10 Credible Explanations for Why She’s Ignoring You

Do you think the only reason she ignores you is because she doesn’t like you? Think again! What seemed like a murderous silence could be something else.

Why are you neglecting me?

Congratulations. Either way. Whether you’re playing a killer flirting game or just with the merit of building friendships with her. You have the phone number of the girl you are dedicated to your romantic feelings. Opportunities don’t get any better than this. Texting is a great way to build a relationship with someone. And especially when trying to make it a little more important.

You can always reach her by sending her a message. You have time to organize your thoughts to come up with the most appropriate answers. and had time to try to interpret her answer. But what if you hit a brick wall and the girl you want to be more than a friend shows no interest?

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about you at all.

If that’s the case, you’re totally misreading the situation. After all, you will be very informed. or even deleted and blocked. When the response doesn’t go the way they want is to assume that the attraction is a one-way street. which is almost not always the case. And there could be a number of reasons why the response isn’t quick and quick.

why she doesn’t respond to you

Maybe it was because of where she was at a particular moment. both emotionally and geographically speaking. or because of his own confusion in that regard Sometimes situations are out of your control and you can’t do anything about it. But there are ways and means to manage messages to make sure you have the best chance. The following list provides a few reasons why she might not reply to your messages. and what you can do to fix the balance

#1 technical glitch It’s a clear thing to say. But there may be a technical issue with her phone. Or she might even lose her phone. in the latter case She may have lost her SIM card and may have to wait a few minutes to request a replacement.

by any means What she doesn’t want when she finally manages to troubleshoot is to turn on her phone and find fifty or sixty messages from you. Take turns insulting her and begging her for mercy!

There are no two ways to do this: You will look like a fool. And your details will be wiped out faster than politicians can talk about themselves. If there is a noticeable loss of contact for a long time Wait and if you’re really worried. that she will be deleted Having visited her accidentally deleted your contacts by mistake. So that you can get to the bottom of the story.

#2 Push the issue. We are all aware of the end of the game. You want the message to end at some point. And real physical relationships must develop. However, you have to be careful about how you do that.

She might be very interested in you. Carefully consider your offer. But persisting and bullying her so much that she becomes your significant other can have the opposite effect. If she stops responding to your messages for this reason. Give her a little time and let her decide in her own time. [Read: 10 clear signs you need to back off when pursuing a girl]

#3 bad time The time it takes to respond can quantify a person’s intentions. And you need to manage this to make the biggest impression. Not only does it look hopeless and indicates the absence of any personal life. It’s like you used to stare at you. Phone all day waiting for her to text you. It can also make you look like a stalker if you do enough.

On the other hand, all three-day rules are unlikely to pay dividends either. And if you let her wait too long before answering She may misinterpret your actions to show arrogance and/or general negligence. Make sure you respond in a timely manner but don’t get too hot and startle her. [Read: 25 biggest deal breakers for women]

#4 received the wrong quantity The same principle as number two But this time, it means quantity. Are you that person? For example, answering a simple sentence “Hello, how are you?” ?? With a series of messages that seem designed to immerse yourself in your desired goals. until she was expected to ignore other aspects in her life entirely?

Or maybe you’re just too cool for studying who thinks the best way to answer is infrequently and hold her back. Well, news in bed if you are. Because most women do not tolerate this. And messages from her are always dry. If you specify the reason why she doesn’t text you back. Just make sure you reply like it or hand it over. Let her decide the speed and frequency of texting.

#5 drunk text never had a good idea The problem when drinking is that you tend to lose your ability to identify and respond to social cues and role models. Long text conversations when drunk often lead to comments that are driven by stinginess, anger, and overly sensitive emotions. Or just serious stupidity? This will slightly enhance your reputation.

If those messages are gone Go back and read the message you sent the night before. To see if there is a reason or not. In the future, no matter how tempted you are. If you have too many drinks Hide your phone somewhere else.

#6 Lack of polarity. Messages should include a variety of subjects, formats, and delivery methods. Just like a normal conversation If you find that all of your messages revolve around her as the subject in a slightly dark and dirty way. Shows that she may be bored with the lack of variety in your conversation.

This could explain the decrease in the number of contacts she has with you. Try making conversations a little more fun with humor. Tales from the outside world and other matters that you find interesting [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

#7 shyness If she’s a bit shy by nature and you are full of joy She might feel a little weird. If you suspect this may be the case. Start keeping the intensity and the number of messages sent a little. and let her breathe a little Hopefully you’ll eventually see the messages start reaching again. [Read: 8 subtle cues women give when she wants you to make a move]

#8 Inappropriate content. It’s unbelievable how many women have reported this to me. But there seems to be a lot of men who insist on sending pictures of their bare torso to the object of their desire. Or worse, their genitals. I only have one word to say on this matter: Don’t.

inappropriate and looking stupid and immature The chances of getting her back after this common etiquette were almost zero. If you’ve sent one of these photos and the message is dry. This is the reason why as well as heavy sexual innuendo

#9 New boyfriend. If the message starts to dry for this reason You can’t do much. Our advice is to go one of two ways. First, play a long game. Make sure you’re on her side as a friend. And if it’s time for you to need a shoulder to cry on You should be that shoulder. Do not succumb to temptation to take unfair advantage.

The only other option is to dismiss it as a bad job. and mess with other people which sounds cruel But if you’re happy with someone else So why suffer? Find a new number to send a message! [Read: 18 signs you’re already in her friend zone]

#10 Life. Simply put, she has a life of her own involving work, family, friends and fun. And you can’t expect her to call you 24 hours a day. If you’re wondering if this is the reason she doesn’t text, be patient.

[Read: 12 signs she’s just not that into you]

according to the instructions in the number 4Reply to her messages in a favorable manner. and wait for her to warm up with you It should happen as long as you don’t try to force her to spend more time than she can or is willing to.

Sometimes, her response depends more on what you do than what she thinks about you. review your conversation And check to see if you’ve said anything that might make her want to ignore you.

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