The Cuckold Fantasy: The Fetish & What You Need to Know to Try It

Picture your partner having sex with someone else. How do you feel? excited? upset? If it’s in the past, you might be interested in the cuckold fantasies.

cuckold fantasy

Gender is an ever-changing subject. It seems that every month there is a new word that we have to learn its meaning! This is the only good thing. Because it means that we are all more open and adventurous when it comes to exploring our blind spots and fantasies. Have you ever heard the saying Is it a ‘cuckold fantasy’?

If you have and are not sure what it is. or just want to learn more Show that you’ve come to the right place!

Cuckolding is something you often hear from Shakespeare and Chaucer’s “ye olde English,” but what does that really mean?

Now it’s different from what it meant in the old days. Back in those days, it was mentioned about the infidelity of a man’s wife.

In the old days, calling a man a cuckold would lead to quarrels. Stabbing here and there and dueling resulted in few casualties. Being cuckold is the pinnacle of shame for men. That’s why you see those cast-iron chastity belts in medieval museums. [Read: Ultimate how-to guide for cuckold humiliation]

But we are no longer in Shakespeare’s era.

Fortunately, that’s true!

Although the term ‘cuckold’ basically means that you are the husband of an adulterous wife. but actually the word ‘Cuckold’ has turned into a sex fantasies that many people love right now!

Although infidelity is something that people feel offended about. But you might be surprised to hear that some couples, especially husbands, are content with their wives’ unfaithful relationships.

Some even upgraded it to a lifestyle. [Read: 11 most common fetishes, plus 5 super weird ones!]

The unthinkable is creeping into the mainstream. Of course, when you indulge in these types of sexual fantasies. Both parties will be aware and there is no actual cheating. It is a role play and full consent from all parties.

You wouldn’t be surprised to see internet forums about cuckold fantasies and about birds, cuckqueans. This is a term that refers to a woman whose husband has sex with other people and she quite likes it. Want to know more about Cuckold and if your wife enjoys watching you have sex with another woman.? Try it, maybe you both like watching each other have sex with each other.

You’ll also find hotwifing clubs *like sex with husbands* with millions of members. Look for places to share experiences and find other men to taste their partners. [Read: 7 extremely weird, but really popular sexual fetishes]

Cuckolding as a fetish

Let us quickly explain the dynamics of sex fetishes. To give you a little more insight into all the cuckold fantasies.

When it comes to amulets You have something non-sexual in yourself. It could be an inanimate object. *Think leather clothing, stockings, shoes, etc.* Harmful or even mundane activities *such as peeing, shaving, or taking a shower* or something that is deteriorating and painful

A person who gets sexual satisfaction from seeing or experiencing these things can be said to have a sexual fetish for that object or action.

If you have sex fantasies You enjoy seeing or thinking about your wife having sex with another man. It makes you wonder what kind of happiness a man can have in things that tend to spark jealousy, heartbreak and, in some cases, anger.

However, that’s how imagination works. We all have different things. And there’s no point trying to understand it. If it’s not for you [Read: The beta cuck: The real meaning & what it means to be a sexual cuck]

What’s in it for men?

Masochist satisfaction from the shame and degradation of seeing your wife cheat on you.

What’s in it for the wife?

In addition to having sex with your other men or your husband’s choice. You also get sadistic pleasure from your husband’s domination.

You are having sex with another guy in front of him. and the extrovert likes to have sex with the audience. [Read: Does your wife want to sleep with another man?]

How does the cuckold fantasy work in practice?

If the cuckold fantasy seems interesting to you. Here are some things you need to know to jump into the world of sex.

1How does cuckolding or hotwifing happen?

Cuckolding involves at least three people, however, it’s not threesomes or orgy. in group sex or three All parties have sex at the same time.

In adultery, men are often outside observers and do not take part in the action. He only watches from a distance as a man or a group of men having sex with his wife.

in most cases man just sitting on the sofa Sipping whiskey as he watches his wife try a whole body of sex with another man.

A wife may let her husband listen to her moaning and obscene talk. Or she could verbally curse him, saying that her current partner is having better sex than her husband. It really depends on what you like. And how much does the husband want to be insulted? *For some men Sexual stigma is more open than real sex* [Read: Threesome rules – 20 things to know before you even consider doing it]

2. How do people engage in cuckold fantasies?

Some couples admit that their fetish started out as pure infidelity. Imagine: A man finds his wife having sex with another man. he faced her and instead of running rampant He told her that he liked what she did and that they should do it again. including him next time

The rest of the cuckolds admitted that they were curious and had sampled it once at a party. They liked it too much to stop.

3. Know the conditions

There is a name for each person in a cuckold fantasy scenario.

cock – Husbands who watch their wives have sex with other men

Hotwife – A dilapidated and dirty wife

bull – A man who has sex with his wife is a third person.

4. How do couples choose a third person?

Infidelity is consensual infidelity. That is the main thing to remember – with consent.

In some cases, the husband actually chooses who his wife sleeps with. other couples Set your own rules for comfort and enjoyment.

Some wives choose their own partners. Some people choose from online communities. And some even request services from sex workers who specialize in fetishes. It really depends on what fits your cuckold fantasies. [Read: The complete guide on how to start swinging with your partner]

5. The main cuckold and the bigger “members”

As mentioned earlier Cuckolds have attracted sexually curious couples to form their own communities. As a result, sex with husbands and wives creates a new market for sex workers that cater to popular tastes. say

Hot cuckolds and wives have their reunions which have the same theme as swing parties or orgy.

A common and popular topic of cuckolding that you can find online is finding men with larger penises to have sex with their wives.

In this section, the husband/girlfriend plays a sad man who watches his wife have sex with a man of wealth. This situation is very popular in the cuckolding community. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

6. The cuckolding fetish is like an S&M mood.

S&M *or sadomasochism* is a classic sex fetish. where people enjoy harassment and/or suffer pain This is the talisman that releases the whip. furry handcuffs and verbal abuse

This amulet needs two people. Sadists bring pain. The masochists gladly accepted and pleaded for pain. Both sides enjoyed what happened.

The dynamics of happiness are quite similar. First, you have a guy who watches his wife have sex with another man in front of him. The man rejoiced in pain when he heard his wife’s groan in another man’s arms.

in this situation This man is a masochist who takes the punishment of his sadistic wife. Instead of the physical pain of S&M, this guy reveled in the mental pain of being cheated on. That’s the whole crux of the cuckold fantasies. [Read: The sexy swinging lifestyle and how to make it work for you]

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