21 Things That Will Turn Any Girl Into A Crazy Girlfriend

Is your boyfriend acting crazy? Was she mad when you met her? Maybe you’re doing something to turn her into a fanatic fanatic!

crazy boyfriend

When my husband and I started dating for the first time. I’ve known him since we were in elementary school. 2 But we meet again after school. When he learned that he had a problem with monogamy. I didn’t feel the need to trust him in advance and wasn’t sure I wanted to hang out with him one night before we became lovers. he said to me “Every woman I have ever met has gone crazy.”
After pondering over his words for a while and considering the boyfriend I knew he was. My answer is “Are they crazy that you found them, Colin?” It was almost like a light bulb went off in his brain. He had to examine the potential that could be what he was doing to drive women crazy.
Men think women are very unpredictable. I disagree. In fact, they are the most predictable creatures in the world. If you do something to communicate with them. You are guaranteed results for sure.
Crazy Girlfriend – What are you doing that forces your girl to become one?
All women, yes men, all women have the potential to be crazy. Just as something possessed their glowing bodies. You can make any girl go crazy and do something unfaithful to them.
If you want to make sure you don’t bring out the fanaticism of your boyfriend. Do and Don’t do these 25 things.
#1 If you say you’ll be home at a certain time, go home.
Most women are guided by schedules. Almost always clinging to their plates or millions of ideas when you say you’re going home. and you don’t show up They are planning something.
Whether it’s dinner or just having you by my side. that they may have been waiting all day When you don’t follow your words It felt like a betrayal. Once, obviously sometimes it couldn’t be helped. But if you are a person who doesn’t shower all the time It will tell her that you don’t think she is important or important. Bound to make those crazy eyes come out [Read: 15 traits that’ll make you the perfect boyfriend material]#2 If it’s late…call.
Making a call or just typing in the text “I’m going to be late” doesn’t take much time. You won’t disappoint your mom or be late in an important playoff game with friends. Give your girlfriend the same manners and you’ll avoid the anger that’s likely to greet you at the door.
#3 Don’t say “I don’t care” all the time.
If she asks you what to do this weekend or where to go for dinner, answer her. There are times when you really don’t care. But if you constantly tell her that you’re not interested. It seems like really spending time with her. It will not affect you in any way.
Express your opinion, or at least tell her what mood you’re in from time to time. The worst thing you can do is say “I don’t care” when she makes plans. You complain all the time about what you do… Sound familiar? [Read: 14 small ways to make your girlfriend feel special and loved]#4 Don’t. And I mean, ever. call her crazy
Want to see your boyfriend act crazy? call her crazy There’s something about calling a girl crazy that will make her that way. Magic words. If used, you’ll transform into someone else. No matter how unreasonable you believe she is. Just don’t say things like “crazy” or “psychotic.”
#5 Avoid saying anything like “Calm down” and “Chill.”
If your boyfriend is upset Let her be upset and vent. Sometimes you just need to have thick shoulders and listen to why she’s so angry. If you say “calm down” or “relax,” that happens in two ways. “I won’t admit that you got the right point” and “I don’t care what you say” will not only make her even more angry. But it also embarrassed her. which is about the craziest eviction that exists. [Read: 21 things a man should never say to his girlfriend]#6 Receive calls or text her even when you don’t want to.
When you tell a woman “The phone doesn’t stay on me day and night.” Guess what, we know you’re lying. Men are creatures of habit. And we know that you will never be without that organ. no matter where you go or what you do If you don’t answer her calls or messages Especially if you’re having an argument or something she thinks is important. You are creating a lot of trouble between the two of you.
Just answer her calls or messages. no matter what you say She’s less angry when she gets a call than the day she waits for an answer. I can assure you!
#7 answer her question Even if you’re not sure what the answer is, say “I do not know”
Really want to make her crazy? don’t answer her question. Either face to face or through text If you decide not to answer her questions. It will keep her pondering all day. An idle mind is a devil’s playground for women. If she asks you anything Even if you think it’s ridiculous or you shouldn’t answer. You should also weigh the consequences of not responding to the simplicity of replying to her.
#8 Don’t talk bad about her behind your back.
Even if she’s a woman, doing something funny, or even cooking a terrible meal the night before, what’s going on in your relationship should stay in your relationship. One of the biggest nails in a relationship coffin is when you go out with your partner to talk negatively about the other person.
If she hears you saying something bad or getting her back. It’s like infidelity and will weaken her crazy response with revenge. Refrain from wanting others to see her in a negative light. when you are with her and you beat her with friends and family It just makes you look stupid. [Read: 20 things happy couples never do in a perfect relationship]

#9 Don’t talk to your mom about her. Unless you intend on not having her with you anymore.
Unless it’s a lesbian relationship. There can only be one woman in the partnership. If you choose to talk to mom about your girlfriend You don’t just create scenarios to unify. You are confident that your mother and her will never get along.
Rarely will there be instances where your mother won’t take your side. And when you say bad things about your girlfriend She’s also making comments about her that will last forever no matter what your conflict is about. If your girlfriend knows you talked to her mom about her. She won’t believe you won’t do it again. And that will drive her crazy every time you talk on the phone with your mom. [Read: Mama’s boys and 15 other types of guys girls just don’t want to date]#10 If you don’t have tolie
Lies drive women crazy. If you can lie about one thing You can lie about anything. Because women are always expecting the next. So they may wonder if you’re going to be unfaithful about anything further. Don’t lie unless she asks if she looks fat. *An occasional white lie won’t hurt*
#11 Don’t play one girl with another.
You need more than one woman in your life. If you have a friend she doesn’t know or even a friend she knows and is friends with. don’t quarrel That means don’t blow another girl’s phone. Say what the girl said about your boyfriend. or always put the needs of other women first That’s the scope for Mad City.
#12 If she is upset, don’t ignore it.
Of course, it was much easier to ignore her when she moaned and complained. But have you ever noticed that when you get louder, she gets louder? you neglect her, the more she got angry And before you know it A crazy woman will be standing in front of you. [Read: Relationship arguments – 23 dos and don’ts you HAVE to remember]#13 Don’t break your faith by walking out the door and being “Runner”
Nothing drives a woman more crazy than when you run from her. and she must chase after you The run/chase communication method is one of the worst and most dangerous types of relationships you can have. Any woman who has to pursue a man in order for him to listen to her will go mad. Imagine that you try to tell someone something important and they run away from you. You’re not in high school anymore. Grow up!
#14 During an argument, don’t just shut her down.
Don’t make her feel insignificant or like she doesn’t matter. If you make her feel stupid or don’t want to. She will respond more loudly. more angry and crazy [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep her happy]#15 If you make plans with her, follow them.
Again, women are planners. If you say you’re going to do something You will have your mind focused on it. if you don’t follow Show that she is not important to you. And that will result in her being in trouble.
#16 Don’t call her name.
When a woman feels insulted the heart of her being There is a difference between a fair fight and being mean. If you show humility You might as well go crazy. Be respectful even when you’re leaving. It makes you look not mature enough to call her name. [Read: The right steps to tell your partner you’re unhappy in the relationship]#17 Remember her cycle to avoid upsetting her.
PMS is real; It’s not just something that women use as an excuse. If you want to avoid this madness, take a light walk. a week before and a few days in between It will smooth your relationship and it will also keep the craziness in your closet.
#18 Don’t forget her birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates.
They may not feel important to you. But women are very sensitive. Know how important she is to you. [Read: 8 relationship dates men should never, ever forget]#19 If something happens, don’t step back into yourself.
If she asks you what’s wrong, don’t say “nothing.” Even if there’s nothing wrong, just say “nothing, why?” so she can explain to you why she feels that something is wrong. If you do something wrong Be honest and open Secrets drive a woman crazy and feel as though you are hiding something from her. [Read: 13 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]#20 Don’t cheat on her.
Enough said.
#21 Don’t be married
Don’t be nice the next day, the ugly face makes her always guess who she’s dealing with. If you have a bad day, just say so. If you want to be alone, just tell me. Saying nothing and guessing will cause her to behave aggressively. [Read: 23 foolproof relationship tips and advice all men need to follow]All women and I mean all women. can become insane If you do something to drive her there. If you sit down and think logically about how she acts. It might not just be her. It might be your way of communicating with her, of course, if you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get her back in the closet. let her go
[Read: 15 types of bad girlfriends who will make your life a living hell]But if the idiots come out to play sometimes take a deep look what you were doing before it started moving If you want to keep this relationship Try to stop the signal that drove her into the mad city. You will be amazed at the speed of things.

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