it or let it go.

#1 You wouldn’t dare say Guy’s night. Man’s night is like a curse in your relationship. She knows you’ll drink too much. swear too much and too much to live without you That’s way too much freedom for you to handle. She did you a favor! [Read: How to stop being manipulated in a relationship]

#2 She doesn’t just tell you what to wear. But she also set you up in bed. She doesn’t just buy your clothes and tell you what to wear. But when you can’t get it right She turned to put things for you on the bed. [Read: The 15 signs your girlfriend is insane]

#3 A manipulative girlfriend needs to know where you are every second of the day. when you go home You will know all your actions best. because she wanted a story And she wasn’t above checking just to be sure.

#4 If you talk to other women You know you’re going to lose in hell. She has eyes everywhere, so you know better than talking to other girls. Like a spy camera All you have to do is have someone say, “Hey, I saw your girlfriend talking to ___ on Friday” for the big fight to come.

#5 don’t be yourself she won’t like it Your every behavior is monitored and judged by her. So act right! [Read: How your self respect affects you and all the relationships you have]

#6 She corrected your grammar. as well as children When you say something in English that is not appropriate. She doesn’t just let you know. She doesn’t fix you in front of the crowd any better. Your bad words reflect badly on her.

#7 “Did you brush your teeth today?” and ask other basic questions. like you age 2 year old… she just made sure.

#8 She limits what you can and cannot eat. She decided you were a vegetarian, you know, you used to love bacon and cheeseburgers. It’s beyond the limit now.

#9 A neat girlfriend will teach you how to fold fabric items. you are all wrong There is a right way of doing things and not your way.

#10 She doesn’t like your BFF and insists you ghost him. If you value your best friend or anything too much. that will steal from you They should disappear from your life. [Read: 21 big signs of emotional abuse that could break you down completely]

#11 Actually, let all your friends go. All friends have a bad influence. Other men have bad habits, and their bad behavior can affect you.

#12 She gives you a subsidy. You cannot be trusted to make the right decisions with your money. Instead, she rationed it for you.

#13 You check with her before making any plans *like any*. She is the calendar operator. So don’t make any plans. without first checking

#14 You shouldn’t talk about previous relationships. That’s a worthwhile treatment. You don’t have a past, remember? [Read: How to take a stand against silent treatment abuse]

#15 All decisions are made through her channel like all. before you answer You have to be sure what you ask about.

#16 No feet on the coffee table. No shoes in the house. No dogs. No feet on the sofa. Coasters are required. Hang the jacket on the hook. Put the shoes in the shoe bin. and for the benefit of God Remember to put the salt back in the proper position. after you use it

#17 The only answer that works is “yes, honey.” Otherwise it’s crazy. will rapidly escalate

#18 Even if it’s your money. But you ask to buy important items. If you buy anything over $50, you should have a good excuse for not clearing it up with the banker first. [Read: Ultimatums in a relationship and how to use them better]

#19 Holidays are spent with her family. No more holidays forget your parents You don’t need them anyway.

#20 The first sign of a slight weight gain And you’re told to go to the gym. She has no problem controlling your weight. Hit the gym, fat bastard!

#21 She sets your career goals, go for it! The bill will not pay itself! If you will support her and the children that she had already named in the end to find a good job

#22 You have a common opinion and it belongs to her. There is only one option to make.

#23 Everything you do, she will cancel and do the right thing – hers. You can’t do anything Even thank you for trying And she won’t wait until you don’t look. She does it again in front of you. Next time you know better

#24 All your thoughts are “good.” There’s always a “but” to follow. It’s a “but” where the control is. [Read: How to handle controlling behavior in your relationship]

#25 She goes to your barber to tell him how she likes your hair cut. no bad hairstyle or the way you like anymore She is the one who looks at you all the time.

#26 She invites herself too, even though she is clearly not invited. She doesn’t even like fishing. But she would be cursed if she wasn’t in the middle.

#27 Uninvited She unexpectedly appears to check on you. “Oh… I didn’t know you were coming here.” Even though you knew she did.

#28 She makes you open. “Sharing Your Location” *Apple Reference* Tracking devices are not only useful, but also essential.

#29 She talks to you very slowly like you don’t understand. You are not fast enough to keep up with the superiority. [Read: 12 signs you’re walking on eggshells in your love life]

#30 All gifts and thank you cards come from both of you. You guessed it… picked by her.

There’s a reason you moved out of the house. You don’t need a mother anymore. The problem is that no one will let your boyfriend know.

[Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship]

If you wake up one day and find your manipulative girlfriend punching you to the point of suffocation. Tell her to step back or get lost. You cannot live by other people’s rules forever.

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