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There’s an upcoming disaster which we can’t stop. Warnings have been coming in from CIA, NASA, and the Pentagon but the mainstream media and T.V. are not paying attention to them. What is this disaster? It’s a disaster that will affect the entire national power grid. It will render all the traditional survival tips offered by survivalists useless within a few weeks. But the solution to the most devastating blackout in the USA is here.

This EMP Attack Survival Guide contains tested and proven methods to protect you, your family, and community from becoming victims of this disaster. Everything you need to know has been packaged into a well-written book. In this brief review of the book titled: “Darkest Days – How to Survive an EMP Attack to the Grid”, you will discover who the authors are, the main modules of the book, and the pros and cons.

What is the Darkest Days program?

Darkest Days is a progressive program that was created by Alec Deacon, an experienced survivalist who collaborated with Dr. Charles Green. This program will teach you how to protect yourself against various risks that confront humanity.Darkest Days eBook

NASA has on several times warned of an impending EMP that is powerful enough to stall activities in the United States. However, most people have disregarded this crucial information and continued to live without getting prepared. The EMP is expected to hit America soon, and that’s why Alec Deacon came up with Darkest Days guide to enlighten people on how they can survive an EMP attack.

In the Darkest Days guide, you will discover the measures to take in case an EMP attack happened. The EMP will disrupt power lines, meaning that there will be no power throughout the USA and you will have to find the means to survive.

Some of the things you will learn in this guide include how to make natural foods and natural medicines. You will also learn how you can make electronic devices that will protect your electronic gadgets after an EMP attack.

The author will teach you how to preserve foods and medicines without using electricity and refrigerators. In the Darkest Days guide, you will also learn how to protect your family and home from violent individuals and looters as well as how to ensure your car is functioning well after an EMP strike.

About The Author

The Darkest Days program was authored by Alec Deacon, an experienced survivalist who collaborated with Charles Green to come up with a detailed guide.

Alec is a respected survival expert who has authored other popular guides and writes on popular websites on things about survival. With over two decades of experience as a survivalist, Alec is one of the most knowledgeable people in his field.

He used his experience and intensive research through guides and exploration to create a detailed program that has everything you need to survive an EMP attack. The guide has become one of the most popular and valuable resources on the topic.

What is Included in the Program

If you are curious about the contents of the EMP survival guide, this summary, of the chapters of the book, gives you a peep into the rich content of the book.

  • Introduction: A brief explanation of the importance of preparing for the HEMP. It also gives a short summary of the main topics covered in the book.
  • HEMP: A detailed explanation of HEMP and the kind of damage it can cause. It also provides answers to commonly asked questions about EMP.
  • Preparation: Here the authors provide the basic steps needed to start planning for an EMP. Detailed information on Faraday Cages is also given in this chapter.
  • Making Your Own Energy: Since the national grid will not be able to supply electricity to households for several months after an EMP, this chapter shows you the different methods of making your own energy with sunlight, generators etc.
  • Producing and Storing Food: Your ability to survive will depend on how well you can produce and store your own food. In this chapter, you will learn how to grow food, hunt, and fish. You will also be taught how to preserve meat and vegetables without a refrigerator as well as how to cook without a conventional stove.
  • Your Perfect Home and Shelter: This is where you will learn how to provide perfect shelter for your family. Important sub-topics in this chapter include water, sanitation, and preservation of medicine.
  • Other chapters in the book focus on Safety and Defense, Communication Gadgets, Forming an EMP Survival Community and Preparing a Bug Out Bag.

Darkest Days Bonuses Included

How To Make Your Own Pharmacy

Off Grid Home Protection Systems

Darkest Days tags along two bonuses: How To Make Your Own Pharmacy (to make your own medicines and home remedies), Off-grid Home Protection System (to protect your home from attackers without relying on electricity) and Free Lifetime Updates. You will be getting newer versions of Darkest Days guide in future at no extra cost.

Pros of The Darkest Days

Here are some of the major benefits you will derive from this EMP attack survival book:

  • Proven Facts from Deep Research. The contents of the book are not just gathered from other books and websites. They are strategies that have been used for 2 years in an Amish town. So you can rely on them to help you survive an EMP attack.
  • The Ideas Work in Everyday Life. You can reap instant benefits of cost savings and greater independence when you apply the methods in this book. You don’t have to wait for an EMP to occur.
  • The Book is Available as a Physical or Digital Book. For obvious reasons, you should get both versions. You can use the digital version now. But after an EMP, you will be better off with the printed version.
  • The Price is Pocket-Friendly. You can get this book in either digital or physical form for less than $40. For a book that will help you to survive a disaster that can send millions of people to an untimely grave, this is almost a giveaway.
  • You Can Buy Your Copy Now, Risk-Free! This book has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it, you simply ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Cons Of The Darkest Days

  • It requires downloading of the material. So you will need a stable internet connection to ensure a successful download.
  • You need to be patient and committed to going over the course. Including the tips on how to be prepared for the worst case scenario in order to survive.

Final Verdict

The Darkest Days is a complete survival guide in the event of an EMP attack or serious power blackout. If you are looking for a survival kit, this course could be the right one to help you know various methods to survive and protect yourself and your loved ones against possible harm and danger.

A worst-case scenario of unpredictable total darkness or blackout cannot be prevented and for this reason, it’s crucial that we learn the best ways to help us survive.

Even the simplest method of preserving our foods will matter most in this kind of ordeal, so it would be better to educate ourselves as early as now before the real one strikes us without any warning. Try now the Darkest Days.





You may not think you’ll need Blackout USA. But, please – even though you may be heading off to the kitchen to pour yourself a beer or something right now, at least get the program and read it while you’re sipping that beer. If the worst happens, you’ll be glad you did. And, even if the worst DOESN’T happen during your lifetime, give thanks, and buy it anyway, because it’s cheap, and at very least you’ll have had something very interesting to read.

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