Couple Goals: 27 Fake & Real Things You Want in a Relationship

You hear the term “double door” a lot, but what does it mean? What are the real couple goals that you should be pursuing?

double door

There are many opinions about dual goals. Most people hold their opinions about religion. social media or what they were told when they grew up

by any means It’s really hard to know. So what should you look for in a life partner? Because the couple’s goals become important. So they don’t show the real couple at work.

The concept of “dual goals” is all over the internet. But what does the dual goal really show? various social media accounts Many cover this topic. And basically just showing pictures of—maybe—models posing for a really cute couple photo. The problem is that those things don’t exist. So what are the dual goals? [Read: How to be a happy couple that everyone envies]

What is a dual goal?

Couple goals are what you need in a relationship. They are what you want out of a relationship. This is what you strive for.

But just like many people want to earn a lot of money in life. They eventually found that connections, experiences, and relationships were more important. And the dual goals are no different.

What we recognize is the goal of couples. especially online It’s not something that real, healthy couples are going through. Dual goals are what you show. It’s not what you’re really into. [Read: 20 things happy couples don’t do]

Why do we crave dual goals?

We’re crazy about SOOOO, this cute couple who seems to be perfect and amazing and really happy together. We looked at pictures on the Internet of couples posing to look really intimate. and we are not enough But why is that?

It’s because we think that’s the truth. And we hope it will be ours. We want to have someone to hug us like the person in the picture is holding. We think we can be realistic and daydream about those specific couple goals. [Read: The good, bad, and ugly of social media and relationships]

fake couple goals

The thing about dual targets is that they tend to be pretty level surface. They are amazing looking. but no depth And we always dream of this couple goals when we’re single.

When you don’t have someone to make you feel good. You think you can have what you think others have. Whether it’s a highlight reel of a real couple or a group of models. A couple’s goals should be about being a healthy and happy couple. It’s not that you look like the outside world. [Read: 10 signs your relationship is doomed]

1. Collection of beautiful pictures

We look at romantic pictures of couples on the beach in each other’s arms in the golden hour light. and it makes us feel things We need that romance and passion. But we didn’t know that behind the photo were two cool models who were extremely uncomfortable.

2. Go on a relaxing vacation

Expensive and luxurious vacations can look amazing in photos and videos. But it didn’t make the couple happy. I know couples who do these miracles and go on beautiful adventures. But coming home must be difficult because of each other. It’s not about where you go. but who are you with

3. engagement

Relationships are beautiful. If you are with the right person Unfortunately, I’ve seen many engagements ended because they were more excited about the moment, the ring, and the wedding than living together. these symbols are good But if you have the basics to hold onto

4. Have someone change it for you.

It’s a very romantic idea that you should change for your partner, or that they love you more if they change for you. But that never worked. We’ve all seen TV shows and movies where good women are. trying to turn the bad boy and if unsuccessful She will become a bad girl for him. * We see you. grease*

This never worked. There will always be resentment and hypocrisy beneath what may seem amazing on the outside.

5. be together all the time

Couples who spend 24/7 Together, it’s not all that they are hypnotized to be. So much time spent with one another is a recipe for disaster. No matter how perfect they look together. It could be two goals to see a guy go out to dinner with her girlfriend and friend. But this is a sign of insecurity and sometimes controlled embezzlement.

Double Goals You Should Have

The problem with the couple photos taken on social media is not real, sometimes they are real people. But still, it was a frame in their lives. No one posted pictures of every relationship that was hard to bear.

Not every picture is full of garbage. Some of them represent real couple goals to emulate in your relationship. But often the true dual goals that you should have for your relationship are not seen from the outside but felt from the inside. This is what you should do in a relationship. [Read: 23 things to look for in a relationship]

1. Sincere and sometimes ruthless

True dual goals mean telling your significant other when they act like they’re playful, and then telling them to continue to correct their attitude. Be honest with your partner!

Whether it’s small or clean after covering important information. Your goal should be to find someone you are open to and honest with. No matter how painful the truth is [Read: Enough is enough: How to stop playing relationship games]

2. unwavering trust

If there is no trust You don’t have much relationship. If you really want to emulate your partner’s goals. You must be able to trust your partner unconditionally. And they must be able to trust you too. If you find love like this, it’s worth more than anything else.

3. Open communication

Being able to talk to your significant other about just about anything is very important in a relationship. True dual goals allow you to bring up any topic of conversation, be it mild or intense. and went through it without any problems.

When you communicate openly It will be easier for you to get through the fight. meet your needs and connect with your partner on a deeper level All of this creates a stronger relationship.

4. is their own person

This is probably the most important couple goals for you to walk into a relationship. You both need to be able to be 100% yourself no matter what the circumstances.

If you cry during a sad movie You should let those tears flow through your lover. If you’re a heartless brat when you’re hungry like me You have to be with someone who accepts that completely without hesitation. [Read: How to make love last: 19 love commandments]

5. Concerned about the safety of each other

This might be a few goals you’ve seen on the accounts of cute couples with screenshots of text conversations where guys say “Drive safely” or “Let us know when you’re home, ok?”

These aren’t just cute. They are also true twin goals. Taking care of each other’s safety as if it were your own is the kind of relationship you hope for.

6. It’s okay to spend time apart.

No couple spends every waking moment together and together. Honestly, you might end up killing each other like that. You must be able to spend time with friends or even alone.

Everyone needs ‘my time’ and if you can’t cope with being away from your partner for whatever reason, then you’re going to need some time. Your relationship will crumble. Have true dual goals and mimic strength while being separated. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]

7. Controversy—about what really matters—and makeup.

Yes. Quarrels are a few goals and things you may not see or hear often. the truth is It’s healthy for couples to argue over things. if it is important

You should be able to get through an argument about something that you feel strong about and still come out of it by loving your partner. Your arguments are not trivial. And you must always find a way to avoid obstacles. [Read: 8 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]

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