Cuckquean Guide: Do You Like Watching Your Man with Someone Else?

Everyone talks about cuckqueans, but do you know what it is? What if it was you? Do you know how to be crazy? We have the answer for you.


There are new sex words every day for the action we indulge in as we age! You may have heard of the word cuckquean, but do you know what it means? You probably know that a cuckold is a man whose wife has sex with another man. But there’s also a female equivalent – ​​get into the cuckquean!

Now if you think you’re crazy Prepare your mind It’s not as easy as you think. Why? Because we’re used to social norms when it comes to sex and relationships. Are there any other types of relationships than monogamy? Of course. Are they mainstream? number.

Let’s see all the details. To familiarize you with the concept of madman, what it means, who they are. And why do they like certain sexual activities?

What is a cuckquean?

Okay, you have a general idea. But let’s make it more clear here. Cuckold is the opposite of cuckold.

To put it simply, a cuckquean is a married woman who has sex with different women. for cuckold Watching her husband have sex or any kind of sexual activity with another woman to arouse her and make her upset Oh, and this is completely consensual. [Read: The cuckold fantasy – The fetish and everything about it]

But not every cuckquean is the same. There are different levels of cuckquean, from the tip of the trainer to the frenetic fanatic of the spectrum:

1. Accidental husband and wife

She knew her husband was committing adultery or having an affair with another woman. And she doesn’t mind. In fact, she secretly aroused this idea that her husband was sleeping with someone else.

2. The husband and wife who participated in the program

in this situation A woman gets sexual pleasure from watching her husband have sex with another woman in front of her. Sometimes the woman is able to engage in sexual activities and indulge her husband and other women.

3. Cuckquean fetish

On the other side of the spectrum We have extreme erotica who are often aroused. It’s not just watching her husband have sex with another woman. But with verbal abuse and humiliation by both of them as she watched them have sex.

As you can see, the word cuckquean is not an easy definition. Because it can change from tamed to savage.

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3. send

Some women enjoy the idea of ​​losing all their power in sex power play. Being ordered and being humiliated keeping them irresponsible during the show and watching one’s partner gain the satisfaction of others It is liberating and stimulating at the same time.

4. Prohibition

Okay, maybe the world will gradually Approaching monogamy But we are still primarily monogamous animals. If a woman secretly fantasies about three sexes Especially with another woman and her husband. It will drive you crazy. Does it make you weird? Of course not Because having sex with another woman isn’t just a male fantasy. It’s also one of the most common fantasies for women. [Read: The most arousing sexual fantasies to try in real life]

5. Sexual fantasy

Simple. Sometimes a woman becomes erotic because she enjoys bringing her and her partner’s sexual fantasies to life. Have you ever had three sexes? Do you want to? Either you do it in real life or let it be an unattainable fantasy. The fact that a woman cares about that drives her crazy.

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Roles and participants around the cuckquean

In the cuckquean subculture, men often play a key role as women surrender. Cuckolds now engage in sexual activity with their husbands and partners. But it doesn’t always happen.

There are three participants in a cuckquean-building scenario to understand what those participants are called.

Cuckquean – You know who she is, wife.

Hothusband – This is the opposite of Hotwifing in a cuckold relationship. is a husband who has incest with another woman in front of his wife

cake – with a very cute name goes into a woman who sleeps with her husband in front of his wife.

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Is being a cuckquean a talisman?

Of course it is! but then anal sex having sex in front of a mirror Public nudity, PDAs, or anything that’s gradual. Finding its way into mainstream sexual activity, too. Just because someone calls your favorite thing an amulet. That doesn’t mean it’s dirty or distorted.

Think of it this way: anything other than missionary sex positions was inappropriate and perverted decades ago. We have come a long way And it’s only a matter of time before what used to be taboo becomes “normal.”

For the most part, cuckquean relationships are heterosexual, so wives only have sex with their husbands. may be bisexual Therefore, a wife may engage in sexual activity with another woman and her husband. or only with another woman

But that’s normal. Husbands tend not to engage in sexual activities with other men.

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Is it like a swing?

The lines will always start to blur as you look for specific things in the amulet. If you follow the strict rules of being cowardly and enjoy being insulted by your husband and partner while they have sex in front of you. It’s not the same as swinging.

If there are no rules When it comes to what you can and can’t have sex with, things can start to blur too. This depends on what you and your partner like. But if the three are having sex This is just a swing. However, it can include humiliation, bdsm, orgy. It really depends on the newlyweds. [Read: Soft swap – How to ease your partner into the swinging lifestyle]

How to become a cuckquean – what you need to know

So if you want to try becoming a husband and wife, go for it. You have to ask yourself a few questions and get ready. Maybe you really enjoyed the experience. Or maybe you find that it’s not for you.

But before you get to that point It’s time to consider what madness must be. Being prepared is always a good thing.

If you want to know about it You talk to your partner about it. Let them know how you feel and see what they think. If they’re uncomfortable, don’t push them. Let them think about it for a moment and ask them again in a few weeks. You must have a consensus. Otherwise, you’re just cheating on your lover.

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Things to know and rules to follow to try them out.

Before you talk to your husband *or wife* about crazy people. Here are a few things you both need to keep in mind to make sure things go smoothly when you put the other person to bed.

1. Set boundaries

If your partner wants to try this The most important thing is to set boundaries. You may not think you need to set boundaries. But scope is essential.

when you are in the middle of the show Sometimes we get lost and that’s why those boundaries are there, so make sure you set them up. [Read: Threesome tips – 20 rules to keep in mind before entering one]

2. There is no any cheating involved.

Many people think this is a form of cheating. It is not. They just don’t understand the concept. but don’t judge It’s hard for people to ignore this. I mean at first It will shock them that you want to have sex with other people but stay with them.

3. An unauthorized minute is a betrayal.

This is when it becomes cheating. without permission And you keep doing it. Well, you’re just cheating. This only works if your partner agrees to do this. If the scope is not met It’s a betrayal of a deal you’ve made.

4. Understand your gender first.

If you want to try this You must have a strong sense of yourself. Know what you’re looking for sexually and what your goals are. The last thing you want is to develop feelings for the third person you’re sleeping with. [Read: Are you lesbian or bisexual? How to understand your true desires]

5. Test with your partner

If you both agree to do this and you are both new to this. You may not know what to do.

Create general boundaries first. However, you’ll notice the things you do and don’t like during your first crazy experience. Maybe you want to give up more or less. So throughout this experience Remember what you do and don’t like. [Read: How to date kinky girls: 19 ways to go from vanilla to spice]

6. After your first Sit down and talk about it.

This only works if you are fully communicating with your partner. You have to know how they feel. What do you like, what do you not like?

So after the first experience of a cuckold Sit down and have a serious conversation with your partner. This way, you can set boundaries. They learn how to please you and vice versa.

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7. Find the third match

The best way to do this is to join a swinger group. You will have people with various levels of experience and they will patiently show you.

Additionally, these groups are well organized and have high health and safety standards. You’ll learn how to have safe threesomes and prevent STIs.

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Now you know everything about crazy people. you are ready Have fun and enjoy this new experience!

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