35 Sweet & Cute Texts To Send Your Girlfriend to Make Her Go Aww

Looking for cute messages to send your boyfriend? Lacking the creative department of messaging? Don’t worry, this is the sweetest thing to say.

cute messages to send to boyfriend

Not everyone “speaks” like that. You probably know exactly what you want to say to make her feel good in your head. But it seems unable to speak. That’s what I came up with perfect cute messages to send your boyfriend.

We all love to receive cute messages throughout the day. Anything as small as “I’m Missing You” until a love poem will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face.

[Read: How to make a girl think about you and make her miss you all day]

Things that are forbidden to send a girlfriend

Yes, I’ll give you a cute message. Lots to send your girlfriend But before we talk about that Let me tell you some information that you definitely shouldn’t send to her.

You might think it’s cute or sweet or sexy. But believe me it’s not. There are some things women don’t like and some things women hate. These are things that should be avoided.

1. your personal

Proud of your trash? Good for you. But no woman. No matter how much she likes you or loves you. Your desire will appear on her screen. To begin with, she may live with her parents. her boss, her grandmother

Besides, that’s not just what girls do. Must be seen in order to feel excited or excited. And even if your girl likes it Do not submit any personal photos. unwanted That’s not a good surprise, sorry, it’s not. In fact, it can shut you down. So just avoid it altogether. [Read: Why men love sending dick pics and why women dislike them just as much]

2. sad

You can’t send messages, sorry! No, at least not by itself. If you’re trying to apologize to your girlfriend on a small or important matter, ‘sorry’ doesn’t mean much. First, a proper apology should be made in person or at least over the phone.

If you have no choice but to apologize via text message. explain more Explain why you are sad. What are you sorry for? And what can you do to prevent that from happening again? [Read: 17 sweet ways to genuinely say you’re sorry to your girlfriend]

3. Emoji

Yes, all emojis are fine and good when used in moderation. But trying to chat with the little yellow emoji person won’t cut it if she sends you “I love you” and you respond with an emoji instead of an actual reply. It’s like someone said “Have a nice day” and you say “yes”.

Minimal use of emojis Don’t use it as a substitute for real words. in addition to the time required

4. Too many messages

The difference between a sweet man and a man holding his breath is A sweet guy will know when to give a hint. The man holding his breath continues to text until he receives a response. If you send her a message like “How are you today?” and she still had no answer. let it be She must be busy

Trying to send her something cute is one thing. go into the water with the word “I miss you”, “I hope I don’t bother you” and so on like this will push her away rather than impress her. You can be sweet by sending cute messages to your boyfriend. Just don’t push. Very little. [Read: How to stop being clingy so your girl won’t leave you]

5. intensity

Texting shouldn’t be where you have intense conversations. Don’t tell her you loved her the first time through text messages. Messaging is contacting, planning, sending memes, etc.

keep it light though There’s no need to include overly emotional messages. Save those moments for a handwritten love note and make your love run out. [Read: The right ways to say the first “I love you” in your relationship]

cute messages to send to boyfriend

Now you know where to send sweet and cute text messages to your girlfriend. You can begin to learn which cute messages to send to your girlfriend will be the best response.

They range from simple to charming to sophisticated. even with my help You still have to figure out what is the right time for a particular moment. Use your intuition and preferences to pick and choose. But no matter what you do These cute messages should make your boyfriend smile.

1. Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!

Yes, it’s simple but effective. Every girl likes simple good morning messages. Show that you are thinking of her as soon as you wake up.

Adding cute nicknames or pet names can also add interest. [Read: The best good morning texts to start their day off with a smile]

2I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night/this morning.

This is good for a new relationship or even if you’ve been together for years. Either you dated last night or left her place this morning. Letting her know that she’s on your mind is always a pleasure to hear.

3It reminds me of you…

Sending funny memes The random magazine you see in the store. Or even the cute dog on the subway shows that you’re not only thinking of her, but that you want to send her something that will make her smile.

Think about the last time she tagged you in a funny meme. Glad someone knows you and understands you.

4. I can’t wait to be with you again.

Whether you meet your girlfriend tonight or a week. Let her know how much you’re looking forward to it will make her happy. I’m sure she’s nervous to see you too.

You might think these things are obvious. But not always When you stop saying these things, people get worried. [Read: 15 sweet gestures to show love and express yourself clearly]

5. I’m very lucky to call you girlfriend.

How did I get so lucky? Yes, it’s probably not about luck, but it’s about showing your appreciation for her.

Your girlfriend will love to hear that you know she’s special and that you’re uncomfortable. You feel lucky to be with her.

6. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

You don’t have to talk alone about how your whole life turned upside down when you met her. But a cute message to your girlfriend lets her know that she makes you want to be a better person. And you’re grateful that she came into your life when she did.

7. I always smile when talking to you.

I once told my boyfriend that my friends kept asking me who I texted because I couldn’t stop smiling. Funny thing was, I didn’t even know I was doing it. But he found it sweet. and she too

Let her know that your texting crush makes you smile will also make her smile.

8. I wish I could wake up next to you.

Whether you send this in the middle of the night or when you wake up. It will be wonderful for her to wake up knowing that you are feeling the same way that you are. [Read: How to be sweet to her and make her melt]

9. Forget the coffee. All I want is to see your smile. And I can start a new day

With a cute message like this, you might even be able to take a selfie. Let her know that just by watching her shake your day will be sweet. Especially if she understands the effects of coffee.

10. I can’t believe that. *The amount of time you’ve been together* Time is flying because I’m so happy with you.

You don’t just let her know how long you’ve been together. But you’re telling her you’ve never been happier.

A cute message showing how happy you are with her will make her day. [Read: The 33 important traits of a good boyfriend]

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